The 1988 Volga GAZ 24-10 Is a Hilariously Bad Soviet Russian Car

Doug DeMuro

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    The Volga GAZ 24-10 is a Soviet car -- and a poorly built, laughably outdated one. Today I'm reviewing the GAZ 24-10, and I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of a Soviet car that lagged far behind what we had in North America. I'm also going to drive the Volga and show you what it's like on the road.
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    1. 22fret

      It's awesome, I definitely want one of these... BTW, you should perhaps not overplay it. Your reaction is beyond arrogant and more like bad acting than like an actual review. That constant fake laughter is extremely annoying and makes this otherwise interesting video almost unwatchable...

    2. Prasad Desale 10 th c roll no 40

      In communist block the car was complicated issue they were giving every one free house the work place was half kilometres from houses so car wasn't needed but it looks old

    3. Oliver Wünsch

      I am sure those are Iodine Pills in case of a Reactor Meltdown 😂

    4. KajMak64Bit

      Maybe 200 speedometer is actually Kilometers Per Hour and not Burgers per Bald Eagle

    5. KajMak64Bit

      Volga is really sexy... i wanna buy and modernize it... but i don"t think it would be legal here in Serbia... xD

    6. Henk den Ridder


    7. Griff

      I don't think I've heard Doug genuinely laugh so hard before 😂😂😂

    8. Corona Craft RC Yachts

      Many mid 80s cars had only mirrors in the passenger sun visor. Russia is mostly cold, then the emphasis on red indicators in the car heater controls. No need for AC at that time. In fact, even for cars in Europe (including Mercedes and so), AC was a luxury during the 80s. Interesting seeing the view of a millenial on cars of that era.

    9. Zsolt Kristály

      In the whole video Doug calls the car a "1988 Volga", although it was first produced in 1970. So it's a little bit like calling the VW Golf mk1 a 2009 car, just because it was in production until 2009 in South Africa. And BTW that is not a "cloth strap" in the middle of the hood, it's a woven copper wire to ground the hood. As you can see right next to it, the little lamp has only 1 positive wire.

    10. EvilOverlord96

      Seriously? The gauges are weird and the first aid kid has a lot of content?

    11. yansho2000

      First this car does 200 kph, those pills are charcoal for upset stomach. The fan speed controls are top and temp below.

    12. Guy Jonson

      Ford Fairmont what

    13. Guy Jonson

      Great car. And you know nothing

    14. Adam Norwood

      That thing is huge, its like a Russian Buick

    15. Kar Guy

      Handsome car, better looking than most '80's cars. Technology is not that different.

    16. Maxim Uvarov

      The deer on logo is just from the city logo where the car produced. Niznny Novgorod it's modern name. At soviet era - Gorky. That's why GAS (ГАЗ) - Gorky Automobile Plant.

    17. emz audio

      Doug this is not a GLS, Clearly he has no experience with classic cars, this car looks amazing.

    18. Ron

      So then, it has all the hallmarks of...FORD.

    19. Nikolai

      There also was GAZ 24-24 -- a V8 model with almost 200hp and automatic transmission, intended for KGB. But they were out of reach for ordinary soviet citizen.

    20. miko foin

      Why were the gauges so funny? They literally work the same as in any car

    21. Rafael Leão

      What an amazing car! I would rather drive it and own it than a Tesla.

    22. dasgutz37

      These are the golden years for snidey infantile embarrassments to existence

    23. Andrew Butterfield

      This guy is really annoying, rather than make fun in such a child like fashion. How about just discuss, what appears to be an interesting piece of motoring history...

    24. Anatoliy Ovdiy

      The pills are absorbent for when you ate something bad, and have diarrhea and need to remove some toxins from your organism.

      1. miko foin

        Doug, at least lear how to talk like a man. Soy Boy!

    25. Brian Critchley

      This guy is a big mouth who should be a used car salesman. If he keeps waving his arms he will take off, hope he does.

    26. Laura Bugaboo

      This is why BGcliprs and celebrities don't have personalities anymore. Because when they're being themselves and having fun, everyone finds a reason to be offended.

    27. A K

      Searched for some videos about sedans from 80's and came to this. The cars seems to be OK, but the guy has no clue what he speaks about.

    28. Chris P YT

      I want this

    29. Al Bore

      This gentleman probably owns one of the worst cars sold in the US the BMW . And he must think that all the broken do dads and un affordable to be repaired problems that they have are really cool !

    30. Al Bore

      Sounds like what GM and Ford did with the Impala and The Crown Victoria ? Hmmmmm ?

    31. SSStylish!

      This car actually looks pretty decent

    32. Axel St.

      I can't wait till he get's his hands on a ZAZ Zaporozhets, aka Stalin's last revenge!

