The BMW 750iL Was BMW's V12 Flagship Luxury Sedan From 30 Years Ago

Doug DeMuro

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    The E32 BMW 750iL was BMW's flagship luxury sedan from 30 years ago -- and it was the first V12-powered luxury sedan in this segment. Today I'm reviewing the 750iL, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of a special BMW luxury sedan -- then I'm going to drive the 750iL and review the BMW 750iL driving experience.
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    1. techvor

      I had this car in the 90's. You need to do more homework on this one. When the transmission is in "A" mode and you are cruising above a certain speed (40?, don't remember) it would go into overdrive. It had so much torque, that going from flat land at 80 mph up the grapevine (on cruise control) it didn't down shift. The phone had a setting that allowed you to park the car and the horn would honk if you got a call. It was built so well that my first one was broadsided by a car traveling at 40 mph and the door didn't enter the passenger compartment. I drove the car home, the other car had to be towed. The engine was basically two six cylinder engines connected at the crank. There was two of everything, the concept being that something could fail and you would still reach your destination in limp mode. Tunnel port intake manifolds, folded so they would fit under the hood. Really, you got no clue!

    2. Alex Jones

      When I think of this car, I think of the chase scene in the Riding Bean anime. That had a black 750iL.

    3. Discord Guy

      Don't forget who was Germany's ally in WW2. It was Japan.

    4. B TV

      This looks better than the new 7 series. Back when bmw cared for their customers...

    5. tasos G.

      Doug:''but before i begin''... me:double dub on the screen

    6. Daniel Roth

      I had a 1988 740i and I had a blast in that car my friends loved when I took them for drives. Took it on some long road trips as well she tracked true and ran great. Wish I kept it.

    7. simon199418

      14:30 I am guessing the reason was not cost but rather wanting to pierce the bodywork as few times as possible.

    8. HUNTTER 97

      Cockie still operates and looks like brand new 1, like its just come out of the oven fresh 🤙

    9. Oleg Dehanin

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      1. Redization


    10. Limi Xhemalwi

      Doug be like “THISS is my wife and I’m gonna take her out for a drive and show you her quirks and features”

    11. Brendon Bosy

      In 1991, I'd rather have a Lexus LS400 or especially an SC400, Lexus styling was leagues ahead BMW

      1. Turismo

        Idk man the e38 looks better

    12. Snake Plissken

      In reality their v12 is just 2 2.5 liter is6 glued together in a v shape. So yeah no surprise they came up with that before a v8 engine, as the v8 required development the v12 didn't. And that said... I never have been a fan of bmw v12s.. as they usually just become a pain when things break, specially given how much of an independent unit both glued together i6 still are. Has always been i6 or v8 for me.

    13. Alan Aliyev

      Nice car... but never it success to opposite with Mercedes..... This bmw have a 5.0 v12 300hp (second step of podium of Mercedes crush it with a v8 of same cube and 26cv in more.. itts egalise just DAUGHTER 'V12 E38 )... poor Jagiar before 1993 had just v12 5.4 given for 289hp..controlled under 270hp....... Mercedes v12 is a 6 liters 408hp (all verified upper 410 hp"....VELUE OF A A FERRARI TESTQROSSA OR LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH.. lwb/swb V/w 140 mercedes was lionger of 10 inchs E32 bmw Lwb... /swb.........

    14. Igor Ralić

      infotainment predecessor.. um, what, like a BOARD COMPUTER ?

    15. kbst84

      The E32 is still my dream car. When I was a child it was too expensive, now its impossible ti find one in good condition here in Austria.

    16. Se Bastian

      You don't write the numbers on the phone, just the name of the person you want to call . Wouldn't make sense just to write the number.

      1. Turismo

        Bro… Why would you write names that is easier to remember than phone numbers

    17. chris l

      nice car

    18. Mister Bulletl6

      Something is leaking from the engine bay @ 19:26

      1. Mister Bulletl6

        @Turismo Jesus..... i give up.

      2. Turismo

        @Mister Bulletl6 yeah but i’m still asking the why

      3. Mister Bulletl6

        I did not said it is not windshield fluid, i said it is not from before.

      4. Turismo

        @Mister Bulletl6 how isn’t it windshield washer fluid?

      5. Mister Bulletl6

        @Turismo No, its not. You can clearly see it is dripping right there, that very moment.

