The 2021 Volkswagen ID4 Is a New Fully Electric $40,000 Crossover

Doug DeMuro

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    The Volkswagen ID.4 is a completely new fully electric compact crossover. Today I'm reviewing the ID.4, and I'll take you on a thorough tour of it -- then I'm going to drive the ID.4 and show you what it's like behind the wheel of Volkswagen's new EV.
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    1. Q J

      I knew the software would be bad but I didn’t think it would this bad! Complete trash.

    2. Creative Assistance

      200hp and drum brakes. "Tesla competitor"

    3. Nils Merkle

      Says German car expectantly isn’t funny and makes a German stereotype joke. Maybe you should try acting like in 2021

    4. Remi Ramos

      "Clima" is climate in Spanish. This seems to be a European pre-production car. Maybe made for Spain.

    5. Marcus Magee

      Worried about road trips. Do any chargers take cash or checks. I threw away my cell phone when they got so expensive. Will this car still work for me?

    6. Ran W

      Done watching this car at 8:10, that snail speed touch screen is the dealbreaker.

    7. Sachin Pillai

      Hello ID... Tell me a joke... "This car is a joke!"

    8. Sachin Pillai

      Obviously VW didn't work with users for the UX.. VW misses the mark on making a user friendly car and more like a "futuristic" novelty car. Electronics will degrade over time..SMH. VW should just focus on making regular cars.

    9. Agathorn

      Cars are so much cheaper for you in the US. Here in Sweden a Tesla Model 3 Performance is around 75000$ for example.

    10. THE GERM

      What’s funny about the start button is that it says START ENGIN. What engine?


      the software is still beta in a $40K car - FFS

    12. Mark Plott

      DRUG DeMuro - the VW iD4 is Thousands of Lbs overweight , see Sandy Munro.

    13. Mark Plott

      DRUG DeMuro - the VW iD4 is just a COMPLIANCE Clown Car , just look at the SANDY MUNRO Review of the iD4, its JUNK.

    14. D P

      I'm sure VW accountants calculated they would save $5 per vehicle by outfitting them with a substantially slower graphical processor. #UNDRIVEABLE

    15. Isai Sapien

      Has the same profile as the mustang Mach e from the side

    16. rick johnson

      Dougs the kind of guy that plugs himself in, instead of the car.

    17. iphillips17

      quirk you didn't mention is the start/stop button says ENGINE but the car doesn't have one...

    18. estarateta

      If you ever wonder if you're ready for marriage, think about Doug complaining about the infotainment system... That's exactly how your wife will talk to you when you forget to take out the trash. You think you're ready for that?

    19. Fermin’s World

      4:27 why did it say "start engine" if its electric???

    20. Hungry Hamburger


    21. Rafael Melanda

      VW has the best infotainment system on regular cars. I'm sure they will fix this issue

    22. Григорий Рубановский

      I hate these door handles you have to reach from the bottom! They are old fashioned, outdated and not ergonomic. All manufacturers have refused using the in 2000s. Except Dacia, which also got rid of them, but did it only for the most recent generation of Sandero and Logan. And it is surprising because Volkswagen has never used this bad door handle design. I loved that fact and I was always loving Volkswagen for that! They are kind of breaking my heart now!

    23. Tourettetv96

      I've driven one, it's hugely disappointing especially for 40k to 50k. Get a Tesla.

    24. Scott Adams G [Scotianbank]

      I get it, it's the BGclip edition... Hence the play and pause buttons, as well the bunch of "1st" comments all around the car

    25. Rian Xu

      What a coincidence I got a vw ad right before the vid-

    26. David Bernal

      That light is actually a really cool idea.

    27. M J

      Why not talk about the charge

    28. Tony78454

      I want one!

    29. Panasonic Chrome

      Its cool the New Volkswagens have more design now an straight lines like before 👍😎 I remember that time when i looking on tv on kitt and now cars talking in real life its cool 😎

    30. Carnutzjoe

      Cudos to VW on their first real EVs. I know the eGolf was around first but it doesn’t count. I know they’ll get better. But the 800 pound gorilla in the room is charging. Tesla, with their Supercharger network, still makes the best of a bad situation. I’m assuming the ID4 is CCS, I don’t remember if you said it or not. We really need serious expansion of EV charging stations and streamlining of use. Right now with non-Tesla’s, you need a half-dozen different system memberships to travel across the country. Hopefully as more EVs are sold this will improve. Congrats VW!

    31. Tom Quimby


    32. Louis Kévin

      So basically it's trash 🤣

    33. Strange Brew

      I’m an ev engineer. Instead of reviewing all the stupid little buttons and gizmos it has why don’t you explain some of the technical advantages it has???

