The 2021 Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 Is a $175,000 Ultra-Luxury SUV that Bounces

Doug DeMuro

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    Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 review! The Mercedes-Maybach GLS600 is an amazing ultra-luxury SUV -- and it bounces. Today I'm reviewing the Maybach GLS and I'm going to show you all the crazy luxury quirks and features -- and I'll drive the GLS600 and show you what it's like behind the wheel.
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    1. Collin

      Now if only the rappers could properly pronounce the name of this car.

    2. Peter Kopelevich

      "High tech, luxurious tablet"... right... a 2014 Galaxy Tab S4 🤣

    3. John Dough

      The (very unnecessary) bouncing alone deserves a thumbs up.

    4. John Dough

      I think I might let my girlfriend drive me and my wife around in this.

    5. no1unorightnow

      $175k and they picked the cheapest, most out-of-date Samsung tablet they could find.

    6. KartKing4ever

      Insulated from the world, just like those kinds of people like.

    7. Robert D.

      The Maybach symbol should be the hood ornament.

    8. Jaimen Brunson

      Doug DeGangster

    9. Mehran Ahmed

      Bro how many times exactly did you utter the word 'Maybach'????

    10. R C

      I’m still waiting to see why it’s worth $175000

    11. Elijah Ali

      This is a Mercedes? Shame...

    12. james123y2k

      I liked the laugh at the beginning

    13. Davion Harper

      I hate how you pronounce "Maybach"😭

    14. James Stuart

      Telluride kicks this thing to the curb

    15. lapamful

      Totally disappointed if I'm honest. Doesn't have the exclusivity or premium feel (at least not from where I'm sitting) that the Bentayga or Aston's DBX has. Just pimping a GLS isn't good enough Mercedes and where's the V12?!

    16. alida flus

      "The sunshade goes up to shade you from the sun."

    17. Sweeney McTod

      No way would you go through a car wash.

    18. Craig

      Doug, I want a signed photo, with a 1998 tan saturn SC2

    19. Craig

      Why isn't this just a maybach? Why is it a mercedes maybach? Aren't almost all maybachs, mercedes maybachs?

    20. Carl Johnson

      When it bounces “jump around” play in my head

    21. Aaron Lynn

      The comfort logo on this is the same logo that Bliss ROM uses as their logo lol

    22. T.K

      1969 : We will have a flying cars in the future 2021 : bouncing car

    23. E x o r c i s † 21

      Dude ... The times he said Maybach in this video !!!!

    24. Alin Anghelache

      Moon M

    25. Deezy Cain

      I’m going to own one of these one day

    26. Léo S

      Maybarr !

    27. bilinas mini

      "The sunshade goes up to shade you from the sun."

    28. Texas T

      think I'll just recline here for a bit *breaks both feet

    29. Macguyva Channel

      All the new Mercedes Benz are more consumable than ever. Luxury and plastic chrome a cheap leather everywhere. Under the hood loads of plastic and cheap rubber O rings. the wood is pealing off the door panels here in FL. BTW the 2012 up V6 engines are going bad at 80k miles. Roller rockers are destroying the cam shafts. $900 dollars per cam shaft x 4. Sad! Mercedes 2012 and up is the new 2005 Kia Forte. TOTAL GARBAGE . I'm not even going to talk about the garbage diesels with clogged particulate filters. :-(

    30. Alexander Kutsik

      I am drooling all over this car despite the fact that I'll never afford it

    31. Mc Flurry

      Even if I do get rich I honestly will never have a chauffeur driving me around, I’d rather enjoy the drive.

    32. Dales Fails: Saga of a Sus Lord

      The bouncing feature is completely comical.

    33. Jacob Broman

      In denmark u are lucky if you get a used C63 from 2017 for that price...

    34. fletchtooth

      I'm a little sad the "eject" button was to remove the tablet, as opposed to, y'know, "ejecto seato cuz"

    35. lukipuki


    36. Skippy Thorson

      Best get-your-infant-to-sleep vehicle ever.

    37. hxtedsoul

      you could literally call this thing the "most luxurious lowrider" with that bounce feature 😂

    38. endy sutendi

      music plays doug: *hippity hoppity mercedes is now my property*

    39. Mr. Bacon Toast

      Das ultimative Rentnerauto

    40. Fikri

      sasisnya,wkwkwk ntaps

    41. Fikri

      Intro with laugh,nice

    42. Omar Saleh

      thank you doug for the amazing review, love it...

    43. doliio volay

      "You don't put sandwiches in there..." So good. So so good.

    44. Jim Connelly

      Cool baby sitter feature. most likely the actor The Nanny.

    45. Rob Tuffin

      Love these ultra luxury car reviews. So much more interesting than sports cars! Plus these features are much more likely to trickle down to us mortals compared to twin turbo V8s.

    46. Sean O'Reilly

      3:18 - 3:37 i honestly couldn't stop laughing.. i think it was the mixture of music and dougs shreeks of joy

    47. sepnot

      Car moves like it's in an early Disney cartoon

    48. Ken Palmer

      Almost 200k and no entertainment screen? What is this Fu**ery

    49. Hrcbzvz


    50. santiago uribe manzano

      Doug in the bouncy Mercedes looks like a kid in a coin slot riding game

    51. denis schneider

      Nobody in germany would buy this car, its for the near east and also the far east, the regular Gls is already rare. It´s made by a German company, but not for Germany.