    19. Ravi Sriram

      My favorite 7-series was the e23 and the e38, either one of which I would be quite happy to own. I walked past a neighbor's new, massive, overstyled 7 with its ugly front-end the other day and simply shook my head.

    20. carrot lemon

      730 is its v8

    21. Microsoft Mutt

      Does Doug review emergency vehicles?

    22. David デービッドChristian クリスタン

      My dad owned one of these when it was more or less new, thinking he had gotten a "good deal" on a V12, it was a total lemon. The catalytic converters melted and fused together, requiring > $6000 in repairs, no fewer than three times before he sold it, at a loss. I remember checking into this model circa 2000 when I had an employer with multiple T1s, back when that still seemed as if it was relatively fast broadband, and most of the remaining stock which could be found had a *negative value* given the repair costs, with multiple fora posts from multiple owners attesting to what a disaster it was to own one of these. My dad, owning predominantly Mercedes and Mustangs from my youth in the 1970s, until this car, swore off of European cars entirely until he died (making an exception to buy my mom a Mercedes station wagon with AWD circa 1999 [he passed away in 2000]), switching to a Mustang 5.0 GT convertible after unloading the 750iL onto some other sucker. Albeit, I grew up within ear shot of Laguna Seca, and in addition to attending more or less every race on that track, my dad would also take me on "bonding" trips to Concours d'Elegance at Pebble Beach annually. I am sick to death of cars, but your channel reminds me a bit of the hubris and ignorance my dad exhibited, so I watch it for its charms, or quirks as you may phrase it. ;) Despite your perspective though, as the son of someone who owned one, and pushed cars to their limits, this was a complete disaster of a car. I drove it once or twice, and while it was impressive that it would hit 50MPH before even bothering to shift out of first, it was definitely not suited for anything but making repair shops unnecessary profits on abysmal engineering. There are reasons why multiple mechanic youtube channels poo-poo BMWs, and your review seems to ignore that entirely. I'm honestly surprised you found one in drivable condition in the 21st century, they were falling apart even within a year or two from being shipped from the factory. Moreover, that's *with* the over-engineered poorly thought out trip computer which could be heard mechanically logging information if you sat in the car after it had been powered off for more than 5-10 minutes. A truly, terrible, vehicle.

      1. Archer

        Man you are quite sad

    23. Stephen Chapman

      You say it was the first V12 in a mainstream car. What about the Jaguar XJ12 of 1972?

    24. uvuweve osas

      i think this is the most beautiful car ever made. i love to imagine myself in 5 years driving it

    25. Travis Hartley


    26. Borlend ALARMA

      In my E32, all the doors in the armrests have normal pockets (I have whitefish and a wallet there). In the fatty trim levels, there is a passenger airbag (I have it), at maximum speed there is full climate control on the buttons (without twists) And from the very beginning there was a V8. Did you screw up? Acceleration 7 seconds 30 years ago on a weight of 2.5 tons. She is prettier than 38, steering well for a barge. And "no sportiness" cheoooo ???? This is a premium barge. Buy M5 for racing

    27. Raul Bila

      it's a little sad to see small grilles that suit perfect a large car. now they are doing in reverse: huge grilles on small cars. too sad

    28. i for what i watched

      Not the 1st time germany and japan teamed up

    29. Roverjoe

      19:27 is a cool Quirk and feature of the BMW 750iL

      1. Turismo

        Yeah windshield washer fluid is definitely a quirk

    30. limyohwan

      i'd like to see doug use that cigarette lighter without it angling up

    31. David C.

      The „S“ on the wipers button means „Scheinwerfer“ german = headlights (washers)

    32. George Bozovic

      The 1-2-3 is not shifting gears like a manual transmission. It is a higher starting gear, e.g. if you want to start with less torque in 2nd gear if its icy.

    33. doubts

      My friend had one. His dad was absolutely minted.

    34. Rudi TheDog

      I live in Ireland and had a 1992 5 series and it had a lot of these features including the multi disc changer, i didn't have the phone though. Wish I still had it ......good content thanks

    35. Christiaan Offerhaus

      The kidney grille on this car caused a stir because it was so big......

    36. Malik Zulqarnain

      If that's the score given to a big luxury car I wonder what kind of score my car will get which is unfamiliar with the word luxury and is 30+years old🤔

    37. U.E. U.E.

      This V12 came out in the 1980's and was the FIRST German post WWII V12!

