The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E Is the Fast, Electric Mustang SUV

Doug DeMuro

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    The 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E is the newest version of the Mustang -- and it's an electric high-performance SUV. Today I'm reviewing the Mustang Mach-E, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Mach-E. I'm also going to drive the 2021 Mustang Mach-E, and I'll show you what it's like on the road.
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    1. Haseeb Khan

      The Mustang Mach-E Looks Better Except For The Portrait Screen & Input Lag!! Tesla Looks Weird & Hideous! But The Wide Screen Seems Better & Fluid!

    2. Gino Asci

      still wood like two sea dee camera facing forward instead of your face

    3. foto21com

      Design-wise, that Mustang sucks. THey need to try harder. Meanwhile, make the New Challenger and Demon electric. (they already are, right?)

    4. Kaylee Koontz

      As a mustang lover I’m so excited for this. I want one now!!!!!

    5. Alexander Savic

      That back door is so idiotic I have no words. Good luck keeping your hands clean when getting in/out of the back in winter. That piece of rubber/plastic will not prevent dirt from entering and depositing on the inside/lining of the doors rubber seal.

    6. NoOne Social

      too bad that electric car owners are completely screwed whenever a disaster hits, and at the mercy of carbon based electricity production.

    7. Shawn Massey

      The supreme client routinely occur because step-grandfather etiologically learn without a obsolete neon. automatic, tightfisted danger

    8. Nom Nom

      Tesla is now a old man car

    9. Barry Steakfries

      They should’ve released this as a different model, not a Mustang. This should not be a Mustang.

    10. Richard Lewis

      The two presenters that excel at vehicle history, reviews and previews are Doug DeMuro and Jay Leno.

    11. Andres Lopez

      This is how many times he said Maaaaach-EEEE👎

    12. Mike Finn

      Detailed review, thanks. I think the front storage only opens with manual release for safty and security reasons. I'd hate it if my 4 year old got a hold of my phone and popped it open at 80 mph or if someone learned a hack to steal the contents.


      They shouldn't've made it an SUV. When your muscle car looks like a grocery-getter subaru, you've got a problem. I may like combustion engines much more, but electric cars can be really cool if done right. I'm afraid that is not the case here. But, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. We'll see how it turns out.

    14. David Robitaille

      The backup passcode is a callback to the EV1

    15. pressrepeat2000

      Mixed emotions about this car. Some nice features, but maybe many quirks. The design looks like any streamlined SUV these days... wish they’d made it feel more like a Mustang considering they went with that brand.

    16. Rafael Valencia

      Everything about this "mustang" is a failure.

    17. Mitchell Monroe

      This car will be a tremendous failure.

    18. Creative Ellie/Chris

      I like it , and honestly the only reason I looked it up was cause it was a mustang so they’re plan worked

    19. Jerome D

      Gave me some real hope for this. Gonna add it to the test drive circuit when we look to enter the EV passenger car market. Thanks.

    20. Minchun Yang

      This car won't work well in the far north I think, especially when there gets some nasty icy rains

    21. Christopher S

      For all your Star Trek nerds like me are hearing Maquis?

    22. Pablo Crvzz

      Wish this car was in jamaica, 300miles is all I need,yes please🙋🏾‍♂️ these should be marketed to islanders!

    23. YonaPops

      Nah I’ll jus get a Tesla

    24. Landon D

      It doesn’t even deserve the nameplate :Mustang just drop the mustang and call it the model e of Ford model e

    25. You tube

      This is such a Frankenstein mess of an idea

    26. Makiko Cizik

      👎🏻 first you take away the v-6 now this...smh

    27. Random Videos

      Car companies start to cheap out of keys and door handles now and people think it’s futuristic!!!!!! 🚗 🚘 🚙

    28. Adam Vagus

      I want one.

    29. Jack Hussain

      Till someone matches or one ups Tesla super charger system Tesla is still a no brainer.

    30. johnthegreek1980

      Looks horrible!

