The 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat Is the World’s Craziest 3-Row SUV

Doug DeMuro

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    The Dodge Durango Hellcat is here, and it's insane. Today I'm reviewing the Dodge Durango Hellcat, probably the world's craziest three-row SUV. I'm going to show you all the quirks and features of the Durango Hellcat, and then I'll drive it and show you what it's like behind the wheel of the crazy 2021 Dodge Durango Hellcat.


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    1. Bruce Albert

      How it get a 5 out of ten for the handling

    2. DeuteriumLicious

      i hate Doug MeMuro, but yet i continue to watch his videos

    3. Riz P

      Even f i had $85k i still wouldn't buy it. In fact, i wouldn't buy any American cars.

    4. Alexandre Haussmann

      I fantasize about absolutely scaring the piss out of my future children's friends picking them up from soccer practice in this thing. Alas by the time I have kids cars will probably only drive themselves.

    5. simon jessup

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    6. Foreplay


    7. Art Anglin

      And at the end I can't believe he actually have this so high score, when even lincoln navigator, which is at least twice as better, gained less points. What a Doug!

    8. Art Anglin

      Doug definitely should get one of these to pull out his land rover defender stranded on the side of a road.

    9. Art Anglin

      This thing is ridiculous, nothing more, nothing less, so it gets 5/10 of Art's score.

    10. Lord Rayden

      How do we not have a hellcat in a wrangler yet?

    11. Bairgonda Srisailam

      Crazy 😄😳car

    12. Apollo-kaze KingSlayer

      Electric cars: Noooo! We need to save the world with electric cars! Dodge: haha, hellcat engine go vroom vroom

      1. Art Anglin

        Unfortunately, electric cars barely help saving the world. Examine this thing.

    13. Joshua Alexander

      Wouldn't a electric motor transfer power to the wheels faster than gasoline engines?

    14. David

      Looks like my grandfathers station wagon.

    15. Karl X

      I love how the whole family comes along for the 1/4 mile.

    16. Gee

      I don't even care about cars.. I just love Doug and how excited he is during during reviews. This one is amazing.

    17. I Like Corn

      A lot of overgrown childeren are gonna accidently cripple and kill their families in these things. And thats why I love them.

    18. JordanScottMills

      Wheres the ram hellcat? Fuck it i want a demoncat

    19. Raghav

      There are 3 exhaust 😂 :P

    20. scratchgolf

      I see no drawbacks

    21. arthur Benedetti

      hey, this car fuel consumption is measured gpm.

    22. Gozlet

      *WHO IS THIS FOR??????*

    23. William Handy

      Hes talking about all these features on a car equipped with a hot damn hellcat. You dont buy this car for the Cup holders bro 22:22 I bet you werent thinking about the size of the wireless charging station there.

    24. William Handy

      Me: You put a Hellcat in a SUV, and equipped it with launch control, a FAMILY SUV, WITH 3RD ROW SEATING, YOU ADDED A HELLCAT!!!! THIS WILL SURELY KILL YOUR FAMILY IN A ROLL OVER, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY WOULD YOU DO THIS🤬!!!!!!! Dodge: (looks at me like I am the dumbass) 🤨 Because, Murica Me: 😶 Too Shay Dodge

    25. Lethal Weapon

      THISSSS is a 2023 Dodge Ramcharger, and it's the fastest full-size SUV ever made.

    26. Mr. Sasshole

      Dodge seems to be the only brand with the American Spirit guiding them. This vehicle is absolutely audacious. I have a 2019 RT and it's been a great vehicle for someone with a kid and two very large dogs who head up to the lake every weekend. I can only imagine how much fun the Hellcat is to drive.

    27. belmehdi lyes

      Dodge: you are 40 years old. Going through a midlife crisis. you got a ton of kids, you want to buy a sports car but your ageing wife is nagging you about the budget. We got the perfect car for you!!!

    28. Likeableshark4

      I actually prefer a manual parking brake to the new electric ones.

    29. Aaron Costello

      Durango SRT Hellcat...when your kids are really, REALLY late for soccer practice.

    30. Rip Claybourne

      All Dodges should get a 2 for styling.

    31. D L

      Awesome review as always. I just think it's a shame that dodge always gets hammered for reliability when some of those so called well engineered german cars have worst ratings and cost double or triple the price.

