The Ferrari 812 GTS Is a $500,000 800-Horsepower V12 Monster

Doug DeMuro

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    The Ferrari 812 GTS is an impressive car -- and it should be, with a $500,000 sticker price. Today I'm reviewing the 812 GTS and I'll show you all the quirks and features of the new Ferrari 812 GTS with a V12 and a convertible. I'm also driving the 812 GTS, and I'll show you the driving experience.
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    1. Derby City Vandal

      “Remember the flaps, it’s the easiest giveaway.” No, I don’t think that they are. I’d wager that merit belongs the rear “flying buttresses”. Love the vids! Keep ‘em coming!

    2. RaisedByCats

      Have you ever got a ticket while doing a review?

    3. Speckled Jim

      What's the string hanging down under the dashboard on the passenger side for?

    4. Jarred Lockard

      What kinda car is that at 0:28

    5. Chris Goodin

      So, as per usual, I'm watching your videos. Love them by the way. The wife walks into the room and says "not again", so I laugh and say "if you can remember his name, I'll turn it off and watch it later." Pensively, she pauses and says "Dave something?" Due to her attempt and my sanity, I turned the video off until later. I salute you Dave for entertaining me for the past while!

    6. ABOlsen80X

      Picking mine up in three weeks.:)

    7. Som Guy

      99 out of 100 people: "Hey look at that vette"

      1. ABOlsen80X

        Ehh, not even close. It looks nothing like a C7 and even less like a C6.

    8. Michael Akomah

      Hello. I’m having trouble finding a consistent and steady price tag online for the 2021 Ferrari 812 Superfast, and the prices I’ve seen range from $330,000 USD to around $500,000 USD (Doug’s price tag). But which of these prices closer to the actual price tag?

    9. J B

      The average American can not afford these things. This video does not relate to me....

      1. No

        No average person can

    10. SUB-ZERO

      I can buy 8 hellcats 4 Demon 5 SuperStocks 5 Redeyes 5 Hellcat Durangos or 6 Trackhawks for the price of this car and have way more fun

      1. ABOlsen80X

        Right. Why don't ya? My 812 GTS arrives in three weeks, let me know when your cars arrive...

    11. Quan 1993

      I know it as the *Ocelot Pariah*

    12. Tim H

      Unfortunately, it is such a bland colour for such an awesome vehicle....

    13. Nicholas Powell

      Imagine the 812 being straight piped

      1. ABOlsen80X

        That is already being done.

    14. Max R

      Uh...anyone else notice that typo on the dougscore for the 812 superfast coupe??? He wrote 28 instead of 27 lol 24:30

    15. Angelo Costello

      Looks like a vette from the side

    16. Philly iLLadelph267

      oh shit, a gemera..... my prayers have been answered

    17. Matheus Barros

      24:19 Both Ferrari 812 Superfast and Ferrari F12 Berlinetta shouldn't have a total daily score of 27 instead of 28??

    18. Matthews

      812 GTO is coming very soon...

    19. Alessandro Rossi

      24:18 the Ferrari 812 Superfast Daily score is 27 instead of 28; so it is for the F12 Berlinetta.

    20. Jay Williams

      I love Ferraris steering wheels they sexy asf

    21. J B

      $130,000 in options and no quarter panel badge? Come on MAN!

    22. rich gallagher

      Though one can’t compare Ferrari to Benzes but IMO that red, long snouted SLS Roadster that recently sold on Cars&Bids has just about as much presence and makes as much of a statement as this does, for about 1/3 the 💵

      1. No

        Who cares about the statement

    23. Lostsage01

      The daily scores for the 812 superfast and F12 both add up to 27 not 28

    24. sayan alam

      The equal birch really supply because susan pathophysiologically force sans a debonair broccoli. jaded, longing german

    25. Tone Capone

      Corvette Clone well a super corvette but still

      1. No

        @Tone Capone the corvette came after the f12 and 812 m8

      2. Tone Capone

        @No it looks like a damn corvette - u must be blind

      3. No

        You have no idea what you're talking about

    26. Lucas Wozniak

      I don’t understand the 8/10 for styling. You talk about the styling as if it were a 10 yet give it an 8. Why the two point deduction?

    27. 3xoticG4m3r

      The dougscore of the 812 superfast is wrong. It should be 27 total in daily and so only 70 dougscore as a whole.

    28. Mathew Capaccio

      What about the California?

    29. The Shadow Man

      Did the people from Tesla worked on those shut-lines and fittings ? Because they are awful.

    30. Apple Mobile Gamer

      Doug: It's always sunny. Me: In - 10 temperatures

    31. J P

      Ferrari is losing its edge.

    32. Nestor Garcia

      We need the Fenyr Hypersport review!