    33. PRO MODELY

      Hi from Russia. Please take a video about UAZ Buhanka. And it's not just pills, but the right thing to do in a traffic jam after not a fresh burger, you do not shit himself.

    34. Tycho Aussie

      Geez, Doug. I don't think you quite get the Volga Gaz-24 *at all* You missed all the reasons to own one. I'd rather have a Gaz24 than, say, a Ford Taurus, or anything built by Citroen. You have to look at where these cars are driven still today: Places like the far east are super-remote, probably more remote than Alaska; That first aid kit is a must-have. The Volga was built like a tank with heavy gage steel for rough and tough places. You are totally missing the point of the market target of this car.

    35. Frank Glick

      But it’s not rusty

    36. Yannick L

      Your laugh is as obsolete as this car :) Didn't know finding a medkit in a car could make giggling like that.

    37. M109A2 Redleg

      The pills in the first aid kit are cyanide in case the KGB targeted you for elimination.

    38. tee dee

      Doug, at least lear how to talk like a man. Soy Boy!

    39. Leopard

      Get over yourself, you are way too biased.

    40. iamputingarandomname

      This has to be the least charismatic person I have ever seen

    41. AzulinhoAzulinho

      Why do I find myself watching *one of the most ill-informed and overacting Americans I have ever seen,* pretending to be constantly on the verge of hysterical laughter at this late Soviet-era car? Can't you at least take on board some realism? Have you seen a 1988 UK Ford Escort basic model? I guess not. Your American sedans or European saloons would come short in northern Russia in winter, _and you know it._

    42. Canadian In Thailand

      Beautiful car

    43. Rallista90

      Συνέχισε να μιλάς για τα αμερικάνικα σκουπίδια καλύτερα, άσε τα υπόλοιπα και πριν γελάσεις με αυτά που γελάς, άνοιξε κάποιο βιβλίο να μάθεις δυο τρία πράματα. Γελοίε.

    44. H L

      excess in camfort makes people stupid

    45. Hermes Missau

      Fantastic, I loved the wired russian car

    46. taketimeout2

      There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this is a handsome car by any standards. It may drive like shit but that can be sorted. For once the adverts are are a pleasant relief from this head banger production.

    47. Stephan Smit

      The more he laughs, the more I laugh

    48. Art Bess

      I bet this dude wont be able to show on the map where was the Soviet Union

    49. MemeDeLaNice

      Lots of angry eastern Europeans in the comments section today. Yeah, Doug probably could have done some more research on some aspects of the car, and yeah the styling was super outdated by that time, but it does look pretty good. For sure it doesn't measure up to competitors in terms of features, build quality, performance, etc. What it does do well is what it was intended for, and that was to be stylish, cheaply and easily repairable, and to survive the conditions you'd see out there. It's certainly at least better than the other Soviet options at the time.

    50. Bartolomeo Bartłomiej

      For a guy that claims to love quirky cars he's rather hostile towards this one, for no apparent reason. Is it because it's from soviet union and as an american you're supposed to hate them? What a shame, such quirky car and amazing video opportunity wasted. If only he'd done more research and dropped his sarcastic act a bit. Some criticisms were vaild. A lot were just ignorant and/or stupid. Especially the first aid kit bit. ALL THOSE LIQUIDS? DO YOU DRINK THEM? Really? I've seen new cars which kits don't even contain fraction of what this one did.

    51. sclogse1

      Note the color. Hospital hallway. Also the same color as their soft drink machines in the 50s, 60s, 70s, maybe even now. I bet the inside of their reactors is this color. I think it's called Malaise.

    52. Kamil J

      Gaz Volga. Gaz is automaker like Ford, Volga is type of car, like fiesta. I think they made V8, in Belgium they were ordering them in parts, assembling and fitting own engines. V4 its to small for this car weight...

    53. Александр


    54. TheQuark6789

      13:08 "Your stuff just kind of bops around, and if it hits metal pieces, well, then Soviet."

    55. Emils Bogdanovics

      Dough, seems like you are laughing about this car but my grandfather lived in soviet Russia and for him this car was luxurious and this car can drive more miles than any of nova days because of its simplicity. You made fool of yourself in this video. And those black pills was for stomachache and those are very helpful

    56. mork orson

      Got to admit Doug was a bit of a tool in this review, and keyless entry in the 80's being common in the 80's, really.

    57. Off_mah_lawn

      Man an hour of extra research would have made this video awesome

    58. Maks Pushka

      сколько же пуканов порвало....

