The AudI RS E-Tron GT Is an Ultra-Fast $140,000+ Electric Sedan

Doug DeMuro

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    Audi RS E-Tron GT REVIEW! The Audi RS E-Tron GT is an ultra-fast electric sedan. Today I'm reviewing the E-Tron GT and showing you what it's like in Audi's new electric sedan, which is heavily based on the Porsche Taycan. I'm going to review the RS E-Tron GT and show you all of its quirks and features; then I'm going to drive the RS E-Tron GT and show you what the new Audi E-Tron GT is like on the road.
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    1. Salem Almazrouei

      No electric car can compete Tesla for the next two to three years

    2. Buktownx

      Do you hear that?....No...neither do I....sad. Where is the amazing exhaust note....ohhh its electric.....lame

    3. better world

      Tesla Model S is better in so many ways. Refreshed Model S completely kills this e-tron.

    4. Rafael Perez

      I don't recall you mentioned the vehicle's range and recharge times, very important to know for potential buyer's. The Mercedes EQS has a maximum range of 740 km (462.5 Miles) for the extended range version which is exceptional.

    5. Foto butiken

      Incredibly nice car compared to tesla in addition, What quality is it in audin I just say bye bye tessla

    6. Norberto Gudino

      I thought I went deaf when Doug turned it on 😭

    7. ebaysutube

      Yawn 🥱 0-60 in 3.1!!? For $140,000?!! Tesla X 2019 2.7 seconds. The 2020 X 780HPWRS😂 0-60 in 2.6 and you can charge it on road trips!

    8. D Gillies

      Looks like that rear window is like staring down the turret of a tank. Not much to see out the back?

    9. Al Adman Diman

      Some us audis have the sweeping turn signals but one part just blinks normal while the sweeping one is going at the same time

    10. Thomas Wright

      rip middle passenger

    11. My Pal Sal

      Please do the Lucid Air ❤❤. Its the future if American Luxury. I already contacted them about you lol

    12. Matthew Duncan


    13. Matthew Duncan

      Your the only one that's corky!! Speaking a mock 1 speed!! Slow down your drinking to many red bulls!!!

    14. Youngster joey

      I got this over the Taycan in RR3. incredible ev 💯

    15. sots_ 666

      Is he sped up or he had too many redbull? Psycho...

    16. Conscious Robot

      This thing is absolutely gorgeous. Looks better than the Taycan. I only wish all the buttons/switches were aluminum, or at least a brushed silver finish

    17. Let's Play Anything

      Its one of the sexiest EV atm, beating tesla, jaguar, bmw, ford etc but 380km range is really a letdown.. tesla low tier model 3 standard Range Plus version delivers an EPA-rated all-electric range of () and the Long Range versions deliver ().

    18. David Michael

      OK I love Audi’s, just bought a ‘21 A8L V8 (60 TFSI). However zero interest. I would get the Porsche. If staying with Audi, why wouldn’t you go RS7 or R8 for performance fun? Even the S8 tempted me, but I’d rather put that extra $40K towards a sports car.

    19. ko sdsd

      Douuuuf ms

    20. †ColdHardTruth†

      I love Audi

    21. Jonny Nobody

      It is a Taycan. All the engineering is from the Taycan.

    22. Tib Syy

      I am definitely gonna buy one of these, a 100%! In 10 years!

    23. MrPickledede

      The range is terrible for the price range

    24. Carl

      I'd go for this over the taycan. although my wallet would go for a 10 year old Prius

    25. Ken Austin

      For that price I would definitely rather get the Hummer ev edition 1

      1. Ken Austin

        @Conscious Robot yea that bitch is sick it got removal panoramic roof panels and it goes 0 to 60 in 3 sec

      2. Conscious Robot


    26. Ali

      The parking situation sounds atrocious. Just open the door to put it in park? What? Lol

    27. Davayun Chase

      Imagine not breathing while talking.

    28. klass freudman

      Tesla has alot tech from GM...

    29. kevin williams

      Anything under 400km is garbage for me but its only the beginning on the electric world so I'll stick with tesla🤦‍♂️

    30. Mario Mantica

      This car looks better than the Taycan. Better than any other sedan.

