The $3 Million McLaren P1 GTR is the Most Thrilling Car I've Ever Driven

Doug DeMuro

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    The McLaren P1 GTR is the most thrilling car I've ever driven -- and the craziest street-legal car I can imagine. Today I'm reviewing the P1 GTR, and I'll show you all the quirks and features of one of the most unbelievably insane cars ever made. I'm also driving the P1 GTR to show you what it's like on the road.
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    1. slipAngle

      I'm really sad you didn't mention the FULLY FUNCTIONAL AIR JACK SYSTEM they left in this thing. See that yellow fitting to the right of the exhausts at 5:10? Plug a high pressure air hose into that, and pistons lift all four wheels off the ground for changing tires. Obviously not very useful for a road car, but I'm stunned you didn't mention something so cool.

    2. Tim T

      What kind of asshole buys a racecar and then turns it into a streetcar?

    3. Leon Tan

      I can only imagine Doug's expression without the mask.

    4. Leon Tan

      Race cars don't have horns? Who'd thunk.

    5. Leon Tan

      You can buy 10 Ferraris for this. Let that sink in.

    6. Noah Sharp

      i wonder how long that guy stood staring at the after he went off screen

    7. GamingWithPayne

      I always wonder if he puts something down when he's kneeling on the asphalt...

    8. Scott Will

      Doug: the type of guy to wear a mask alone in a closet

    9. Max Williams

      Amazing, I live about 10 minutes from Lanzante!

    10. RoleAce

      this car is the epitome of "its as fast as you dare to go fast." that look in Doug eyes when he really floored it though. That feel is very relateable (the fear)

    11. Emulated Excitement [Mountain State EAS]

      If I'm going to be honest, I honestly wouldn't have done this heavy of a conversion/modification to the first ever built version of a McLaren supercar

    12. n1s0

      700 000 $ to convert race version to road one ?! Sounds like a deal...

    13. btmathews415

      Doug's the kind of guy to put a construction mask on by himself while he drives a 3 million dollar supercar with the windows up.

    14. Christopher Maloney

      Someone convert a Lamborghini gallardo super trofeo in the the super trofeo stradale road car..

    15. CalvinMagnus

      27:59 lmao

    16. Dorian Palinić

      Is that a storage space at 22:40 above the steering wheel? Doug is starting to be superficial haha

    17. Meraz Khanum

      This is ULTRACAR!

    18. OS10100

      I would take that steering wheel off anytime it's parked. No only are the controls to start the car/shift into gear/ ability to steer etc on it... it's probably worth upwards of 20k alone. You don't want someone breaking into your P1 just to steal the steering wheel let alone try to steal the car. LMAO

    19. Mike Pritchard

      It's a fucking batmobile

    20. Ruben Morales

      3 million dollar car with Toyota Corolla seat bealts

    21. venominjected

      In Germany we say: „There will always be a car faster than yours.“ I think this is not true, wenn you drive something like this.

    22. freddyXDyeah

      Thats not the right kind of mask for the occasion lol

    23. Andres Fernandez

      Crash the #1 P1 GTR for publicity doug😂

    24. Frankie hernadez

      Thank you Doug. I watched with a grin at the end. I’ve driven this car through your experience.

    25. Demetri Harlan

      P1 with a body kit.

    26. Roger Moreno

      Man, Doug you have the ultimate dream job for car people!! I love your videos, how did you start doing this?

    27. Fit_PharmD

      I've watched this video a dozen times. I just can't get enough of his reaction while driving the vehicle. You can tell he is genuinely blown away by its performance. It must be on a level so out of this world bc he's driven veyrons and chirons etc...but this apparently blows them out of the water!! I freakin' love it. I skip right to the end where he gets in and drives, such hilarity!

    28. edgarsbmw

      Most pointless build ever

    29. Candlestick Wick

      That C8 made a U-Turn! LOL

    30. GrandMasterPlank

      A thing of utter beauty........They'll all be electric soon so enjoy these moments while you can.

    31. Skinnex

      5:14 they ARE atractive and beautifull Doug

    32. Keelung BF

      Doug: Never, ever push "Fire" button. ...uppps...

    33. Pleb Failsworth

      racecars should get an automatic 10 in styling. like they say, not all show cars are race cars but all race cars are show cars.

    34. Jeffrey Salzman

      Masks are so depressingly stupid.

    35. Pleb Failsworth

      that carbon weave is thicc.

    36. Euphoria

      Over 150K miles in pcars 2 with this car..... Yeah its my favorite and most special car ever.

    37. Spinister

      It's like a space shuttle.

    38. Brian

      I have that same steering wheel for my simracing rig

    39. João Santos

      3 millions and not even a fucking radio 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. JerCal playz

        Cuz its a race car duh

    40. Ian Widick

      wait, what does the drs mode do, you left that out

    41. Mino Assal

      can't believe Doug went back in time to 04-14-1970 to film this car!

    42. Albert Weijers

      My Ford Focus has windshield heating... so no reason for me to buy a P1Gtr.

    43. BattyBojo

      Sounds like Doug sped up the video

    44. Z K

      First P1 GTR aaaaaaand it's a road conversion

    45. David Farndon

      Absolutely love Doug's reaction .. made me laugh to see the giggling and wide eyes. Thanks Doug.

    46. Jean Gagnier

      So is McLaren Newport Beach a subsidiary of Lamborghini Newport Beach?

    47. Charles Follette

      This thing has the level of stuff I want in a car.... next to nothing

    48. Ankit Saurav


    49. FireFoxuser2

      YOOO I DROVE THIS ON TRACK in forza 7 😞

    50. Elias Håkansson

      How the hell does it get a 2/10 in features? Because it has rear view mirrors?