    59. Конрад Карлович

      GAZ stands for Gorky Automobile Plant. The emblem on the steering wheel is the emblem of the city where this car was produced

    60. panickypress

      The 1980's Soviet built Volga has better medical care than the US has in 2021!!!

    61. Ивчо Георгиев

      Now... There is some additional info - the rear seat belt was an option. What you think is a secure wrap is an earth cable, due to engine lamp mount on hood. And some fact that you miss about It. When you talk about the Light in engine bay, there is some rocket sience technology - if you look under you arms on left side of engine, you'll see a little round black socket (you can see It clear @15:27 under your right hand) 🤪 in emergency bag with car tools, there is a small hand lamp with aprox 2m cable... Switch in there and you have a flashlight 😃 And one Last - USSR is huge country. Because of that, medical help was let say - not enough. So, the driver need to be ready for all situations - including an surgery if It's need to. 😉 No hard feel but there noo need to laugh at that.

    62. sulfo4229

      Many people here are thinking, that Doug is being too strict discussing the soviet cars (things like 'being a jerk'). Well, I'm from the Eastern part of Europe and guess what. He is right :) And if he told me (or my parents, I was just a kid) these things back in the days, I'd (they'd) still agree.

    63. Hendrik Uemura

      F you! This is a grate car! 🖕

    64. Sinclare Scott

      i live in belgium and was going to buy one in about 1984 but i got a peugeot 505 instead.just like the lada the volga are very strong like a tank.but in europe we don't like american cars rubbish built unless its a toyota. now i drive an italian lancia too much style for the u s a

    65. White Gamer

      thats not Volga Gaz 24-10 interor it is interior from Gaz 3102 which is newer car also doors had storage but they are missing here for some reason and this volga has mixed interior and exterior parts from gaz 24-07 gaz 24-10 and gaz 3102 so not in a nice original condition at all so you are hating on this car and you dont see a problem with this and also you are hating on this car but this and Tatra 603 were best cars you could get in soviet block they were reliable and all in all pleasent cars to drive compared to other cars we had yea they dont look that good now but they were produced for very long time with minor upgrades

    66. Fergus BJ

      I hate the disrespect. Russian cars are reliable in very cold weather. My father had VAZ 2100

    67. Norman Tenke

      The reason why the switches and control knobs are ridiculous is these days most of the russian manufacturers used old switches from other cars, for example in this volga i saw couple of switches same as in LADA cars, i guess the climate control box is developed for an other car, but they built in the dash differentl, thats why the sliders work strange.

    68. Philip Read

      Very critical, Doug. Can’t think why

    69. Andrew Engel

      Pretty sure the 4 blank switch panels below the dash were for some sort of KGB modification, could easily be wrong, but if I was going to be a soviet James Bond, I would want something that looked like this.

    70. Bol Bachan Is live

      Perhaps this car was the very reason for the soviet union's collapse

    71. ucho

      In my country, Volgas were considered to be luxurious car, only police and taxi drivers used it

    72. Aaron Schumacher

      You joke about the first aid kit but keep in mind that emergency services were few and there were not and still are not emergency departments or even hospitals in most places. If you had a wreck you may be on your own.

    73. CryptiicFrost

      Why are people taking this review so personally?

    74. Bull3t1nho

      doug do more research before you do reviews like this, this is fucking garbage u just shit on the car. they didnt have seatbelts because there were barely any people with cars in the 80s

    75. David Em

      GAZ it is abbreviation for Gorkivsky Avtomobilni Zavod (Car company from Gorky city). Gorky is a last name of Soviet writer Maxim Gorky. City was renamed after him in Soviet times and after renamed back to original state - Nizhny Novgorod. Volga - is a biggest river in Europe and Nizhny Novgorod located on same river. 24-10 means that's 24th model and 10 is number of modification. Car itself not that bad and basicly unkillable tank if owner have some skills and time, but criticize Volga for having carburetor in 1988 for American is bad tone - NASCAR get rid of carburetors only in 2012 and various automakers build cars with carburetor engines thru 90th, like Ford, Mazda, Toyota and others.

    76. P77777777

      The only problem with the volga is that in USSR terms it was "marketed" as a "higher end" car and there was a shortage of car production in the USSR in general because the military was the top priority for soviet manufacturing not civilian goods. The volga would not have been a terrible car for the era if they could have mass produced it in greater numbers You should look at trucks from the 1980s. Utilitarian and ancient but tons of them are still around because theyre simple and cheap to keep running.

    77. HGAMES69

      I came for a car review, not for Cold War propaganda.

    78. Lucas F

      Is that a condom in the first aid kit?

