The 2021 Ford Bronco Sport Is an Awesome Baby Bronco

Doug DeMuro

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    The Ford Bronco Sport is a new compact SUV -- and a very highly anticipated one. Today I'm reviewing the Bronco Sport, and I'll review all the quirks and features of the Ford Bronco Sport. I'm also going to drive the new 2021 Ford Bronco Sport and tell you what it's like behind the wheel.
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    1. Doug DeMuro

      Before you complain this isn’t a “real” Bronco, remember that not everyone wants the big full-size Bronco with removable everything and a much higher price tag. Think of this as a far more capable, better-looking alternative to boring bland crossovers and you’ll have a better perspective on it.

      1. Brian Mc

        Doug that thing is tiny. You used every trick in the book to not make that look like a tiny toy. Hunched over, stood away from it. Nothing in frame to establish size. You were on your knees looking under the hood. Sitting on your hip to not look huge in there. I understand it's a press car and to have access you have to play nice. That said I usually appreciate your honest reviews and quirks.. You said rear seat was roomy, acceptable with your knees touching the front headrest. The Bronco easter egg on the glass is a blatant Jeep rip off.. Same money gets you a new Explorer XLT 3 row SUV with leather. Competes with Renegade but priced over Cherokee Trailhawk. It's actually Grand Cherokee 4x4 money. How does ford bring out the one that suppoed to sell more units before the full size "Halo" Bronco? Chevy missed the mark with the Blazer as far as bringing back a model. This is not a miss, it is a fail.

      2. John Stewardson

        I’m happy I went with a used 2015 Escape 2.0 Ecoboost AWD which has very similar specs.

      3. Mike Smith

        @ricky v new bronco has independent front,still pretty cool. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Cheap v8 option would be nice in a wrangler or a bronco

      4. ricky v

        @Mike Smith These new models have solid axles?

      5. Mike Smith

        @ricky v none ever I would imagine, I prefer my solid axles anyway, gonna have to look at a bronco though.

    2. Barbara W

      Love it!!!

    3. ChurchBoi

      you forgot the ford badge in the engine LOL

    4. ChurchBoi

      hope it sells well. since you can't buy anymore ford/lincoln cars


      Looks so much like a landrover discovery series 4

    6. Martin Jones

      The new Land Rover Freelander, or what it should have been instead of the Disco Sport.

    7. A Mas.0

      I saw one of these on the road and almost threw up in my mouth

    8. Scott Will

      Shifter knob seems easy to bump

    9. Rodrigo San

      Ford compaired to any toyota is A joke.Toyota the best cars in the world .Every ford I ever had was junk .

    10. ryan422423

      Yea that steering wheel looks like its from 2005

    11. Andi Gjata

      Cheap plastic = durable LULW

    12. jazzbeau507

      Agree,...rugged style.

    13. K totheR

      How tall are you? I'm trying to fit kids in the back - no taller than 5'4''.

      1. Daniel

        Don’t worry, Doug is “about 6’3/6’4”

    14. CQB artist

      What car does he drive

    15. Spira014 Cole


    16. page pro

      2003 Nissan Murano has the same two tail gate light where either can be turned off / on.. duh. It also has heated cloth seats which I don't consider to be a quirk... I think you're just desperate to find quirk stuff in your reviews.

    17. C. R. Freiberg

      Badge on sides. Jeep.

    18. C. R. Freiberg

      Bronco logo in glass. How original? Been in Jeeps for years and years.

    19. Reuben SImon

      I used to have a 2001 crv and it had almost the same wheels.

    20. Colt Wilson

      Does it have the infamous Ford Focus transmission problems?

    21. Brian O'Shea

      I think they have since added a 5 speed option?

    22. Young Edwards

      Great video! Loved the vehicle👍💖

    23. J Troch

      Keep on makin' commercials....suckers will watch cause you have millions of subscribers....Too bad eventually everyone sells out. You did a while ago

    24. Hank Kingsley

      @19:45 seems like the rear seats don't fold down completely flat/level. That's a bummer.