    32. Shahriyor Toshov


    33. Murad

      I love how dodge thought of the family men who are car enthusiasts but can't get a fast car because they have to buy something more "family friendly"... With this thing you get a crazy fast SUV plus a happy wife. So, I see this is an absolute win!

    34. Prince Cordova

      I like your license play number 8ME U38

    35. Deese Knots

      Doug is the guy who is "allergic" to beer at parties

    36. Didi


    37. Max Wick

      im not even suprised anymore

    38. Beun007

      COOL FACTOR: 100 of 100!!! SUPER DUPER DOPE!!!

    39. Chris

      i want it so bad

    40. Tryzelle Russell


    41. Brooklyn Vonleggett

    42. Jeremy Brovage

      i have a Lincoln MKT, which with it's 365HP TT v6, is loads of fun. i cannot imagine twice that HP. Dodge's insanity is wonderful!

    43. Steve Muzz

      Those screens look like they are 20 years old 😂

    44. Yon Fanga

      God Bless us alll

    45. Raven McClaw

      One Thing is for sure, it's a Dodge and it's freakishly ugly.

    46. L Crumby

      It don't even have a moonroof 🤦🏿‍♂️🥴SRT😫🤔85 racks sheesh I'll just go with an Escalade🤷🏿‍♂️

    47. MrFoster

      I love wild cars

    48. Spongegar Guy

      13:36 Well now I know where Less Doug Demuro got his penis audio file from...

    49. A Russian Beast

      Can't wait for Toyota Prius SRT Hellcat Cobra

    50. Jose Chavez

      Now we a dodge caravan with a hellcat engine real wheel drive

    51. dreoh

      nobody: not a single soul: dodge: yeah let’s put a supercharger in this shit

    52. Joe Smith

      True... 700+ HP makes all things better... I love my Hellcat Challenger (2017). It still provides miles of miles.

    53. Joe Smith

      Anytime a reviewer punches a Hellcat throttle the smile and pure excitement cannot be contained. Mission accomplished SRT Team. Thank You.

    54. Kee Char

      So sexy, soccer ⚽️mom magnet.

    55. Mike Kariuki

      You should review the lighting

    56. Mike Kariuki

      Dodge derugo and Doug demero

    57. hector mendivil

      The moment the warranty expires that transmission will explode lmao

      1. TheRealSnoop

        @hector mendivil, it would be scary to drive lol

      2. hector mendivil

        @TheRealSnoop That sure is an interesting proposition

      3. TheRealSnoop

        I’d manual swap it, imagine how fun that would be

    58. Marc Anthony

      THIS ! ... is the ... :-) :-) :-) I just love it

    59. Fiat

      Have you seen the off center quality of the grand caravan? It’s like android

    60. pdxmusl 1

      This looks like a 6 passenger vehicle. Kinda odd to me to make something like that. Just one more seat than a comfortable sedan. Idk, when someone says 3 row seating, I kinda expect it to be able to carry more passengers. I guess my point is that for practicality, the fact it has 3 row should count nothing towards practicality score. Or reduce the score. Cause its just not really any better than an accord or camery. Hoda fit seats 5. This seats 6. Whoopdeedoo!

      1. Greg Matson

        Enjoy riding in the middle of the back seat in your 'Camery'. FFS....

    61. Oofasaurus

      22:18 "To the people of Charlotte, I'm sorry."

    62. JohnKas

      I paid less for my expedition, and have 3x the features and 2x the room

      1. JohnKas

        @Sir Booty_Cakes I was so close to that, but I tow a camper and I really wanted the advanced cruise control that works even while towing. The Expedition is a F150. They are the same vehicle.

      2. Sir Booty_Cakes

        @JohnKas they may not be reliable either but I’d rather get a Toyota Sequoia if I need 8 passenger SUV.

      3. Greg Matson

        Please list the 3x features your Expedition has over this.

