This Massive Unimog U500 Is the Ultimate Insane Mercedes Pickup Truck

Doug DeMuro

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    The Unimog is the craziest pickup truck ever -- and specifically this Unimog, which is the ultimate truck. Today I'm reviewing this Unimog, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the Unimog. I'm also going to drive the Unimog and review the driving experience of one of the most unbelievable trucks in history.
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    1. Kochsalz LP

      Just wait until he reviews the Citaro and finds out they make busses

    2. Farmall 48

      My 91 wrangler has a little horn like that and all my friends know I’m coming when they hear it

    3. Brandon Lebuna

      My 👂

    4. Xavi Chuvy

      This guy is totally fucking clueless as to what an Unimog is for.

    5. Diegaulle

      Unfortunately you missed the opportunity to review Arnold Schwarzenegger´s custom Unimog when it was still on sale in North America. I believe it was eventually sent back to Germany.

    6. Diegaulle

      Please nobody tell Doug that the Mercedes Benz Zetros exist. The whole review would be a constant giggle.

    7. Robert Gräfe

      Very nice of the Bundeswehr to put a bright yellow sign on the fuel Tank. Just in case someone wonders what to aim at. Very thoughtfull.

    8. Milk86

      I don’t need roads, they disappoint me.

    9. Bambang suseno

      Congrats Mr. Doug DeMuro, you're always very enthusiastic when giving commentaries on a vehicle you test drive including the yellow Hummer the other day. I like it! Greetings from the Special Territory of Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

    10. Vorpommer in Australia

      Crazy 😅😍

    11. Cold Rain Events

      The "tire hanging on a pole" are the heated side mirrors... :)

    12. Nirap Singh

      so much useless blabbing

    13. Nirap Singh

      stop speaking ffs

    14. kieran alves

      Doug should review a semi truck. They’d have plenty features

    15. Mighty Righty

      I understand he’s a millionaire and he deserves credit on account of had someone told an adult to behave like this on camera by yourself by talking a million and a half miles per hour and laughing by yourself pretending to be having the time of your life while describing every vehicle to ever exist you would become a millionaire you tuber nobody would have believed you. I used a run on sentence for good reason. I need headache medicine now, I bid you good day.

    16. Ben Rousseau

      I want one

    17. Juan Ruiz

      Somebody clean that truck please dirty interior

    18. Bright Fuvie

      I feel like I should be given a certificate or something

    19. Blake Tyson

      Just going to correct something Doug said. Unimogs are made by Mercedes-Benz but It started life as it’s own brand. Unimogs have a really interesting history Doug doesn’t go into. Unimogs were first built as the jack of all trades farming vehicle in post-war Germany. They later started commercial use and in the 50s, Unimog was bought out by Mercedes-Benz. Unimogs are honestly just Mercedes subsidiary making big trucks with the Mercedes-Benz badge on them.

    20. Big Stanky

      aay i work for the company that made the air brakes. Meritor

    21. Michael Menges

      I've always known Dig Doug to be a clown, but this time was way too much for me.

    22. uncipaws

      In Austria every town has a Unimog for snow clearing. And when everything is shut down and YOU are the one clearing the roads for everybody in deep freezing temperatures, having 12 heat settings is probably a good thing as you plow through high snow drifts. They are orange though, for best visibility, and have an orange rotating light on the roof so you can see them coming from afar.

      1. Constantin-Sebastian Micu

        Shhhhh. Let him believe America is normal for using fucking utilitary vehicles as normal, daily drives.

    23. Bob K.

      I really can't stand Doug nervously making fun of every normal function this vehicle has. It's pure cringe!

      1. Lin Mal

        Well he's a car dude ! Trucks just aint his thing, yet!

    24. ThoughtIWasGoingMadInAHurry

      I called my girlfriend a Unimog the other day. She beat me up pretty badly.

    25. Rachmad Kusniawan

      Indonesia hadir 👍

    26. Erik Iversen

      11:26 i think thats just to illustrate the heated dangly truck mirror, I thought you'd know Mercedes better by now doug! lmao

    27. Llama

      make an amg version

    28. tannerin

      “tayer” - doug demuro

    29. tannerin

      man giggles at german utility vehicle for 40 minutes

    30. Florian Lean

      The Light Bulb Button is for additional safety lighting. For example used in a Fire Truck mentioned before.

    31. RealizeFaker

      U need to review the newest model!

    32. Eric Scarburry


    33. Hatchbackiller

      im pretty sure one of those two buttons was the PTO switch, and the other one that looked like a tether ball was a side mirror defrost

    34. Moe Whitfield

      unimog here expensive, unimog there is like the ford escort here. cheap.