    25. Tim Mitzlaff

      The so called cheap plastic on the steering wheel and glove box seems to make sense to me. If you’re out bouncing around in the mud then get in the vehicle the materials in the cabin would be easier to clean. Sometimes people tend to kick the glove box. So with an off road vehicle it makes sense to have easy to clean cabin materials.

    26. test test

      i actually laughed out loud at the image of the new ford escape, bro, WHAT IS THAT

    27. Your Fan

      Sport? wtf

    28. Thomas Dusic

      A bottle opener in the booth is the most American thing I have ever seen

    29. oldmanwitherspoon

      pro tip: don't be quick to hose out the rubber floor. We had a Honda Element with the rubber floor, and the dealer told us it was for hosing it out. But, hosing it out caused an electrical short somewhere that ultimately destroyed the computer. Warranty covered it, but I'll never spray a hose into my car again.

    30. oldmanwitherspoon

      The easter eggs ripped off from Jeep are cringeworthy. But, I'd choose this over Jeep's Renegade or Compass. Wish Ford would also copy Jeep's offering of a manual transmission in their vehicles.

    31. MontanaMountainMen

      I have a 2019 Jeep Sport S 2 door. It came with the Polar Package ( heated seats, heated steering wheel, hard top and remote start.) I put 33 inch tires on it ( Hankook Dynapro MT2's ) now my wife drives it , I rarely get the chance , lol. With the 3.6L 8 speed auto it gets 19 in town and 28 on the hwy....... Whats the Bronco get for mpg all I hear is crickets.....Oh the price 33k.

    32. cliffthelightning

      Those steel wheels are amazing, can't wait to see none of them lol.

    33. Tony Danza

      My Prius came with 5 bottle openers.

    34. Ragimund VonWallat

      this is just an overpriced escape with a shity turbo engine.

      1. Ragimund VonWallat

        @Kristiāns Ozoliņš yeah im not saying it wont sell, i just say its crap

      2. Kristiāns Ozoliņš

        @Ragimund VonWallat if you’re talking about reliability then you should know that most people who buy NEW cars won’t keep them long term so reliability doesn’t matter to 95% of people who buy NEW cars

      3. Ragimund VonWallat

        @Kristiāns Ozoliņš powerfull dosent mean it isint crap

      4. Kristiāns Ozoliņš

        Shity? 245hp is good for a car like this

    35. cat videos

      Ford seems to be preparing "Bronco" to become its own separate brand to compete with Jeep. It will not be "Ford" Bronco for much longer.

    36. John Renzi

      It's an Escape!!

    37. mbtadhl

      Great job..I think this is right up my alley.

    38. Brian Richman

      wow! maybe it should be called the bronco 2. just because its smaller then the full size bronco oj drove.

    39. Fabian F-L

      The bronco is way better than that Jeep Wrangler because ever since that bronco came out the wrangler started to get so boring asf

    40. Lola Ley

      I wish the doors still came off tho

    41. John Renzi

      It's ugly. Never buy that!!!

    42. Poodle Strudel

      0-60 in ~6 seconds = 3/10? Doug, I know this is not a performance car, but 6 seconds is pretty fast.

    43. John Smith

      this is gonna be awesome when i can afford it in 20 years.

    44. Keith s

      Look in your mirror and see the little bronco that you wish you were driving 😂

    45. Stagea

      Bad mpg

    46. Zarak Khalil

      Just an FYI the Toyota 4Runner has had the interior tailgate lights for years now. Not innovative in terms of SUV’s in terms of this bronco.

    47. studio bauhaus

      That car looks so cheap. What the hell happened to Ford? Wack design ..whos buying that crap?

      1. Stagea


    48. J Lew Man

      The wheels look cheap.

    49. E Santos


    50. X Y

      I think this thing is super cool. Clearly designed for younger people. Made in Mexico. No thanks.

      1. Stagea


    51. Praise the Sun

      Your obsession with the lack of ford logo is annoying.

