The 2021 Ford F-150 Is Totally New and Really Impressive

Doug DeMuro

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    The 2021 Ford F-150 is completely new for the latest model year. Today I'm reviewing the new F-150, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the newest F-150 -- America's favorite truck. I'll also review the F-150 on the road.
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    1. Michael Bennett

      Super car blondie eat your heart out.

    2. bmwmsport11

      The tailgate step should be standard on long bed trucks

    3. Nite Knight

      Can you still call these trucks?

    4. Daniel Enochs

      He didn't pull the step completely down when showing the tailgate step feature.

    5. FORD F150

      Hey its me!

    6. Kain

      All I see is America 🇺🇸

    7. Gary Inman

      240v Washing machine? Bottle opener, I have needed one for a long time. Sunroof is stolen from Tesla

    8. Miguel Mendoza

      Yip scoring some flip resets on bronzes Guess what i am referencing

    9. mike sean

      Yes you right blah blah 26min. already 2021 F150 Owners facing rust and corrosion problems brand new truck 😣😣

    10. Satt Sall

      Doug why don't you marry super car blondie 🤣🤣🤣 ???

    11. Andres Fernandez

      Let's be real here. No man working construction busting their ass off for their money is going to buy a 70,000 truck. Come on

    12. Chris Slater

      Those seats in the Denali GMC are like sitting on a metal bleacher. GMC should be way lower as it misses the mark at so many levels. IF anything its F150 #1, Ram #2 etc..

    13. Pete

      I have absolutely no need for a pickup truck, but I still think I should get it

    14. Jack Shotton

      This is going to be a YTP goldmine.

    15. Jackson Wang’s Fan

      Literally gonna be training to go to the military and buy this mf truck

    16. Chad Murray

      They copied that from rocket league

    17. nikolaos giannoukos

      Mr. DeMuro great video as always. You are so expressive. In Europe they come as Ranger Raptor. A friend of mine took me for a ride. Check it out!!

    18. Jordan York

      dope truck but man, this guy is annoying

    19. Josiah Wollman

      I actually hate it when reviewers‘s like this compare to trim levels that are all totally different specters

    20. I shave

      lmao the only ads i got were ford ads

    21. Louis Vespia

      I work at Northside ford hmu

    22. I call you cool Is me

      I’m 15 and drooling over this truck rn. Wish I could work better jobs than the ones that pay 12-20 bucks an hour😔 so I could buy this for myself.

    23. 21trips

      Washing machines are not 240v but dryers are.

    24. Martin Espinoza

      The slider window has been powered at least since the 11th gen. As for styling, I wish they would stop raising the front of the hood. It really blocks the sight line. I'd like them to make something cab-over/forward control, but I know that wouldn't serve their luxury car market. Full disclosure I have an 11th gen xl and I love necroposting

    25. Karl Donutz

      I can't stand the front windows how they swoop down, I know it is supposed to help visibility but for me it's a deal breaker. Sounds silly because it's a good truck.

    26. Simanta Dutta

      That's a Swiss army truck

    27. Andrew Jacobson

      Center windows have been powered for some time now!!! See ya at the job site I'll explain for you

    28. Luis Cabrera

      9:35 12:17

    29. Serlo Popl

      Goodness its still a f^&*(^& ford . no matter how much nutella you put on it .

    30. gage flores

      It feels like they made the f150 style worse than the previous years but gave the interior new features like a Toyota or something

    31. M109A2 Redleg

      Too many buttons, good Lord!

    32. Cole Krueger

      Back seats have to be in the up postion to get the front to full 180 degrees aka completely flat

    33. M C

      Problem is its still a gas truck and that isn't gonna cut it in a few years....

    34. John Solo

      I'm pretty sure that's a Ford F-75, because that truck bed is HALF the appropriate length, at BEST. Pickup trucks have just become sedans with a tiny box attached to the end. Listen. If you want a family car, get a sedan. Chances are, you don't need a pickup truck.

      1. Karl Donutz

        They don't make big sedans anymore so everyone bought pickups.