      4. JohnKas

        @Sir Booty_Cakes Since most large SUVs are going V6 Turbo, with massive pistons, I do not see your point. And just about every Dodge SUV last about 76k before the they spend the rest of their lives in the shop

      5. Sir Booty_Cakes

        And your expedition has a V6 that’s not reliable . Slower and is just a mall crawler

    63. Sosa Savage

      Nobody should be in the 3rd row anyway

    64. Castor Troy

      Stop it doug we dont need at that Tesla stuff the Durango ages very well its the engine we pay for not the back up camera hell i still turn my body 90 degrees while going in reverse

    65. Max Fit

      Doug: There’s nothing to let you know this is a Hellcat Reality: Hellcat Badge On the Front, Sides and Back, Loud Bright Red, Racing Stripes, Bright Red Performance Breaks

    66. Rakhsi Prayogo

      Rivals:Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander, Honda pilot, Mazda CX 9, Kia Telluride, Hyundai Palisade, Tesla model X & Jeep trackhawk

    67. ALEX LOPEZ

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    68. ALEX LOPEZ

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    69. Nobody

      The Tesla Model X Plaid has 1,020 horsepower.

      1. Greg Matson

        And it is an amazing vehicle. For @ $50k more.

    70. smitty03281964

      The best American car muscle company

    71. Bogey Bear

      Logical, a family style 3rd row vehicle that you're average consumer is likely to demolish if they actually test the HP.

      1. Sir Booty_Cakes

        If you can’t handle it don’t try it. Buy an R/T then

    72. 1 Bloodysage

      OMG 😍😍😍😍😍

    73. ihatejt

      that fake laugh aint it

    74. Tyler Echardt

      It’s still a dodge tho... can’t fix that

    75. Gary Sanchez

      Even with how old the design is, it's still selling like crazy


      Dodge should have made a limited number of magnums hellcats

    77. Caique Scott

      I would love to see your face testing out the launch control, though

    78. Rick y Flor

      Doug, the type of guy that says "insaner"

    79. Mr Hawk

      2021 Red Eye is tight. U agree Doug?

    80. Lukas Gratka

      Love your videos but they are just little too long!!!

    81. Benji The captain

      This dude out here complaining about the Durango being out dated. And how other rivals have more modern technology homie do the rivals have 710 HP IN A 3 row SUV

      1. Greg Matson

        Or the newest version of the already best infotainment system in the business?

    82. Big Stank

      Dodge go Brrr

    83. fullmetalwindbreaker

      less doug demuro boutta go crazy with "SRT-nis"

    84. Heinz Ketchup

      I want this car, that is what I search for. Family Van on german autobahn 200mph. 😛

    85. WolvieGaming

      "It's age is showing" my 05 Tahoe has entered the chat. Just kidding, the 05 Tahoe still had a better design than an 11 Durango, at least I don't have to lift my seats up lol.

    86. Kung Pao Chicken

      dodge: *actually commits to a sporty suv beyond just throwing in the hellcat engine and makes it handle well too* doug: they actually made it handle well but its rough and people wont really care ab the handling over comfort dodge: am i a joke to you

    87. ScorpiusHD

      I'm from Charlotte!!

    88. Terry Olay

      Barbara vehicle.

    89. Liam Dillon

      im still waiting for them to put a hellcat in the caravan

    90. Jaxson Shriver

      A vehicle that actually took the smile, off your face!......Priceless!

    91. 19BigMoneyGrip97

      The 300 deserves a hellcat 😅 them damn things look too good not to be in that lineup

    92. Kevyn Thomas

      Where is the 2 dr Hellcat truck like the SRT10?

    93. Jimmy Arteaga

      When the trapper starts a family

    94. David B

      Would you choose this or the Audi SQ7 for daily driver, highway cruising, and daily acceleration smiles?

      1. Greg Matson

        If you lean towards performance, this. If you lean towards luxury, the SQ7. Keep in mind, a full loaded SQ7 is @ $15-$20k more than a full loaded DHC.

    95. Dēc1aim_ flow

      Any chance you could add consumption in your reviews. I think it would make sense and help fine tune comparison

    96. Audrius Baranauskas

      As a car guy, this hellcat durango, just like the 6x6 G-wagon, I'm just glad they exist.

    97. Eric

      this guy is creepy

    98. Mr Egg

      We dont need a V12 we JUST NEED A BIG O’LE V8


      A Durango hellcat, wtf 😆😆😆 perfect though!! Nice and big

    100. Shane House

      2021 Chrysler pacifica Hellcat/packer Dodge Dart SRT4 Dodge HellVenger / Hellraiser Dodge Stealth Copperhead Dodge Hellwagon(magnum Hellcat)