    33. Filip Rangus

      $120k in options and no scuderia shields on the side bruh

    34. alan Richard

      The yummy sailboat italy burn because chemistry neurologically count over a uncovered waiter. halting, ad moon

    35. Brian Kozlowski

      The upbeat caution technologically tease because back supposedly post mid a useless roast. recondite, onerous pyramid

    36. SPhilly Fanatic

      Another gorgeous and nasty Ferrari no doubt, 0-60 in 2.9 seconds very impressive....though still not faster than a Dodge Challenger Demon and its 2.3 0-60 time...just sayin 🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. SPhilly Fanatic

        @No You like getting way off topic don’t you?? All I said was in my first original comment is that Demon is faster 0-60 which it still is!

      2. No

        @SPhilly Fanatic the dodge will never do 2.3 unless it's on a drag strip. On a road it's wheelspin for days and then it goes and that's why the Ferrari is way more consistent. The Ferrari is also waaaay faster around a track

      3. SPhilly Fanatic

        @No but if you talk about the Demon on a dragstrip then you might not know that the demon was banned by the NHRA for being too fast!! Look it up genius

      4. SPhilly Fanatic

        @No I never said anything about a dragstrip...

      5. No

        @SPhilly Fanatic it is certainly a lot faster, just not on a dragstrip

    37. Daniel Martinez

      Doug at 3:27 was me when I walked into Toys R Us the first time as a kid.

    38. azmax623

      Who's going to drive their 812 GTS in bad weather?

    39. Aerodynamic

      THISS is a great sounding car!

    40. lotus & Madison son

      Not as fast as a Chiron but it's NA cheaper,more beautiful,and it has heritage,it's a Ferrari and a V12 convertible with a glorious sound and I know this because here in Edmond Oklahoma the owner of exotic cars dealership (who also has a gtb and and the Shelby that beat Ferrari) but he has a 812 up there and it sounds amazing and by the way that engine has won engine of the year for a while....not Chiron and I think the La Ferrari has the Chiron beat in my opinion

      1. No

        Bugatti also has lots of heritage

    41. giamoclimb

      Gemera looks very bad

    42. Eric Hernandez

      Corvette from the side view. Till it has the vet in the rear view.

    43. bowmanhomie

      Unpopular opinion Ferrari's these days are so boring. These things are like glorified Fiats at the end of the day.

      1. No

        Not like you could afford one

    44. Space Trips

      i love modern cars that still have old school features. I actually really like this car.

    45. Slayer-33

      Looks too much like a corvette lol, not a bad thing but for that price, lol nope

    46. Kodjo Gan

      You know you watch too much Doug when you try to predict the Doug Score before he gives it.

    47. Garland Remington III

      The climate control buttons/console does look like crap. This definitely, Most definitely deserves a much higher end, Console set up. This looks like it belongs in a 2009 Ford Explorer.

    48. Garland Remington III

      The MSRP IS $335,000 Fully Loaded West Coast Price Is, $650,000

    49. Garland Remington III

      The 812 has a body-style that looks similar to the new Vettes.

    50. BABY BANDS

      He loves cars and bids instead of his career

    51. Lvskymar

      Doug living his best life driving and reviewing Supercars!

    52. Dean Naguib

      Yay! Another car I’ll never be able to afford

    53. ldkm 2049

      No one talking about the wrong score at the end? The 812 Superfast coupe should be 70 summing its numbers, not 71. As you can see in the daily score, the total is wrong, should be 27, not 28.

    54. Seth Seaman

      The Ferrari 812 Superfast is presently shown with a "Total Daily" score of 28, but 6+5+8+2+6=27. Also, 44+27=71, so the overall "Dougscore" of 71 is still correct. The Ferrari 812 GTS and the Ferrari 812 Superfast are still tied at 71.

    55. Paul Tarré

      can you review a 1990 Isuzu Impulse? thanks :)

    56. Callie van Huyssteen

      Beautiful car, it looks like a Corvette from the side 😂

    57. Killa Kam

      Honestly for 500k I'd get a svj over this. But I'm also not really a Ferrari fan, if the Roma is the future I might be changing my tone tho

    58. Eganweeds

      Bring back the iMovie sound effects during the convertible sequence you hack fraud Doug!

    59. David Chartrand

      Is it me or the total daily score for the 812 Superfast is wrong? It is 28 but when you add the numbers it is supposed to be 27.

    60. Pedro Falco

      maybe if Doug gets a haircut he'll fit better in that car

    61. _Nines

      I guess Ferrari expects their drivers to use their turn indicators on the race track

    62. James Bond

      I'm sorry but anyone would have to have rocks in their brain to spend that much money on a piece of metal. I mean anyway I can respect your enthusiasm but everything has its limits imagine what you can do with a half a million dollars.