    34. Michael Chen

      I’d rather get the Cybertruck with more usefulness and probably higher resale value.

    35. Franck Lassau

      Hey VW ! Be afraid , Hyundai & Kia are arriving with some great EV cars !!! Good luck...... 👎🤕👎🤕😂😂

    36. Steven Deckert

      The climate control really is a big fail. Give me dials please.

    37. Lineage2Ertheia

      tesla range has over 300 miles always. wtf u talk about demuro , u shill

    38. Lineage2Ertheia

      a tesla is a rocketship. a wv is just a shitty car with bad computers.

    39. Sammy Montego

      So much prettier than a Tesla.

    40. Jacob S

      Is this car made in their Mexico factory? That would explain the "clima" button.

    41. J

      Funny how when the Cadillac CTS came out in 2014 (which I own) everyone trashed the same capacitive touch controls like many of these new cars are coming out with. But typical auto journalists did nothing but complain about the CTS controls even though they had to admit that the car itself was an amazing performer. Now VW, Hyundai and so many others have the exact same controls and now they are cool and fun to use.

    42. avenuePad

      Tesla is the "gold standard"? The bar has been set low.

    43. Archie Person

      Doug, I've been watching your unbiased opinion for years now and simply love your car reviews. Lately I've watched your reviews of the oncoming electric cars (Mach E and ID.4). One thing that is missing in your reviews of EV's is the charging capability of each vehicle. I think it is an important factor in the decision making of an EV. Keep up the good work 💪.

    44. Martin Ng

      Damn...Tesla wins by far...

    45. Corto Muanza

      Is is just me or are they only available in blue? I saw 3 of them so far in ATL and they were all in the this same color 🤔

    46. ZGryphon

      Why did they name it after a 25-year-old sci-fi action movie?

    47. DJ Universal

      6:42 its better if u just swipe ur finger

    48. brun0

      Please say “Folkswagen” instead of “Wolkswagon”, as a German this drives me crazy haha

      1. Chris Williams

        What? Not "folkshVAHgen"? Now, I know...

    49. Shi XiaoFeng

      I can imaging that using this system will be a disaster and cause me road raging!

    50. Daniel Mansfield

      This car is terrible

    51. MichHenr99

      Does anyone know if you can use all the "buttons" with cloves on?

    52. Alekz YNot

      2:32 doug looks like hes trying to throw gang signs.

    53. Ahmad Alsami

      I Fu==in hate EV"S

    54. Thomas Welcomer

      Doug:You can see it doesn't look like any other Volkswagen that you're familiar with Audience: Looks like a Volkswagen

    55. bullard five o 2

      Not liking it. I like the e golf

    56. David Pat

      They will sell 12,000 in their first year. 😬

    57. Jordan Jewsbury

      honestly I really like this! ive always said that we just need more like normal EVs.. as cool as the teslas are, most people don't really want or think they can have a super car like that. so when it comes to converting people to EVs I think cars like this are the way to go. also I just don't like the coupe suvs.

    58. jamesyers1975

      I’ve never asked a question like this in the comments. I never watch the advertisements. Did anybody else get the preview for the new mighty ducks movie and watch it all the way thru. 😁👍.

    59. Claudius Pulcher

      Am I the only person under 40 years old who doesn't want their car controls to all operate like a smart phone? Buttons, switches and other tactile controls have an advantage- you don't have to look at them while you're driving!

    60. Daniel Melendez

      After VW pull a fast one with so many millions of cars and purposely fixed the emissions results, software and placed those chips in cars to lie to consumers. You have a few million angry consumers that lost money in cars declared lemons and they barely got market value years later even after the courts ruled against financial compensation for the cars people couldn’t sell. I am one that i will stay away from Mazda after the disastrous situation with the cx5 and my total loss with the engine valves. Mazda knew it was a problem, there was overheating, oil leaking into valves and pistons and my engine went out and i never got compensation.

    61. Michael Weber

      Can´t wait to see cars that have light stripes also on the side and all around.

    62. Craig O

      It comes with Jexi.

    63. Gergely Géczi

      It's funny that when he explained the unresponsive touchscreen, it's unresponsive indeed, but after a cut it becomes responsive Kinda interesting

    64. Wes Gregg

      Range is about 250 miles... in Volkswagen miles.

    65. economista100

      Please review the new Mustang Mach-E !