    52. Mr. LAD - Detailing Tricks N’ Tips

      Putting A Maybach through an automatic car wash? Really? That’s like putting a bumper sticker on a Ferrari

    53. calin onofrei


    54. Aaphree

      Here I was thinking the bouncing GLS600s in videos just had a lot of people in them bouncing up and down lmao

    55. Shauka Hodan

      Doug is the kind of guy that will play classical music with his bouncing car.

      1. bilinas mini

        Reminds me of the movie cars Scene when all of the cars are dancing too life is a dream😂

    56. Kenny Phaho

      that bounce means something totally different to rappers lol

    57. Luke Warm

      "If the GLS 600 is a rockin', you're probably stuck in the mud." -Mercedes

    58. Brandun Jones

      All these darn ads I know Doug making a killing

      1. Shauka Hodan

    59. Wilfred Macharia

      😐He sounds like Sheldon

    60. Jimmyys

      Who would take this car through an automatic car wash???? If you can afford this car surely you can afford to get it detailed every month, maybe even week. Not ruin it by going through an automatic car wash

    61. Automotive kazhak

      I’m one happy person after watching this. Long Live Doug De Murillo.l

    62. Frank


    63. TrinityImages

      Doug, I know you gotta get paid but STOP!!! With the ads , it’s annoying super annoying , having one is cool but your over doing it, it’s one of the reasons I stopped watching

    64. TrinityImages

      Is it me or are the back wheels smaller than the front ones 🧐🧐🧐🤯

    65. Speed pro motors Sti

      Maybe because im not rich but honestly don’t look amazing looks like just a suv

    66. Glenn Oropeza

      That car has no resale value and will depreciate down to $25 grand in 8 years or when the warranty runs out!

    67. Nabil Freeman

      Need this to play GTA San Andreas radio in

    68. ashraf alex

      i lost all my bucks on Maybach

      1. miko foin

        I'm regularly chauffeured from Hannover to Freiberg so I'm pleased to finally see a review targeting my requirements. Dankeshön, Doug.

    69. G Stevens

      “Hanover to Fryberg”....I don’t know about those places....🤣

      1. miko foin


    70. PatchNotes

      J. Cole drove a Bentley through the mud

    71. Creativity and Aviation Channel

      3:16 Me as a kid when I play with my new toy.

    72. dolita windo

      Reminds me of the movie cars Scene when all of the cars are dancing too life is a dream😂

    73. Siddharth Chatterjee

    74. Siddharth Chatterjee

    75. Siddharth Chatterjee

      1. dolita windo

        I took a shot of vodka every time Doug said Maybach... lights out!

    76. Siddharth Chatterjee

    77. Siddharth Chatterjee

    78. Siddharth Chatterjee

    79. Siddharth Chatterjee

    80. Siddharth Chatterjee

    81. Siddharth Chatterjee

    82. 1cleanwrx 23

      Wait did no one notice he switched cars lol

    83. Vivianaaa


    84. High Peak Autos

      I'm regularly chauffeured from Hannover to Freiberg so I'm pleased to finally see a review targeting my requirements. Dankeshön, Doug.

      1. High Peak Autos

        @doliio volay 😂

      2. doliio volay

        Doug is the kind of guy that will play classical music with his bouncing car.

    85. Jenifon H.

      Lets be honest. If you’re buying a maybach suv, you have no intention of drivin it off road😂

      1. Jenifon H.

        @Teehee Hee how could i forget about those madmen😂💀

      2. Teehee Hee

        I can tell ur not arab

    86. Ed Diez

      drinking game....take a shot every time Dough says "Maybach"

    87. The sinner Jim Whitney

      Man, that thing is HIDEOUS. Worse than most Benz SUVs, even.

    88. Michael David

      *No rear screens in the ultimate luxury Mercedes suv?* Did Doug even mention that?

    89. True Patriot

      Doug is the type of guy to study for a blood test.

    90. Kozy Coins

      I took a shot of vodka every time Doug said Maybach... lights out!

    91. soapy fish

      How come when you borrow cars, it’s fine. When I “BORROW” a car, the cops show up!

    92. MrHou

      Anyone finds the interior slightly dull?

    93. Poke Smitty

      that bouncing feature made me loose my lunch!

    94. miko foin

      Urus earning a full 10.

    95. Mehdi Damircheli

      Looks like one of those Mercedes Benz that will lose 100k in value in next 5 years

    96. Irfan Irshad

      nothing to tell except pillows...... great.

    97. Bankrpt Media

      My friend : why do want maybach Me: it bounces my guy

      1. miko foin

        Youngboy ran from the police in one 😂😂😂

    98. EDDIE LEAL

      Orale! Finally made a car for us Mexicans! Needs profile lights though. 😉🤣

    99. Turb1ne

      Every Volvo since 2012 has memory slots for seat positions Doug

    100. Lord Lort

      Am I the only one who's annoyed that B pillar is covered in silver but when the rear door ends it's black?