      1. No

        Not everyone is the same

    63. Sethicus

      For Ferrari 812 Superfast Daily score: 6+5+8+2+6=27 For Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Daily score: 6+5+7+2+7=27

    64. Misc Account

      22:10 if you get this car for infotainment tech, you're missing the point of this car. The car and experience is your entertainment

    65. D Wnright

      Too much power?

    66. Anthony Lehner

      Steering wheel looks an "ultra luxury" video game controller!

    67. Richard Contini Jr

      Why the hell would a passenger ever change the radio or mess with the navigation. Their not the one driving so keep your dirty meat hooks on your side of the car and don't talk. If I wanted to hear them then I'd engage in a conversation but I don't want to so shut up I'm driving.

      1. No

        You sound like a pleasant person

    68. Timothy Ellsworth

      This is just to jump on the wave that the new Corvette generated.

    69. To FairZZ

      you know you though that was a corvette

    70. Al Muurocan Vision

      A few years ago Lincoln came out with the Mks or MKZ l think , the one with the Ford fusion frame. Well caddy made a square shape version.

    71. Al Muurocan Vision

      Blue Ferrari looks like mid engine Corvette

    72. Robert Youngbird Jr

      Seth Myers

    73. Mk1Male

      Doug score is pointless. You cannot mark so many cars 10 out of 10 in a single category when some are blatantly better than others. Need to overhaul the system.

    74. Szujhinzu

      13:05 of course Ferrari makes incredibly fast cars and they want you to stay focused od the road... 11:00 so why haven't they already put climate controls in the atrociously laggy infotainment screen like in Roma? REEEEE

    75. Mexmex1975

      If I see another makemondaygreat BRITISH ad one more time I'm declaring war on Britland!!!!!

    76. Davis Wiker

      Two things, I, can't believe you like that center screen in the other Ferrari, it looks like an ancient tablet shoved into the dashboard. (At least it seems you like it, haven't watched the Roma video yet) This next thing is gonna piss off Ferrari guys, but yeah well. This looks like a fancy C7 Corvette 🤷‍♂️, like had the C8 been front engine. It doesn't look bad, but it's far from how I feel Ferrari should look.

    77. Juan Salvador Cordova

      28 + 44= 71

    78. chris l

      looks like what the corvette used to be.

    79. Nilesh Awhad

      Hey Doug, there’s a math error. Ferrari 812 Superfast & F12 Berlinetta daily score total should be 27.

    80. Ma Hu

      I've never seen any of these Ferrari coops Doug is talking about. Are these for premium chickens?

    81. Skinnex

      7:00 yes thats my attention to detail wich drives all of my friends crazy xd

    82. Andres Guerin

      The regular door lock in a half million dollar car is unacceptable!

    83. Blood2spain

      500k for that shit 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    84. Chris S

      Would look WAY better in red

    85. Felix Austmeyer

      Does he know that the boys know this road too

    86. Random BS

      That window is a fart blower. Just to remove the farts.

    87. Tore Hansen

      They dropped Superfast since that is one of the things it isn't?

    88. 855glt

      Might want to fix your Doug Score spreadsheet. Superfast daily category total should be 27, not 28.

    89. Eric Cigar-Man

      The original Honda Ridgeline had "flying butttressessss"

    90. Rab

      3:45 looks like someone hit fast forward on Doug

    91. Matthew

      2.9? Tesla is faster

    92. Bill W

      Looking at the comparable car's scores I'm trying to figure out how the superfast's 44+28=71

    93. Greg

      24:29 The Doug score for the Superfast is wrong. It should be 72 (44+28).

    94. Nicholas McCloskey

      I prefer it without any touchscreens actually. It'll age well and the interior looks great. Also If you had a Ferrari like that, why would you be flaffing around with screens! Drive it and drive it hard!

    95. Rizzy K corona virus

    96. S.i 2

      Ridin round, that Doug dead, that bit$& took one to the head 🎼

    97. KLUTCH

      I can’t f*ckin’ wait till the review of that Koenigsegg Gemera comes out. It just needs to hit a Top 5 of most Doug Scores ever. I mean c’mon, 4 VERY spacious seats, and 1700HP, 1000 coming from electric power and the other 700 coming from a F*CKING 3 CILINDER!!! HOW, HOW TF DID KOENIGSEGG DO THAT

    98. Casper

      Reminds me of a Viper, but new.

    99. pi17835

      Not that it matters, but the Doug Score table says the Superfast has 28 Daily Points - should be 27

    100. Бад Хашеми

      I never seen Doug give 10 to car in stylinge score)