    38. JadeRabbit

      @ 10:24 when my dad bought a five series from the same period he was totally impressed by the "crazy computing power" of this thing

    39. ed word

      Jaguar had been building v12 saloons for a decades when this 7 showed up. Jaguar was better in many ways, better wood, leather and smoother ride the xj40 also had two lighters in the back but was cramped in the back. The first 7 also had vents in the back and power rear seats but the was not a heated option

    40. djchristian82

      Didn't the 750i have a massage function in the front seats?

    41. Andreas Kruber

      The square shaped exhaust pipes and the big grill kidneys were also signs for a 750 model.

    42. ocean drive

      S- SCHNEL...S-english lenguage its -FAST- working faster ..

    43. Ung Grabb

      It was designed to cruise at 200 km/h all day long, in comfort

      1. Turismo

        @Ung Grabb but that can’t cruise at 200km/h

      2. Ung Grabb

        @Ralph Laurent as is the case with every engine driven vehicle (except solar powered ones).

      3. Ralph Laurent

        from one gas station to the next one

    44. Ung Grabb

      750 had square tail pipes. Tool kit location meant that tools were accessible even when trunk was full with luggage. S switch for wipers is not intensive clean, it is for Scheinwefer or Headlight flush system. Why not show the beautiful analogue instrument cluster, stylish and classic. And superior to todays silly xbox looking stuff

    45. Giuseppe

      Stop slaying it. These cars are well better than modern ones.

    46. Giuseppe

      Intensive cleaning is probably operation of the headlamp washer/wipers aswell as the windscreen wipers. I'm pretty sure that's what it is.

    47. hechtgalleries

      fast forward to 19:12, you can see the engine dripping fluids.

      1. Turismo

        *windshield washer fluid

    48. dumb things you see

      fuckin nankang tires---seriously!!!!!!

    49. 8 mice

      It has rear electric seats too

    50. Alex K.

      "You would just sit at 200 miles an hour" I THINK you meant 200 kilometers per hour, considering this car's top speed was 250 km/h.

    51. Asae2

      the infotainement came also up in my 635 Csi build in 1985 so it was includet far earlier :D And all Engine hoods opens this way for BMW cars since the 60's so no special for an BMW too.

    52. Dino Rossi

      Still a great car

    53. MrT 123


    54. Ken Saber

      At 19:25 something is dripping underneath the car.

      1. Turismo

        Windshield washer fluid

    55. Ivan K

      that little panel was called "board computer" thats why you would see and find "bc" on some models even in the USA

    56. Ivan K

      I think (pretty sure) S on the stalk meant cleaning headlights

    57. Takeo Mack

      You are, The first car guy I started watching!

    58. Michael Pilz

      you are so naive ... naive born american

    59. Beun007

      What an impressive interior!

    60. Joshua Walker

      How come no one talks about code feature on bmws of this era? I honestly think this should still be a feature on cars today. Keep your teenager from joyriding your car even if they get the key 😉

    61. Aden Anthony

      Is it sad that this bmw Is packed with every technology I need. Every single one. Nothing fancy or extra

    62. Jack Adams

      Your here for a comment on a Less Doug Demuro video and the oreo comment is at 11:34. Your welcome

    63. ron simpson

      Headlight washers very fragile often broke off in snow and freezing temps. In later years BMW recessed the washers in bumper to avoid this problem.the wheels were a bitch to keep clean due to lace pattern. Rocker switch backlighting failed often. You had to replace whole switch as bulbs were not serviceable. Lol. Switches were 100 dollars each plus labor to swap Like paying 200 bucks for a joke was every service visit cost 1000 bucks back in the

    64. donald agnor

      This guy is awesome!! I truly enjoy his videos. He's allowed me to check out dream cars from different decades that I wanted to have when I was younger.

    65. Roy Janssen

      This guy dont really know anything about bmw i can see now 🤨

    66. Hassan Ismail

      try pushing the "s" then pulling the stick backwards or vice versa. i think u need to press both "s" and pull backwards to get intensive cleaning.

