The Bugatti Divo Is the $8 Million Ultimate Hypercar

Doug DeMuro

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    The Bugatti Divo is a really, really special supercar. Today I'm reviewing the Bugatti Divo to show you everything you need to know about the $8 million ultimate hypercar. I'm also showing you all the quirks and features of the newest Bugatti, and I'll drive the Divo to let you know what it's like on the road.
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    1. Michael Bennett

      Yeah... It would take about 200 years of my full paycheck just to put a down payment on that thing🤣

    2. manuel alvarez

      I could only dream about driving a car like this and my son who love these car would go crazy. This car is truly a work of art.

    3. slipAngle

      I have to say, the blue tinted but otherwise unpainted carbon fiber is fucking gorgeous.

    4. Some Nobody

      Sounds like a Volvo A25 dumper

    5. GroundZeroAlly

    6. Maxwell Brown

      You can get a $1,000,000 paint give job

    7. roqofort

      Could you get your hands on a 95-98 Maserati Quattroporte and review it

    8. Nadeem Janjua

      I hope we can see konigsegg regera 🥰🥰😍

    9. Miki Lund

      He should have dressed for the occassion !

    10. legioner9

      That engine sound when accelerating at 34:38 ... insane.

    11. tfs202

      Wonder where in the Middle East it will end up to never be driven, in the next 4yrs?

    12. Dan Simmons

      Sure, great vehicle that will be almost impossible to own, to drive regularly bc of limited part's inventory, insurance well over 2-3k a month and so on. I'll be better off with a few C-8's and an investment portfolio with what's left over. I get it, if you desire one.

    13. Arnulfo Moreno

      Wish my relationship was as strong as Dougs knees ...

    14. saga vera

      they still keep that super ugly signature front from Veyron (which I rate as the single ugliest supercar on this planet), although they managed to make it more civilized.

    15. Wolfrik Von Schwarzblut

      The thing with modern Bugatti's interiors is that they're all very much the same: same lines, same geometry, same distribution, same style. Only differences are materials and colors. The Divo and the Chiron are very well differentiated on the outside, you can't confuse them. But for that price, I'm expecting them to be also different on the inside. You coudn't tell one from the other just from the interior. I just hope they change that for the Centodieci, but I have my doubts.

    16. 86 Motorist

      Man the sound of this car is unlike anything else. Such a beauty, I like the styling more than the Chiron.

    17. xp3bood

      Even if I can’t afford this car I’ll never get it. That’s one ugly empty interior that will get me bored within a week

    18. bobbyoty

      with that price i want gold plated fob 10:57

    19. AdriToon

      **Very special car** Mclaren sabre: Wait Really?

    20. AdriToon

      Sounds cheetah or a tiger haunting for prey

    21. TexanTube

      The air duct in front of the rear wheels isn't for aerodynamics. It's designed to forced extra air to the brake discs and pads to aid in faster cooling, something regular street cars don't have because there's no need for them

    22. Luis Flores

      The broken mouth suddenly cheer because authority encouragingly rejoice amidst a rough land. cowardly, absorbed liquor

    23. matthew webb

      I couldn’t even afford the gas for the test drive

    24. SoulFly

      the exhaust sounds like a small semi

    25. RichformO4/Richwheels

      I wonder you gotten bulled over...

    26. Charles van der Hoog

      I strongly advise to never race this Bugatti Divo on the Nürnburgring Nordschleife for it would not survive that without the very top F1 driver like Hamilton or Verstappen behind the wheel. Everybody else would wreck it on that circuit including all other F1 drivers.

    27. david eisenbud


    28. kozmiq_

      Finna go buy one now

      1. No

        Ye fasho

    29. Luc Houdremont

      3:42 Sounds like a 8 million $ vacuum cleaner

      1. SoulFly

        true. its not a screamer. which personally i could care less about. but it is weird.

    30. Farel Cassaro

      Omg the curve ambient light feature is unreal 😍

    31. Farel Cassaro

      The lights is truly an art

    32. Ben Buescher

      Leave it to Doug to review a car worth 800 racks in standard issue Dad gear. Cargo shorts, white ankle socks and dubbed up t’s... 🤦🏻‍♂️

      1. Ben Buescher

        @No touché...

      2. No

        This car is worth 8000 racks

    33. Amazon Associate

      You can have a Kit Car built with the same specs and better, but with far less cost.

    34. u0455294

      What's the most infuriating is that this car is probably owned by some stock broker who knows that it has "a bunch" of horsepower.

    35. 5burowz

      33:34 -- Doug gives it a little gas

    36. Brent Hartline

      Simply beautiful. Ur a lucky guy to get to evin sit in one. Let alone drive it!!!