    35. Jacob Cooper

      Best Selling Truck for 44 years, sorry chevy

    36. Caelan McKean

      Does anyone else think that the little space where the gear shifter folds down into is going to become a disgusting collection of spilt food and garbage? Also it seems they put it in a really inconvenient spot, many people place miscellaneous items in the middle console.

    37. BTK 318

      so ford has run out of ideas. so many useless features

    38. Yoann Girard

      Pewdiepie: can you do this Ford: yes

    39. TG

      This is nice and I’m a Ford man but the Ram is in a class by itself. It’s the Mercedes in a world of Camry’s. So much nicer than the fords and Chevy/GMC’s.

      1. Karl Donutz

        The Ram has the best ride but the worst reliability. The newest Ram doesn't look as good as the last model and here in Canada you can still buy the old model, they call it the classic. Another thing that I don't like is they lowered the new Ram, put it next to the previous gen and you can see it's about 2" lower.

    40. W AD

      Those plugs were life savers for some in Texas

    41. Tom W

      Save $70,000 and buy a 10 year old King Ranch and you have a whole lot of money to buy other toys with

    42. JasonPlayz

      9:30 is totally creepy.

    43. Harjeet Singh

      someone please tell these ford engineers that these useless features add complexity, reliability issues ... just focus on making a good truck, not a chinese electronics toy.

    44. R B

      Nothing about Ford’s new ‘Super Cruise’ like feature?? Disappointing.

    45. Broflix

      Play soccer with multiple of them and a giant ball

    46. Blake Rottmann

      Some guy used the pro power as a generator for his house in Texas

    47. Toby Mcconnel

      The shifting knob going down in the consol is probably the most retarded feauture I ever saw in my life.

    48. oshtoolman

      I dont think all the Easter Eggs would qualify for things worth the price..

    49. ツTurtle

      Omg it’s the car from rocket league

      1. DeluxeGamerJoel


    50. Trades46

      Someone has told me once that Ford USA itself is run like two separate companies internally - one part does most of the regular cars & SUVs from Mustang, Bronco to Explorer. The other team which often takes Ford's brightest & smartest bunch is dedicated to only work on Ford's one product - the F-series pickup. I definitely see the difference in effort between the F-150 next to the rest of their lineup. No wonder Ford sells these things like hotcakes in the US.

    51. Issa Knife

      who came back to check this video after Texas blackout?

    52. sufiyan shafiq

      I am just binge watching all his videos at this point.

    53. astral_ꪜi᥇ꫀɀ

      Dude I literally got a Ford F-150 ad when watching

    54. Thimdelfaza

      Totally new?!? It looks like every other F150 that’s come off the production line for the last 10 years. They are about as bad as Toyota in terms of sticking with outdated styling.

    55. Jerry M

      The 12 inch color screen on the RAM is so incredible it makes the screen on the F-150 look like an etch a sketch

    56. ツSlightlyOverweight

      Yooo thats from rocket league

    57. Steve Collins

      A $35,000 truck with $40,000 worth of options.

    58. Joel

      06:15 ford plug in power generators saving lives during Texas blackout ❤️

    59. simjet22

      FYI your not gonna pull a goose neck with a 1/2 ton, lmao

    60. Axis Power Diesel

      What the hell kinda 240v washing machine does doug have

    61. Samuel Tavani

      Doug: *refers to the back window as an area to access the bed* Every other normal person: *just uses it as a window for airflow*

    62. Michael Scott

      I want to see Dougs wife.

    63. Ethan ODonnell

      1:51 Did anyone notice the running board go in?

    64. HittingTax26

      It's a shame Doug failed to mention that this truck was a king Ranch at the beginning! 😭

    65. Brian Cobb

      Washing machines are 120volt

    66. Norman Will

      I need to win The lotto bad

    67. Jonathan fisher

      You sound like cyber from adventure time

    68. murlyn greenleaf

      I’m in love! 😍

    69. No

      Where's the boost up the exhaust laser thing? Where are the tropical fruit wheels?