    52. Edmondson Avenue

      It's looks like a knockoff Land Rover mostly, crossed with a Ford Explorer, Ford Flex and Chevy Trailblazer! I looks like stolen old ideas.

    53. Brian Sanders

      A Ford Escape with a new name wow

      1. Stagea

        It is not an escape

    54. GraveDiggerIII

      i saw this thing on the street the other day and just thought "oh please god, no" because I thought this was what the actual production bronco ended up as.

    55. Juston Preble

      No dirt or sand testing??? Seriously!!! The only thing this SUV needs is a small lift and some 32x11.5 tires, a 2kw lithium battery 🔋 with power outlets to run the camp site, and an on board air compressor.

    56. P. Michael Pell

      It really looks Land Rover-ish..

      1. Thomas Luby

        Hahaha.....good one.

    57. André Rossato


    58. Leadfoot2112

      Don't forget the fake v8 noise played inside for your eardrum pleasure

    59. Scotty O'Dell

      Also they have usb usb c in the back in the non badlands version

    60. Scotty O'Dell

      I bought a big bend... I feel robbed now. Oh well badlands are very hard to get rn

    61. Phil Wilson

      Is he trolling us talking about how cool the little pictures are? Does he really think anyone is going camping in this thing?

    62. HeDontLuvU

      Toyota need to bring back the FJ Cruiser asap

    63. Mateus Gonçalves

      Nossa ficou uma porcaria ,

    64. 62chad

      I have a feeling that during design faises this was the Bronco...then someone smart came in and set them straight. So they decided to make both.

    65. Woop

      Does anyone else think this thing is fucking hideous

    66. Jaime Rivera

      Looks like a Freelander from the back

    67. First Last

      WTF is rugged about this POS. Plastic interior? Locking rear diff..that’s about it. Cry and rav4 are reliable to a fault, nicer built, amazing resale , value, cheaper, drives smoother, nicer interiors.......Another flop from ford

    68. First Last

      Just when you think fleet car interiors can’t get any cheaper. Ford: Hold my Budweiser.

    69. Roberto Brito Falero

      It is a shame that it does not reach Europe, it could be a good rival for the Jeep Renegade

    70. Paul Lee

      The best car review channel! Very thorough, unpretentious, unbiased.

    71. kaga1310

      After decades of SUV plague who still gets excited by new arrivals?

    72. sidefx996

      Ford should do a commercial with OJ Simpson in it.

    73. Mickey Bitsko

      Congrats on reviving the Nissan Xterra lol! But that was on an actual truck chassis. That's another one I highly recommend and wish I hadn't sold. Get the automatic though. They six speeds had very weak clutches. Or replace the clutch with a performance aftermarket one. Otherwise the Xterra was bulletproof and VERY capable with the rear locker. ("Pro" model or whatever they called it.)

    74. Mickey Bitsko

      What Ford is doing is reintroducing the Bronco name with two different vehicles. One REAL SUV and one toy SUV to bask in its glow. 90% of buyers will never do anything the Sport can't do anyway. And 90% of the ones who buy the REAL Bronco are poseurs who will never venture off a well-graded gravel road. The 10% of the 10% who actually buy a real Bronco AND thrash it are rich and don't care about busting up a shiny new truck that, frankly, won't be as capable or reliable offroad as a properly built Jeep or early Bronco. Get a TJ series Wrangler Sport in good shape with a hardtop. Put a fraction of that $40K Bronco money into upgraded suspension, drivetrain, wheels and tires. Then eat the New Bronco for lunch offroad. All without worrying about scratches and dents. Extra cool factor if you drop a Cummins diesel into it. They sell a Jeep package. Crazy expensive but you can't beat the Wow Factor, and offroaders will walk away from a New Bronco to ogle your diesel Jeep.