    37. BobRooney

      too bad its not worth $8MM. sorry, but shorting the amount produced doesnt make it worth more.

      1. No

        Well the materials are mad tho

    38. Rizzy K

      The McLaren F1 is overrated and you know it. You sold out and purposely gave it the highest score, which it doesn’t deserve, because that talk show host told you to.

      1. No


    39. Sabi Abraham


    40. Dylan Riley

      anybody else notice the person riding the horse in the backgroud

    41. Adrian Nigel

      this is the best car i've ever encountered in my life.

    42. Nathan Lambert

      i like the ciron better, I like manny khoshbins Ciron the best that white/cream colour Hermes one

    43. Jam Daniels

      Doug is the type of guy who spells Chiron wrong!!! He kept spelling it shirone lol

    44. 1 23

      Also someone tell the owner to buy the special spray thingy to protect the Alcántara from head rubbing it gets like dark spots and mine was gray this Tiffany blue thing 😥😥😥

    45. 1 23

      I get it is cool car but keep it at 2-3m max and even that price is quite excessive I don’t think it costs 500k to make one...

      1. 1 23

        @No and also in general like the platform compared to the old Bugatti how much is carry over? If a lot of the platform is the same them the ultra low margin car would be the Bugatti vayron. It would be interesting a video of a mechanic taking both cars apart and checking the differences

      2. 1 23

        @No you are probably righ idk how many of the parts are NEW just for that car like even the key is a WV. Like the cost of making the body I imagine can get super expensive but I wonder price difference from making the divo and chirion. If you know more let me know I’m actually super curious and there isn’t any videos or stuff online

      3. No

        You'd be wrong

    46. 1 23

      I feel if they only made 40 chirons at same price and 40 divos same price the hyped up cool one would be the chirion I got do be passenger in one and is like an s class but fast and fun is worth the money this maybe I’d get the feeling I got a lotus with a fancy v16

    47. 1 23

      Also Alcántara.... so I’m doing a custum interior for my Jeep Wrangler and I got offered Alcántara as the cheapest option.... and then the light gray stuff in the interior looks quite like cheapo plastic kinda like in my girlfriends Nisan Altima 😥 idk for that kind of money give me titanium or aluminum

    48. 1 23

      Ok so assume I had 8m dollars to just burn on cars I would get the Chiron or the huayra not this thing it’s over priced they sell you a less equipped chorionic for 5x the money.... also yeah the performance but honestly unless you are Lewis Hamilton you won’t even use 20% of the potential so yeah is not something for me... even if I had unlimited money idk sometimes this car companies go a bit crazy I get it as long as people pay keep making but is quite a scam I don’t think is 4x more expensive to make than the Chiron....

    49. Esteban Basaldúa

      how does that car has a common seat belt.

    50. Jacques du Plessis

      The first thing that hit was, it kinda looks cheap, like someone made a kit kar in garage out of cardboard. 🤦‍♂️

    51. Bill Nathan Dean

      Doug I love your videos but one thing has always irked me about them. You NEVER talk about or even turn on the cars radio. I am also interested in the sound system the vehicle comes with. I know a few that you have done don’t even have radios but PLEASE include the sound system with your reviews and turn the radio on so we can all hear. Thanks and have a good day :)

    52. AmtrakFlareon

      I have that car in Asphalt 8. But I want a real one!

    53. william

      this car wont age well lol

      1. No


    54. AwesomePants Vlogs and Gaming

      Nissan Sienna!

    55. Tobi L

      Doug sweating mad

    56. Richard Campbell

      Heated front trunk? I wonder how many pizzas I'd have to deliver to afford this thing......

    57. Richard Campbell

      Doug: Brake lights go De De De De De. That's worth 8 mill alone.

    58. Ckom

      Terrible colour, ugly design, double the cost of a Koenigsegg that out-classes and out performs it. Personally I’d take a LaFerrari.

    59. Slutuppnu

      The little kid inside me is thrilled that such a beautiful machine exists in the world. The sensible adult says that anyone who spends that kind of money on a toy has too much money.

      1. David Silva

        there are people that have more wealth than entire countries. Pretty soon they are actually going to start buying countries.

    60. mello

      Might trade in my Camry for this

    61. Alex Falbo

      You know the person is really loaded when they don’t even go on the drive with him. Even Ferrari collector Dave went with him in the LaFerrari which is less than half of the price of this and way less HP.

      1. David Silva

        I'm sure they had at least 1 if not more vehicles surrounding him.