    31. rocer

      Doug: Wears cheap & free clothes Doug: Reviews Lamborghinis and Bugattis

    32. goalie2998

      It may be fast. But it's not a mustang.

    33. ryan

      Who combed his hair? Hellen Keller?

    34. Noah Sharp

      tesla door handles are better

    35. Noah Sharp

      ford: LeTs Be LiKe TeSla

    36. alfredo sauri

      I want to see Doug in a cartoon.."the adventures of Doug"..

    37. FK P

      I want one but idk why really

    38. Eric ten Bensel

      Fake Mustang is fake

    39. Jadon

      As a Tesla fanboy this video makes me feel uncomfy so here are sum things to remind u why Tesla is the best Better acceleration Better range Better charging infrastructure Sentry mode Better autopilot Cleaner interior Better safety rating

    40. stillshot2

      Had to dislike, wasn't wearing enough layers of t-shirts

    41. Jreezy

      Doug in Inglewood right in front of the forum real nigga shit

    42. stanley Cason

      Thanks for that great review. I placed my order for the Mach E 4X 02-27-2021. Can't wait.

    43. Ruben Ponce

      Dude your grading system is completely ridiculous. You raved about the handling in the video and then have it a 5?? Are you comparing this to a Ferrari or something?? You have to grade against it's direct competition.

    44. Kyle Burton

      Great.. so someone steals my phone they can steal my car...

      1. Yukine

        Oh don't worry, this is 100% going to become the norm. Why wouldn't it be? It's harder to lose then your keys, you basically take your phone everywhere, you can also use it as an input device way more effectively than a key fob.

    45. iyanu oladeji

      This is a disgrace to the mustang family

    46. Hasssn Bakare

      Cars logs in TMI.. I not ready for this..🤦🏾‍♂️

    47. worldofbass

      This car is so fuvking geh

    48. cesarleo05

      No cameras. Tesla is 🤴

    49. LoveMyPeople04

      When Doug talks, it sounds like he’s arguing with him self

    50. Niels Engelen

      Its a terible car

    51. justjosh445

      never in my life would i have thought this would happen 😂 i mean it’s kinda cool tho

    52. PimptasticBrad

      They should call their first electric Truck the E-150

    53. ISSA VIBEZ

      I8 SUCKS

    54. ISSA VIBEZ

      Car community is damn going shiT and crumbling all manufacturers are junk

    55. ISSA VIBEZ

      R.I.P Mustang

    56. ISSA VIBEZ

      Hideous as Fuck if ur making a SUV don't call it mustang otherwise the meaning of it is useless

    57. Chad Hansen

      Mustang electric crosstrek

    58. Alex

      Good luck using that screen with gloves

    59. Yara Cheikho

      ع كروت السينما

    60. Jacob Peterson

      How is the glass ceiling during hail storm

    61. T B

      you need more ads, there really arent enough in this video

    62. KD TV

      Those doors may be a hassle during frozen winter. Texas just exposed how inconvenient ice 🧊 can be for Tesla owners.

    63. Olgon

      I think im gonna buy this over a tesla

    64. Guillermo Perez

      They messed up making it a "mustang"

    65. valerio Rowe

      Should have called it the model M

    66. P S

      I'm not loving the big i pad screen, it looks out of place. The open glass roof is kinda dumb too, sunroof would be better. Who was in fords focus group??

      1. ghuff31

        the chevy actors from their focus group commercials, lol

    67. david Tirlokhi

      The electric eleanor :) i love it

    68. Andersen Cooper

      This is the mustangs gay son

    69. Oleg Ozolinsh


    70. King Richie

      Boosie brought me here

    71. P. Cameron

      Mustang? It's a deformed testicle. Stop pussifying vehicles, automakers.

    72. Hulk Timberlake

      Ford needs to fire the person that decided to name it Mustang. You won't see Chevy naming their SUV the Corvette. Bonehead marketing!

    73. Dogmatic Chains

      Cannot wait to see your review of the Ioniq 5!