    31. Random8806

      Beautiful car ugly range

    32. mateo justiniano

      I think that his iphones camera has a better quality that his actual camera lol

    33. Samuel Lawani

      Audi is winning my heart. This is the coolest looking sedan I've seen

    34. Mosb Ah

      thank god they didnt design a fucking theather in there. physical buttons + not ridiculous screens. gotta love it

    35. Amol Tandon

      I just noticed the Audi in the title has a capitalized "I"

    36. Olekk ‘

      Doug the type of guy to call his first child a «entry-level»

    37. Mohammad Neishaburi

      where is new S class review???

    38. Jarrett Fayer

      Why doesnt your website do older cars too?

    39. always lucky

      my favourite modern audi, because the real buttons return!

    40. Stay Strong

      Doug Doug Doug How in the world do you come up with a 7 for comfort? Seriously I've worked on and drove just about every car there is and Audi is the best car out there hands down. Comfort I have the same seats and besides a couch seat you can't beat them. You need to check yourself if you're going to be giving people car advice. At least be realistic Audi is famous for interiors and you give it a 7 lol

    41. Deon Brunette

      Spare Wheel ??

    42. Bannor Haruchai

      The Taycan is much more stylish and I prefer the look of the A7 except for the oversized front grille. Also WTF is DeMuro smoking? He says the handling is "not that far off" the best handling 4 door he's ever driven and gives it a *SIX*??

    43. PGF5000

      This video confirms it. Doug sniffs cocaine. Wow! This guy is wired!

    44. Американский Профессор

      Let's be clear: the vast majority of us will never be able to afford one

    45. iReviewer

      Personally I don't see why you wouldn't get the Model S Plaid with nearly 400 miles of range which is far more as well as a lot more power for less money. It may not be quite as nice in terms of styling and interior quality but I feel like the range and power more than make up for that.

    46. CRT Mojo

      Very nice body lines.

    47. Der Red

      just give us an electric A4 at a reasonable price. I mean the market doesn't need uber luxury cars. It needs cars for most people.

    48. Pardeep singh

      These battery powered cars are way too expensive

    49. Kyle Montgomery

      Looks like a modern 2008 Pontiac grand am

    50. obs1dian _01

      Imagine how much better it would've been with a V10 :\

      1. obs1dian _01

        Also, the R8 died for this :'C

    51. Rick Kay

      Physical start buttons in an ev are like putting a rotary dial on a smartphone. This is partially why Tesla is slaughtering every other EV available. Legacy companies just dont get it with all the damn pointless buttons and Jurassic period carry-overs. Gorgeous machine either way and if its not a deal breaker, and brings people who define themselves as being "car people" based on how many useless dust collecting buttons exist ti make them feel more at home, more power to them.

    52. Rick Kay

      Such a gorgeous machine.

    53. Frances A

      I admit I don't get ultra-fast sedans. Most passengers don't want to sit still as the driver goes racing around.

    54. DCAbsolutJohn1

      20:28 - All you REALLY need to see... Doug's "O" Face.

    55. Ashish Maheshwari

      Great in-depth review as expected from Doug. But I find the scores a little quirky. Model Y Performance coming around $61k gets a value score of 7 and Audi E-Tron with a price tag of 140k gets a value score of 6. I think the Doug score needs some calibration.

    56. Armenian ASALA

      Is there even any car wich would be able to score at least a 9/10 in everything by Doug ?

    57. Armenian ASALA

      This would be a good car if it would be also available as petrol 4.0 V8... :(

    58. Fat Freddy’s Coat

      “The Taycan is more head turning”. So was the elephant man.

    59. Sam J

      Can I ask why reviewers don’t mention the weight of EV’s. The handling, and stopping power is compromised. I just sold my new 330e as it is much heavier than the GolfR and spoils the fun 🤔 Batteries don’t last long when you put your foot down 🧐 Please give us more honesty?

    60. Troy Dalpiaz

      Doug,,,more fucknnnnnnn Holdens lol ya m8te from Australia

    61. MW Training

      Tesla will have problem in the future. Europe is comin.

    62. TM 944

      The E-Tron is what the Taycan should’ve looked like.

    63. Levin Townsend

      Yes! Climate control buttons!!!

    64. Anna Hinly

      Should have been a hatchback

    65. Christopher Ballenger-Brooks

      Holy Schnikees, when he dropped a gear!!!😳😳😳😯😯😯 I LOVE THESE ORGANIC DOUG REACTIONS!