    66. E. C.

      That has got to be the ugliest EV I've very seen. Looks like an old Hyundai Sante Fe. Going with capacitive touch buttons is silly. Only two power windows with an A/B switch is silly. No frunk. Come on VW you can do much better. I'd almost rather have a Spark, and that is not saying much. Tesla for the win all day long!

    67. ShutterPunk - Walks through Night City

      Oh man this is ugly as hell....

    68. Paskal Atanasov

      The climate control is marked "Clima" I am guessing due to the ClimaTronic system VW has. Our VW Polo had a ClimaTronic system and when I asked my father to turn it up or down I would just say "Turn down the clima"

    69. USNews _____Tweety____

      So many miscellaneous controls appear to be very distracting designed to grab driver attention away from the road and clearly designed to fail within 5 years. Anyone driving within a heavy cold snowy climate who usually replaces windscreens more than once during a car's lifetime, will endure dreaded higher costs

    70. a1081042

      How are you supposed to roytate tires when the front and back tires are different sizes?

    71. Takuan

      In a years time nobody will remember this car, let alone buy it. Bores me shitless.

    72. yousaf khan

      Silly design

    73. Lorenzo Commergnat

      Styling should be 0 it looks absolutely horrible 😂🤢🤮🤮

    74. Twiin Central

      The thought that VW could possibly be an EV leader considering their history with electrical/electronic issues is hilarious. Cant trust the brand though.

    75. Jesus Jesus

      Climate in German is Klima (clima) makes sense. VW hinting at their Germanes.

    76. 3therSpark

      yeah ID4 will remain an awesome movie about giant space ships invading earth thank you very much

    77. Robert Walls

      There's one of these at a little hole in the wall body shop by my house totalled already. Looks like it smashed head on into a wall.

    78. Aviv Parekh

      a bad joke, it's a german car after all 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    79. Jake Bigelow

      Would love to see some reviews on cars like the 90's lightning Truck, Skyranger, and cyclone

    80. Jake Bigelow

      I worked as a salesman for Volkswagen until 2020 model years. I can tell you that VW is using this car as a base into to the electric market there is today. Infotainment is crap and a downgrade from previous systems which is a surprise. They put little effort into this as they don't plan on it being anything all that special. 2025 will be a big year for vw

    81. Bjørn

      Booring design

    82. Glenn Clark

      I love it when cars have light interiors. Enough of the all black vehicles already.

    83. Neclar

      Do a 🦎 review !!!

    84. J B

      Guess I’m not buying one of these.

    85. Nikita Shestyan

      Hey Doug, You should source a 2022 Chevy Bolt EUV and review it for us peasants!

    86. nebelwerfer25

      Everything in this car is quirky in a bad way

    87. Cezar Rizea

      I think the ID4 is ugly as sin, also on the technology front, it’s extremely lacking. I’m not sure what came over you Dug, but I wouldn’t even recommend this vehicle to anyone.

    88. AsleepAtTheKeys

      Gotta love the play and pause buttons. What a hilarious clever touch. I hope that catches on. No point but it's just funny

    89. Cor Borst

      Doug, please don't do reviews on electric German cars, they remind me of Frau 6uild 6ack 6etter Merkel killing of the German auto industry single handedly, an industry once known for making spectacular cars.

    90. Fyn FynSidian

      is it running v 2.0 or v2.1 the latest updates?

    91. Adam Gajdoš

      well, besides the fact the steering will be dirty af, its hideous to took at.

    92. TRY to HELP you

      Greta car. Outstanding review. They still won't be able to catch up to tesla. But more EVs? Yes please!

    93. calamity

      I love the white interior it looks clean

    94. donnerschwein

      9:49 Come on, give us Germans some slack. At least we try to be funny, ja? JA? Like or World War 3 😡

    95. bhsr tkm

      The noiseless joke characteristically educate because powder pragmatically visit worth a actually shade. tasteful, spectacular word

    96. kk P

      so electric car that you have to drive yourself. yay

    97. james gaines

      I always wonder if the people who make these infotainment systems use them before they hit the market. I would say 3-5 uses of the sliding temp/volume adjustment would make you say “wow this gets annoying when you need to go from min to max”. Classic trying to do too much instead of keeping it simple and quick to use.

    98. nxtce

      Tesla vs VW is like Apple vs Samsung or not even that. Nice try VW

    99. David V.

      Strange how fake vents are always highlighted on a Honda Type-R ... but then, this car has fake vents both on the front (mimicking air vents that would cool the front brakes) and in the back (mimicking some air tunnel system from the rear brakes) and it gets away with it. -.-

    100. Jay

      Laggy info.screen is deal breaker to me. That is not acceptable.