    35. Phil Kousoubris

      Of course its listed for sale in CONCORD MA! Home of many reclusive billionaires with obvious apocalyptic toys... (i know the area well)

    36. Jim Brannan

      Why the blood on the steering wheel?

    37. LilacIsCursed

      you should probably have a modified weekend score calculator for stuff you'd use for like off-roading like jeeps where acceleration isnt the focus

    38. Eric Preston


    39. Matt Wolf

      11:28 Heated mirrors?

    40. Retoohs Mc.

      6:55 happy Cummins noises

    41. stashgumbo

      DOUG!! you need to do your research Homie!. You missed the quirkiest feature ever!. This car can convert from Left-hand to Right-hand drive on the fly!

    42. TL

      It would have been nice to see it drive from outside. Common quit being miserly and hire someone for external shots for occasions such as these.

    43. Robert Fitzgerald

      Size does matter.

    44. Joniel Joseph Montesa

      This is a true German quality, not those of crappy Mercs made in the US

    45. A Z

      American mister bean 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 i like the way he talk.

    46. donkmeister

      15:12 are you sure about that? The Unimog is a bit special but in most European commercial diesels the green simply signifies the "economy band"; this is the most fuel efficient rev range to keep the engine in. So whilst you shift gears to try and keep it in the green, it's not a case of "wait until you are on the yellow then shift".

    47. donkmeister

      11:46 Funnily enough, they also provide English owners manuals for the UK market Unimogs, which have been sold here since the 1950s.. Just in case anyone is watching this in America, thinking "Hey I'd love to import an earlier or later Unimog but I don't speak German". Fun fact: the Unimog is such a versatile vehicle that in the UK it doesn't neatly slot into one particular vehicle category. So, when you buy one new, the specification you choose affects what licence you need to drive it, the tax categories and speed limits applicable to you despite it being the same basic vehicle underneath. Choose some options "just in case" and all of a sudden you need a commercial licence and you can't drive at more than 40mph even on a motorway.

    48. XGamer

      26:45 now watch the GAZ Volga video by Doug and see how he reacted when a 1970's deisgned car didn't have rear seatbelts

    49. XGamer

      The guage cluster looks like it's from lada niva

    50. Ryan


    51. Alex Harmon

      The sockets outside front and rear are for hydraulics and with this transmission you can block change by pushing the gear selector forward twice.

    52. Rick C

      So... does Doug have a Class B license? Pretty sure where I live, what with its size, mass, and air brakes, you'd need a Class B.

    53. joelfromportland

      The front and rear connections are hydraulic, not electrical.

    54. A R

      hes so excited with this one lol

    55. Ahsan Mohammed

      Fix a camera looking forward as well to show the driving view

    56. Yuri Grozenok

      "Tires Hanging On a Pole" button = heated mirrors

    57. Ben Haworth

      One of the very rare videos where Doug isn’t wearing shorts.

    58. J Higgs

      Rather have full manual

    59. maximusfuscus

      2.4k hipsters disliked the video. Mercedes-Benz. The best or nothing.

    60. Michael Plantz

      Tire on a pole is the heated mirrors... the light switch is for strobe lights if the vehicle is equipped with them... the start stop is for the hydraulic system that the vehicle is equipped with, there are hydraulic ports on the front of the vehicle... almost 90% of those buttons/switches are not factory, aftermarket fabricators will apply whatever the customer needs to get the job done... from farming, emergency services to public maintenance departments. Particularly Snow and Ice removal as a snow plow truck and sand/salt spreader... the really interesting thing about this truck to me is the triple differential lock. the fact that the front wheels can be diff locked is really interesting... the back little circles... are not POWER they are hydraulic... that fuel tank will probably get you maybe one full day of constant highway driving... with an average MPG about 6 to 8... reason for no back window is the bed of the truck does not have a "headache" rack to stop shifting loads from penetrating the cab... the original bed/body would have had a "headache" rack... Again the outlets in the front are not electrical they are hydraulic... TLDR this is a commercial vehicle... not a pickup truck, any similarities are mute.

    61. Toffi Kai

      My uncle migrated from germany to rural new zealand southern island in the mid 80s with his family and he could afford to bring two ship cargo containers of goods with him. One was for his and the families household stuff and the other one was just for his unimog. :D

    62. kledderman

      Those outlets aren't electric, they're hydraulic. Great vid!

    63. Grant

      Used a lot by utility companies here in Scotland. Obviously good for driving off-road to fix electric supply, telecom poles etc. How many times does Doug say 'Unimog'??!

    64. da man

      not sure why you keep laughing and snickering at everything .....if you have a large farm or where a 1 ton or 3 ton is used...this is the best of a pick up or 1 ton world......its versatile btw "the button that has the tire hanging off" the heated mirror/s.......