    51. magic wand

      Cops won't dare to chase ..what is the need for mirrors ? oncoming traffic can't near ur tail anyways so who cares ... ...just drive the dang thang !

    52. GOODramiro

      This car looks like a poisonous frog

    53. LMacNeill

      The government won't let you drive on the road with Lexan windows, but has no problem with a detachable non-airbag-equipped steering wheel? LOL!

    54. Jordan Thomson

      Dont push the RED button NEVER push the RED button!! (MIB) :) hahaha

    55. F Rey

      Doug, you've lived in SoCal long enough stop dressing like an East coaster 😁. Love the bids



    57. Vic Freeman

      Glad to see Doug is protecting this amazing car from his droplets.

    58. Le Harj

      Doug, you need to get this car on a track, ironically. That sound, I need more and your eyes dilating when accelerating, priceless.

    59. Mark O

      I think I might legitimately go insane if I drove this car. It is just too much power. I would lose my mind.

    60. Javier Figueroa

      I’m vibing with that livery

    61. Jacob Rodriguez

      Send it to Los Santos Customs to make it bulletproof

    62. Jawn and Lila Lam

      DRS & Push To Talk?

    63. J X

      $3m Car and they can't get the carbon weave straight down the middle of the steering "wheel"????

    64. J X

      So an extra $1m+ for the GTR package, then another $700k to REMOVE everything that makes it a GTR?

    65. Les Flynn

      Thank the lord it has air conditioning. I wonder if Lanzante had to add that , or if it was there from the factory.

    66. mrCUTNPASTE

      Hey Doug.... Thanks for another Aspie car review. Like getting advice from the bag boy at the supermarket

    67. Romeo Griggs-Taylor

      Haha Doug I am actually having fun with you lol and that sound you are hearing is from the blowoff valves on the turbos. Now this car being a racecar you actually hear that unlike all the luxury hyper/supercars.

    68. Barcode Sales

      mask while driving a car? seriously?

      1. JerCal playz

        He literally just said someone is with him from Lamborghini Newport Beach

    69. James Franko

      vvdis is the mclaren p1 gtr

    70. cometogether420

      3 million for a driving wheel connected by a 90's telephone cord xD

    71. Marco Polo

      9:20 how is this video game control looking steering wheel better than a round steering wheel for the track and drifting?

    72. grimm jow

      How the fuck does it take 700k to make it road legal what the actual fuck we talking cats ? Seat belts and wtf else haha

    73. Happy Nuggets


      1. JerCal playz

        He's not alone dumb head He just said that he's accompanied by someone from Lamborghini Newport Beach

    74. Art Efx

      The closest Doug has been to time traveling

    75. Múspell

      700K for printing the list using the cheapest printer you could find on Walmart.

    76. Sassafras Sapling3014

      18:15 And you are shown only one single app and that would be climate.

    77. Lucifer

      Total cost is around 3,700, 000 dollars

    78. Abhishek Rao

      29:27 Two hybrids next to each other.

      1. Vin Diesel Pro Racer

        Oh yes, the Prius lol

    79. Erik Williams

      What's the gas mileage on that puppy?

    80. Tajo Thy

      29:56 not in germany :D

    81. Mossy

      Why aren't we talking about how he showed 3 with his two fingers and thumb? 0:10

    82. spacex Tesla Roadster gaming

      McLaren P1 GTR

    83. jeremy144713

      The steering wheel is a Nintendo game controller. Change my mind.

    84. SiempreAdelante

      @15:28 check out that shit carbon bonding up on the roof. what a joke. disgusting. it's almost as if you can see some fiberglass underneath

    85. Graphite

      immagine how much the guy pays for insurance ahahaha. Prob doesn't matter since he paid more then half a milion dollars on just paper work and a few things to make it street legal

    86. Sensei Jonathan

      Looks like a Benny’s vehicle.

    87. Destian Light


    88. Random Acts of Video

      Doesn't sound as good as the LFA

    89. Element Sensei

      29:45 yep, thats exactly my girl 20 minutes after I saw Netflix & Chill

    90. Justin Brown

      Dude take that mask off

      1. JerCal playz

        Why are you guys so dumb when he just said that he's accompanied by someone front Lamborghini Newport Beach🙄😂🤦‍♂️

    91. Elie_d7

      I mean why would you buy this car to convert it to road legal? That’s the biggest crime!! Take it to the track and enjoy its beauty and performance

      1. Elie_d7

        @Jordan Ivyn because this is a track car man. You can only unlock its full potential on track... I understand why you would like to drive it on the road. But when he takes it to the track it will have less potential. I’m not the most boring... I’m just a track guy

      2. Jordan Ivyn

        Why would you buy this car only for the track, you gotta be the most boring person

    92. Max Miller

      Ad in font of his favorite button clean.

    93. Max Miller

      Ad in front of the exhaust sound clean.

    94. MainS

      Nobody: Doug: I've borrowed P1 GTR from McLaren Newport Beach, which is a McLaren dealership in Newport Beach. Wreath on the front of the pickup truck: 28:49

    95. wolfgangouille

      29:24 and 29:38 shit is that a c8 in the background ?

    96. MrBeatboxmasta

      I wish you would have pointed the camera towards the road when you were driving it.

    97. Peng Fourptzero

      mubdream sopercar is thes sopercar

    98. Blue Eyes Willy


    99. TSK 126

      Doug reminds me of a chunky George McFly

    100. Ryan Brooks

      This is the Cyberpunk 2077 car lol