    74. Dogmatic Chains

      This was a better review than others I have seen. Good job!

    75. Quan 1993

      This is why Chevy is better

    76. Jason Leonhardt

      Hell no flop

    77. Rat in the toilet

      These are the type of cars whose drivers have never repaired their own vehicle in their lifetimes, and when they break, dealerships will make bank off of these fools.

    78. Htown Tx

      Looks beautiful ❤️

    79. Revu

      I mean.. this is a sick car but it’s not a mustang. If it was called something else I would like it. I also think that an electric mustang concept is sick but it shouldn’t be a suv.

    80. Brooklyn_P_718

      I knew you was a giant lol you look way to uncomfortable in this car lol i

    81. ryan422423

      Lets use a name to make people buy it.. All marketing here whuch is sad.. All they care about is the doller not the heritage anymore

    82. Ron Rene

      Wtf is this shit!?

    83. Charles Sampson

      I don’t need a camera monitoring me while I drive. Nice vehicle tho

    84. kyle anderson

      Oh my god this is the worst looking car I’ve ever seen

      1. Rat in the toilet

        @J SD I'll stick to my motorcycles thanks.

      2. J SD

        Can you afford it? The car looks good, suv is the future for the North America

    85. Erkki Palmu

      This car seems to incorporate the best of the good ol 'merca' attitude, but it also seems to be an objectively good car, which appeals to my European preferences😉🙏

    86. sredju

      nice car.

    87. Mike Pete

      Who here trying not to say macchiato when ever he says Mach-E

    88. Rashard Readus

      This will officially push hackers to there limits lol

    89. Elven Ranger

      You can only get 20 - 30 miles per 1 hour of charge? Pardon my french but that's kind of trash.

      1. Mefirst Andthegimmiegimmies

        I have a Chevy Bolt and charging it with the regular wall charger it comes with (110v) it can take over 2 days of charging to go from empty to full since it only gives about 4 to 5 miles of range per hour of charge. I installed a 220v outlet in the garage and purchased a level 2 charger. Now it charges around 30 miles per hour of charge. It will go from empty to full charge over night and I get about 220 miles per full charge. These things arent designed for road trips but for quick around town cars and for anything less than 150 miles a day, they are great. Also once you see how cheap it is to charge it saves a ton of money from the fuel bills. My electric bill goes up about 15 bucks a month. I was spending 30 dollars a week in my Mustang GT just driving back and forth to work. So for some the electric is a huge money saver, I know it was for me.

      2. Elven Ranger

        @Wither Productions Yeah, they're both pretty trash.

      3. Wither Productions

        tbf it seems like its on par with a tesla, atleast before you start considering a wall charger

    90. Colton Nedyah

      Wow Ford has a camera in the car to watch u to make sure ur driving how you should be... how un appealing. Tesla would never do that. What a terrible idea. Yes this camera watches u while u drive. Who the hell wants that? Totally just killed the car for me

    91. Colton Nedyah

      Why do the panel gaps stick out so much

    92. Matt Wolf

      I hate those front handles, they should have engineered the front doors like the rear doors, I guarantee some owners will find a way to delete those.

    93. LafeiAr

      you should come to China to see real tesla competitors. I test drived Nio EC6 last week, man what a great car and soooo much more technically advanced than Tesla.

    94. Sad Boy Hours

      Its so hard to pull a latch

    95. Sad Boy Hours

      Omg you have to pull a latch to get to under the hood!! What a inconvenience for a rich person but us poor people don't really care if we have to pull a latch we have been doing it for years.

      1. Rat in the toilet

        The rich dont do their own repairs. I'd rather fix and learn rather than pay and not learn at all.

    96. Chris Sharman

      This is disgusting

    97. Keon Borders

      They should of made it gas

    98. John Sumner

      I wonder how long Doug would spend reviewing the door on a school bus?

    99. FuaFoa

      And frankly, a lot of corks and features :)

    100. 215_swervo

      The next model will come without wheels if you dont need keys and door handles why would you need wheels