    75. Mickey Bitsko

      It's not a Bronco. Yes, I know you said not to say that. It's just another Cute Ute. It's a CAR, not an SUV. Now....I have a VW Tiguan. Love it. But it's a CAR. I don't pretend it's anything else. So if you like this new CAR by all means get it. But keep it on the pavement, please. It's no more capable offroad than a Civic. Real offroaders have body-on-frame construction, just to start. The real Bronco, which shows up this Spring, will be an offroader. Whether it makes sense to go offroad in a $40,000 new SUV instead of a $20,000 "built" Jeep or old Bronco is another debate entirely. Me personally, I'd never seriously thrash ANY shiny new vehicle because my name isn't Trump or Buffet.

    76. Matyaz84

      15:40 Doug showing his fingering skills.

    77. Samuel Bartz

      I think I would buy this instead of the regular Bronco. It's capable, compact, price friendly, fun, and it seems like a bang for your buck. Edit: It also looks pretty comfortable.

    78. Alex LaJeunesse

      I like this way more than I should. I’m far more into the Sport than the upcoming full Bronco. I absolutely love the looks for something in this class. It’s like a smaller more affordable Land Rover Defender, and I think that’s on purpose. And I absolutely love those 17” wheels!

    79. Leon Maliniak

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    80. Danny P

      They took all the cool stuff from other SUV’s from other manufacturers and stuffed it in to one. I would definitely buy one. I’ll wait couple years till all the bugs are worked out.

    81. Martin Smith

      Nice truck but I'm going to wait a few years for the inevitable recalls.

    82. Dane Ta Tua Tonka

      Who needs Doug when you can have just his finger 👈🏻

    83. Cali Kush

      Finally seen one ... it’s so tiny (hers version?)

    84. Christo

      First accessory, replace the black M&Ms with New rims and wheels that fit the arches.

    85. vista7

      Very cool and functional SUV. I am sure that Ford is going to sell tons of these vehicles. I am hearing a lot of Jeep buyers are going to switch over to Broncos.

    86. Crack Monkey

      that trunk is perfect for all the dead bodies I find. all I need to do now is just hose it out! lol

    87. NothingMaster

      Excellent review. 👏🏻 Ford has truly knocked this one out of the park.

      1. Thomas Luby

        Looks good but ultimately will be known as a piece of crap. I bet Consumer Reports will tear it apart; cheap plastics, tires that will last about 25K, probably only gets 25-26 mpg combined and POOR reliability like most Fords. PS There has already been one recall and it just came out.

    88. jaime leiva

      i will be waiting for the next 8 years so these ones became dirt cheap

    89. Gavin Ridenour

      that isn’t a baby bronco, it has more doors than the ‘big’ bronco in certain specs lol. cmon Doug

    90. Tweekkat The Cat

      I saw one of these on the road yesterday. It was gray and I freaked out when I saw it, I couldn't form words

    91. Noe Schmoe

      Seriously, you should drive a slug (pinto, vega, etc...) every time before you do reviews. This will reset your senses and give a more accurate impression of modern vehicles. Try it and I bet you will be amazed.

    92. Noe Schmoe

      Wish you would have driven in Sport, Normal and Eco mode and then given us your impressions of each.

    93. David Erdely

      Looks like an Xtera or whatever that thing was called.

    94. krueger 666

      is this dude really tall or the car really small?

      1. AxelRad

        He’s like 6’3”

    95. HiPlains1

      One thing about Ford their hard plastics are the worst and the cheapest looking I've ever seen. It's the same crap that was in my 2014 Ford Ranger overseas which scratches incredibly easy and it's just cheap cheap cheap looking. Save yourself some money and just get the Escape which is basically the same thing.

    96. Alex Ropot

      take a rover, locking the same

    97. blackspades0000

      Love the dial. Weird is what 2021 is all about.

    98. David Wilson

      Great review. Scores seem low.

    99. Lightning Gamer

      I was looking at this recently and the more I see it the more I like it. I am not sure of all the different variants but on the website for ford builds I just pick the camper option lol I would probably go for the biggest or 2nd biggest lol but I love that color and style :D

    100. fullmetalwindbreaker

      i'm getting the sense that i could put some gear in this car