    67. The Rainmaker

      the list on the car phone, wasn't that the speed dial list? :D

    68. Vladimir Vladimir

      the front seat could be pulled back to see how much space in the back. cup holders have never been anywhere before

    69. Ontario Traffic Man

      So the V12 7-series gets the same acceleration DougScore as the Unimog dump truck...

    70. Dieter Cabral

      Is it really excited to be here or is it leaking oil at 19:27?

      1. Turismo

        Windshield washer fluid

    71. LEVIN6921

      True BMW. Dripping water all the time 🤣

      1. Turismo

        U mean windshield washer fluid after testing the s button?

    72. AndrewKidd14145

      But Doug in reality it’s just chassis codes. Not because people are enthusiast or anything. It’s just proper

    73. David Roberts


    74. Aquasoulution M

      There's one poped in Los Angeles nice at 3000$ @#livenridela

    75. David Khugatti

      4 speed? i cant believ that!

    76. Ron Parson

      What's also interesting is that the launch of the E32 caused that the W126 Mercedes S-Class became the longest model in production of all S-Classes (and still holds this record). The W126 also still is the most sold S-Class of all time, making it the most successful model for Mercedes

    77. BorkumRiff

      Geweldige auto / Tolles Auto / Great car.

    78. MrJohnnyexcellent

      wonderful car

    79. rnt

      This is a great car and it deserves a better score. Sometimes Doug doesn't know what he's talking about...

    80. CJ Cunningham

      Had a rich uncle who had one of these new in 1988 after years of driving Devilles & Park Avenues. I was in high school just getting into cars at the time remember spending hours admiring it. He used to allow me to detail it and drive it in his driveway. He replaced it in 1992 with an Eddie Bauer Explorer vowing never to buy another BMW due to the depreciation. LOL

    81. Oxzowachi Alt

      11:33 someone please take this out of context

    82. SMIFFY

      I've never really subscribed to the "bigger rims are better looking" opinion and hate when I see old cars with huge modern rims on them, they just look awful.

    83. glya

      11:33 Doug out of context

    84. Marc Cilliers

      I have always found headlight washers on its own pretty useless

    85. cpob1688

      Obviously not a BMW guy, are you?

    86. mistertee

      I learned to drive in one of these. It was a big, heavy beast and it was so damn cool!

    87. Ardit Sarja

      19:26 is that oil ?

      1. Turismo

        No its windshield washer fluid

    88. Lennart Thilly

      Shit review

    89. Don Moore

      One of the quirks and features of Doug is he constantly reminds us of how old he is by pointing out "oddities" that anyone 10 years older than he is knows were typical in the day. Such as a place to write important phone numbers on a phone.

      1. Simon Banks

        and the lack of cup-holders that always bewilders him

    90. Patrick McCarron

      Japan ruled the world in the late 80s when the design and manufacture of this car occurred to deliver it by 1990.

    91. Teknakill

      Actually, the very first cars were electric, am I wrong? 100 plus years later we are using volts again to power 4 wheels?

    92. Johnny R1co

      That thing is leaking the brake fluid Doug, be careful with it!! 19:26

      1. Turismo

        Windshield washer fluid bro

    93. Shutbyotch

      Doug, what car have you ever seen that has a coolant dipstick? This car's coolant reservoir is the same as every other car's, but it's just located in the middle of the rear engine bay.

    94. antsolja

      if i had the money to buy a brand new modern cheap car id buy an old second hand luxery car

    95. antsolja

      actually it was toyota that started the luxury v12 thing

      1. SwissMarksman

        Germany, not Japan.

    96. Большая Секунда

      07:18 - Why "S" means intensive clean of the front window ? We have to check the German language, where "Schnelle" - means fast, faster :D

      1. Rikard Sohlberg

        Nope. S for Sonderreniegung. Special cleaning. I had the same on my humble 1989 325iX. A separate container supposedly containing fluid to 'dissolve' (...) insects! Worked remarkably well!

    97. A Magnificent Cunt

      We need a "THISSSSSSS is a" compilation.

    98. paulfinney

      The badge letters being connected wasn't to save money per badge, it was to save time when assembling the car and to make sure it is always straight. The door storage was made like that for coins for autobahn Tolls. Not to just fill a gap, nothing on 90s BMW's was because. It was always for an actual reason.

    99. Andrey Levitsky

      Waiting for w223 review from Doug...

    100. spacex Tesla Roadster gaming

      BMW 750iL E32