    66. Karan Hasija

      I hope in sexy time, all girls feel what doug feels while acceleration.

    67. Edvard

      So much gloss black in the interior. Ugh

    68. Range River

      Just W O N D E R F U L

    69. Chris Brah

      Doug is that kind of guy who's about 6'3 - 6'4

    70. PlayhouseRage


    71. Radovan Bursać

      Okaaay.. Few years back they were silencing engines, now they are integrating speakers to simulate noises. Weird time we live in.

    72. urbansustainability

      They killed the bottom screen because it's dumb and unsafe. AC controls should always be tactile buttons. Companies only put them into screens because it's much cheaper. Thank you Audi for not saving money in this area.

      1. Saxon de Rohan

        Screens are not cheaper than plastic buttons.

    73. 0slavsan0

      Doug is the type of guy to move to Europe just for the Audi's swooping turn signals.

    74. Flornmonk

      Öresundsbron 2:10!

    75. Glen Verduchi

      Looks like an Accord

    76. S Rudman

      which is it Doug, are you 6'3" or 6'4"?

    77. Ved Kulkarni

      This is an ugly ass car Doug

    78. SnowBoarder&Skier

      That is one beautiful car! ❤️ Audi!

    79. K Pierre

      Roses are red Violets are blue I cant afford this car Neither can you!

    80. DenDanny

      Looks nice, but Tesla is still far ahead with the specs and price

      1. Colors 66

        Another non car guy😂

    81. Mrs Bee

      not fast enough....taycan of model s 2021 is more like it. Green eyes really???

    82. Jayo

      it looks like a honda accord

    83. Erin

      Not a fan of Audi anymore starting to look like a kia or Porsche

    84. Marcin B

      That radio control thing looks very much like apple click wheel from old iPods 😅

    85. Samuel

      I notice a glaring omission from your videos, Tesla Model S, Car of the Century. Maybe it is too good for the "DougScore." It would break the scale and set the standard too high. Maybe the Plaid model will be worthy of a review.

      1. A H

        why would it break the scale?

    86. Mohammed Chater

      Is it a 4wd?

    87. Kevin Moondust

      10:10 Clearly Doug has never owned an iPod.

    88. Thor Power

      Remember this all car experts. A car without real engine noise is not a real car. Will never be!

    89. Casually Trying

      Am I hearing it right? A future $140,000 "super high performance" car has the same 0-60 as a 2 year old model 3 Performance and 20% less range?

      1. Colors 66

        Nope , you heard wrong🤪

    90. Waldemar Brauer

      „Quality is excellent - 8 out of 10“ Whaaat?

    91. Waldemar Brauer

      I came for the quirks

    92. Craig O

      They must dump the plastic buttons and switches. Aluminum or carbon fiber.

    93. Kartik _

      The rear passenger area is pretty crap

    94. Steve Leighton

      $150K+ for 380km range and no supercharge? Audi can keep it.

    95. The coment

      Doug have some strange prioritys in his scoring: 1) No sunroof is a blessing, no sun glaring at your head and no cold in the winter with dripping condensation, most people north in Europe DONT want a sunroof. People here dont buy the Porche Turisimo because it canot have a roofbox for the skis without getting the sunroof = NO buy for many people around here. Even sedan Porche buyers want a practical car, because they drive these cars every day, at least in Northern Europe. 2) No second screen in the middle is a HUGE + . Most people want button&nobs to controll the AC/temp etc, the touch screens annoy/disturb most people. Most people i know have opted for the Audi GT because of more practical interior, no sunroof and physical buttons, on the booth the cars have identical driveunits etc/its the same car but Audi GT is about 20% less price, go Audi.

    96. THE C SHOW

      Doug's the type of guy to ride in the middle seat, even when he's the only person in the back

    97. Matthew Zielinski

      The coherent pine contextually shop because zebra kinetically drip opposite a elderly armadillo. flowery, jaded dollar

    98. Eric Sidewater

      Once he started driving he called it the "E-Tron GT RS" after clearly stating that it's the "RS E-Tron GT"

      1. Dominik Hófalvi

        Just a mistake that everyone would make on excitement.

    99. The5GIO5

      3:50 this car is a joke

    100. Dom Mee

      Thank you Feds for protecting us from those turn signals. So helpful.