    79. kuzWich

      15:03 well the cloth strap is apparently a copper braid jumper. Ever heard of electrical grounding? 🤦

    80. jamietti

      Most 20th century European cars had kind of dimmer in the rear view mirror with a tilting mirror behind a semi transparent stationary mirror. I prefer being able to toggle my mirror to my preferred setting, which option all my cars with self dimming mirrors seem to lack. One of many manual features of yester year I miss as the automatic bells and whistles keep engaging unnecessarily and not engaging when needed to. Won't be long till your car takes you where it has decided you need to end up to. "I'm sorry, Dave. I can't let you take the fast lane..."

    81. Vladimir Erfan

      He forgot to mention there was a 5,5L 190 horsepower V8 version of this car available for KGB and was used as interceptor and security car.

    82. Frank Leonard

      im not sure why you put this car down so much? 🤔 i like this car! its rare abd in mint condition . i.would proudly own and drive this!

    83. Александр Александров

      One million wievs

    84. Алексей Гильденберг

      Right place to be in Volga is at the back seat. You should be chauffeured in Volga.

      1. Александр Александров

        Наше поколение сделано на заднем сидении Волги

    85. Boris Shimmer

      I am from former USSR and I can tell, that to my opinion, in 1970, when its prototype, GAZ-24 "Volga" first came to Soviet market, it looked much more modern, than American cars of that time. This car was always a very desirable for Soviet consumer and cost a lot of money. In 1970 it was 9100 rubles, when average monthly salaries of Soviet labor workers was around 250 rubles, and Soviet engineers, medical doctors, lawyers and scientists was earning around 120-150 rubles per month (historically, soviet working class people was making twice as much, as educated people). In spite of such a high price, to buy GAZ-24, you had to wait in waiting list for 5 to 10 years. When it was your turn, dealership send you a letter with date, when you have to arrive with cash. And nobody guaranty you, that the cost of your car is the same, as it was 10 years ago. For example, in 1981, suddenly, just overnight, price of GAZ-24 went up from 9100 rubles to 15000. And this car still was in huge demand.

    86. Kwan Linus

      11:58 In USSR we don't use seatbelts. We die like real men.

    87. Full Moon light Photography

      I guess in Soviet time everything was built to last with good built quality and being functional and practical too. Maybe someone from 80's who own and used it can explain features.


      Im from Switzerland and I always wanted one of these. So exotic

    89. Valdas Vaigauskas

      Back in Soviet Union it was an S class Mercedes. My father in law drove 3000km from Lithuania, pass Ural mountains to buy one.

    90. Skawagon

      About seatbelts: I don't know exactly about Russia, but in Czechoslovakia, there was a law that required you to strap yourselves in if the vehicle had seatbelts in the back. However, those that were "more equal than others" didn't like to be strapped in, presumably believing that their party membership will save them from death in a car accident. So they ordered their limousines (Tatra T613) without seatbelts on the back seats, despite the car being designed to have them. I wouldn't be surprised if it was the same with Gaz 24.

    91. Adam Australia

      "Lagged far behind what we had in america" WOW!....I didnt think that was possible!! Waiting for the weekend score

    92. StrassenbahnFilmGuy

      Forgot what he said ... what year is this car ?

    93. Peter Bustin

      I dont know where to start with this one. The car looks dated because its forty years old - probably older than the moron reviewing it. And dont forget who got to space first, it wasnt the US thats for sure ! Hey, the Americans depend on Russia to get to their space station even now. So why are you knocking Russian technology ? You'd be screwed without them.

    94. Mahinda Githaiga

      If you want to double the price of a Volga GAZ 24-10, put petrol in it.

    95. BlackOWLfly

      Really, the first aid kit could contain some medicine for the passengers, like anti - vomiting pills for the people that have car-related sickness, nausea etc.

    96. Людмила Григорьевна Петрашкуль

      Советские инженеры не рассчитывали этот прекрасный автомобиль для умственно неполноценных водителей.

      1. Александр Александров

        Будьте снисходительны, к американцам из Калифорнии

    97. Withered Bonnie

      14:06 Doug that’s an activated charcoal

      1. Александр Александров

        Он об этом не знает

    98. Yoshio Tamiya

      Doug. Get google Translate on your phone. Seriously. The forced laughter over the first aid kit was trying.

    99. Конрад Карлович

      in the first-aid kit in a bottle of iodine, black tablets are activated charcoal in case of food poisoning. I don’t understand what’s so funny?

      1. Александр Александров

        Да хватит уже его троллить за активированный уголь))

    100. David Em

      Отец сыну: - Будешь учиться на пять, куплю тебе черную "Волгу", будешь учиться на четыре, куплю белую "Волгу", а будешь учиться на два, будешь ездить как лох на зеленой!

      1. Александр Александров

        Хороший отец))