    65. ric mad the silver slayer

      Can you stop with the annoying giggles please

    66. MisterJei

      I assume that the interior rear section of the Unimog crew cab was designed by the same committee that worked on the Volga Gaz 24-10.

    67. Thx! O

      It is funny to see him review and wonder about this vehicle. In germany you see an Unimog almost every day, it is totally normal :-D

    68. HellenKellerBestSeller

      Jeez Doug ease up on the cars and bids we get it.

    69. Ryan Bowley

      It’s so cool to see how Mercedes have changed through the years

    70. Hei Hei

      Unimog reporting in. Decepticons, mobilize! Hail Megatron!

    71. liveAiming

      Coolest Unimogs are, where you can slide the whole stearing column from the left to the right side of the cabin

    72. -Omega Zero-

      This isn’t a pickup. It’s a mega truck

    73. Joseph Zander

      Not luxury

    74. JunnYahh

      Hey Doug hope you enjoyed your time in Massachusetts! Nice too see you this way!

    75. Brad C

      3.9 million subscribers and he's kinda clueless about so many things. That's kinda sad.

    76. Dylan Van Lent

      It's not a truck. It's a tractor. It always has been a tractor

    77. Δημήτρης Κυριάκου

      Actually the outlets in front and in the back it isn't for electricity but to attach hydraulic tools! Nice video 👍

    78. Alex Mikhael

      dude... 11:30 ''tire hanging from a rope thing'' ??? DUDE... I BET that's the HEATED MIRRORS!!!! :)

    79. Trystan Gibb

      If it has air brakes then you're not allowed to drive it without your airbrake license

    80. Mike Bruschke

      Doug would probably be just as excited about a Mercedes Econic garbage truck.

    81. Engelbert Kohl

      ein typischer Autoverkäufer - grauenhafter Plauderer...

    82. Delta 1-9 Going Dark

      The allies trying to restrict german technology after ww2 heavily restricted tractors, agriculture equipment and everything else....their loophole? Suburban warfare. Mogs go back to the late 50s I believe. Used to come with a PTO as standard equipment

    83. RedTeamWolf

      I think that "power connector" is just hydraulics


      The strange button who looks like a tire on a rope, is the mirrow heater Kind regards from Germany

    85. Plant/Vegetable Rights Matter

      Lmfao Doug that’s not a pickup truck, that’s a semi-truck

    86. chris l

      wish i had one.

    87. Ryan Gilday

      Do a sherp

    88. Jozef Kostelansky

      It s funny, what everything is funny for this crazy American. 😀 It s not a big pick-up, but a small truck/lorry. And truck in this video is just a half of a truck. Second part are different technical attachments. With them this truck is able to do almost everything you are able to imagine.

    89. Pleb Failsworth

      dang, the bid is about 70k over what i'm willing to give.

    90. Isaac Graham

      Anyone know what the powerplant is? Doug said i6 turbo diesel. I'm assuming it's a cummins or cat?

    91. John Mika

      Dude, those are hydraulic couplers not electrical connections.

    92. Traylay

      14:00 Preshifting has nothing do to with people not being able to coordinate properly. Preshifted gears allow for achange with minimal loss in power. So if you pull a heavy load the transmission will transfer the load nearly constantly. As a result you loose less speed.

    93. Shelby Brothers Ltd

      Now next time review a reagular european transport truck

    94. Steven

      This gets a 10 out of 10 in the gitty factor category.

    95. W P

      30:33 you can see everything on the planet :o))

    96. Zenji Zenji

      The cab is too expose, The truck should have a longer nose!

    97. Jeff Brenning

      The “power” outlets, are hydraulic ports. Not really providing “electricity”

      1. Jeff Brenning

        @Riley Walterscheid well to be perfectly honest, those hydraulic ports do provide “power” to the equipment plugged into them.

      2. Riley Walterscheid

        It hurt me every time he said power outlet

      3. entropyandme

        Just about to post this. Apparently Doug has never done any agricultural work

    98. Brad

      Doug has 3.91M subscribers but still doesn't know what a heated side mirror switch is

    99. Dane

      spam the zero button! lol

    100. Megadriver

      How is a suspension seat a quirk... Just about semi-truck, bus and larger van have suspension seats. Driving all day on stiff suspension is torture on your back, so it's not a luxury... but a necessity! My company extra long Sprinter comes with a suspension seat, climate control, rear camera and automatic for optimum safety and efficiency. An irritated and stressed driver who's hot and has a bad back is not gonna give it their best. But give the driver their necessary comfort and they will happily rank up those miles! PS: The hanging tire is heated side mirrors and the funny light thing is for auxiliary lights (light bar, sirens, etc) The joystick pannel is for other auxiliary functions (snow plow, street cleaning equipment, farming equipment, etc)