    62. Morgue Original Music

      Not usually a fan of modern supercars, but this is stunning

    63. platinum014

      8 million dollars for a car that has a lever underneath for seat adjustment, huge fail,

    64. Dark Matter

      Totally stole the rear lights off an Aston Martin Vulcan, I’d like everyone to acknowledge that

    65. MidnightMayhem91

      4:45 the guy in the back on his horse

    66. James Robinson

      This man is literally the Tarantino of cars

    67. Matthias Bacher

      Kaufe mal zwei Kisten Bier fürs Wochenende und du würdest dich über einen Renault clio freuen...

    68. SHAUN DON

      Doug accelerated and bust a nut....

    69. Neil Gibbons

      Who else though that looks nothing like an elephant 👩‍🎓 l see a seal suckling a lollipop

    70. Bill D

      Just waiting for Tyler to take one to Carmax.

    71. Littlebasterd123

      34:38 Really good reference point, that being the truck in the right rear window, for how quick the Divo puts distance between itself and the truck.

    72. Lucas Schofield

      19:30 thank god for that 0.2mm of Axle-lift, should clear the mightiest of obstacles.

    73. Keith Dolezel

      Interior dash looks like it belongs out of the GT40 from NFS2 . doesn't look like an 8 million dollar interior

    74. brickson98moto

      Why does the steering wheel look like it came out of a Mercedes? Super similar.

    75. brickson98moto

      I know it’s stupid, and there’s these things called vacuums, but it bothers me when Doug doesn’t clack his shoes together before getting in these ridiculously expensive cars. I do it even in my old 05 E55, despite it being 16 years old and having 168k miles, and only worth a little over 10k. The interior in it looks like a 20-30k mile car, if that. So I don’t want to chew the floor mats up with rocks and grind dirt into them.

    76. Golddit Tales

      This is replica lol

    77. Mr Cracker

      well bro u need to buy koenigsegg jesko price 3 to 4 million also the fastest car in the world kp/h 500 above but its also expensive

    78. Montetank Tankkiller

      Ugly-like every Bugatti

    79. Rico's Roughnecks

      Wow, so the Tesla Plaid Model S has a faster 0-60. That's insane.

    80. Itilde Ae

      How the hell you got there?! Jesus. Probably the last super nicest ever ultracar

    81. Smartzenegger

      Broodje Frikandel

    82. Byron Branch

      Props to bugatti for putting the mph in the digital box underneath kmh for us western folk

    83. Dmitry Shkolnik

      I mean, they make a car that costs 3 mil and there are things in it, which can be improved. think about it

    84. James Petersen

      How can this be $8 Million when the Pur Sport is $3.6 Million?


      the gmc truck followed that insanity from beginning to end lol and I would too

    86. F Jacks

      Doug's the type of guy who reviews cars that most of us can't afford, will probably never see one and won't even get to sit in one, let alone drive one.

    87. The Diecast Kid

      At 3:30 in the top left corner of the screen there was a horse running around

    88. Aazan gaming

      U are bad youtube channel

      1. Green Ignitor

        U are bad english

    89. Paradox G

      🤣 73..?? The fuck is a dog score ..?? 🤣

    90. Raven5.0

      It’s funny to hear him talk about race track performance when this car will never see a track in its life.

      1. GiantsRTheBest1

        Cars like these legally have to have airbags but the owners don’t want them. It’s because if you crash this 8 million dollar car you will want to die with it.

      2. Raven5.0

        @SoulFly the majority gets stuffed in a garage and used as an investment and barely driven cause most people who can afford these cars are ones who have multiple cars. Hardly any are used at a track cause no one wants to ruin a multi million dollar hyper car

      3. SoulFly

        you clearly know nothing about hypercars. the vast majority are taken to track days numerous times.

    91. Nick Sawyer

      Doug the type of guy to review a Divo with khaki shorts.

    92. Elite Family

      Damn does the gear lever look cheap for a car this expensive. Like it was designed by ToysRus or sth.

    93. Spekulatius

      I offer one share of GME stock for this car.

    94. VBBN

      Not that the opinion of me, a plebeian that can’t drop 8 million on a car, matters, but I’ve always found the running lights at the front of the car to be splicer ugly and really jarring with the shape of the car. Like, how did they make such beautiful twilights but then those DRLs look like that?

    95. Scott Will

      $ can’t buy taste

    96. Geotpf

      And the Plaid Tesla S has a faster 0-60 time for about $7.9 million less.

    97. Black Sabbath

      10:26 No doug, it’s called a horseshoe grill. It’s the Bugatti trademark you dummy not a door

    98. Pete Chippas

      You know life is good when you are driving an 8 million dollar car, and a $9.99 t-shirt from Walmart.😁 Doug knows we all love him.

    99. dieselphiend

      what is the thumping sound at 33:40?

    100. mathew berry

      Would be funny seeing some dude in a plaid model s pull up beside one of these