    70. Lucario the aura Guardian

      Wait where are the tropical fruit wheels??

      1. ツTurtle

        Idk they lied

    71. spincast1000

      Just bought the hybrid model, just need a new washing machine.

    72. gregory mandile

      Trying too copy the Ram..Stop it ford,Ram is king

    73. Robert Abraham

      You know watching Doug driving from this view. I am feeling a young Jay Leno! I don't know if this has ever been mentioned. Another great review!

    74. RaiX_RiFFleZzz

      We al know what ford was thinking when they made the folding table en seats. Well done ford

    75. Eddie Gri

      I got the LIMITED editon. Check it out. I LOVE THIS CAR .

    76. Jordan Sheinman

      Cut out for c clamp is brilliant

    77. M C

      Does he explain the gay club version ?

    78. Amu Casian030

      Those seats come in handy for when your fords on the side of the road waiting for AAA as well

    79. James C

      Bro, what are you wearing?!

    80. Johnathen Bates

      Looks nice!

    81. Edan George

      Tell me there aren't any more King Ranch logos.

    82. Whitecap madness

      Covid Lockdowns Job losses Hey, buy a new truck?

    83. RaTheSunGod

      What if the shift knob malfunction ? 🤔

    84. Dmitriy Chaikovskiy

      OOOOOOPPPSSS, Democrats would have hated this track, it has an American Flag on it

    85. Adil Sagadiyev

      So much money for no cooled rear seats, what a shame

    86. eeM Gee


    87. Roberto Mendoza

      This truck has so many features, you cant complain about the price

      1. Roberto Mendoza

        @Adil Sagadiyev its obviously not the same thing, if you say they are similar then the only thing differentiating the 2 trucks is their looks, which is like i said, i think the Ford looks better, again just preference

      2. Adil Sagadiyev

        @Roberto Mendoza there is hate because why would I pay way more for essentially the same thing

      3. Roberto Mendoza

        @Adil Sagadiyev you said the trucks are similar therefore there should be no hate unless you worried about the price

      4. Roberto Mendoza

        @Adil Sagadiyev this all comes down to preference, i prefer the Ford but if you like the ram then thats good too. Like you said they are similar trucks so it just comes to preference, but i just dont know why that hate on the ford, i like rams as well but it looks like you dont like the ford because then again you are comparing the cost

      5. Adil Sagadiyev

        @Roberto Mendoza looking like its luxuries doesn't mean it is luxuries. And second, I don't hate it because it cost too much, I hate it because Ram gives you the same if not more features and luxury for 10k less which is a lot of money. The ford is too expensive for what you get, if you got more features that actually live up to the price I would have no problem with it

    88. Glenn Matthews

      6:20 Finally.

    89. J M

      so much unnecessary glut to inflate the price

    90. Jeff Gray

      As a current 2018 F150 owner, I would love to know if Ford has worked out their excessive oil consumption issues in the V8 5.0 L? Ford F150 trucks from 2018-2020 with the V8 have many reported issues of excessive oil consumption. My truck unfortunately is one of them. Fortunately my truck is a lease which I will be turning back in June 2021. I can't imagine trying to sell a truck that uses a quart of oil every 1000K. A Ford truck guy all my life but now seriously looking at the Ram options based on Consumer Report, MotorTrend and Car and Driver reviews.

    91. Carteeeer

      dont waste ur money on this pos LOL

    92. fersup2

      to watch this, you have to like this man

    93. Tonini08

      I would love if he made a joke video on the Ford F-150 Rocket League Edition!

    94. terry keenan


    95. TheKMA

      Poor mans Denali

    96. Bob John

      Also new high price...

    97. Django Groen

      who searched for this car after the rocket league trailer on this car?

    98. Ruby Red Nation

    99. Eevee133

      This I the reason I don’t like the King Ranch trucks. I don’t want to see the KR logo on literally every surface I look at

    100. Shem

      This truck is very impressive. I shall give it a failing score of 49/100....