The Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport Is the $3.6 Million Ultimate Chiron

Doug DeMuro

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    This is the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. Today I'm reviewing the Chiron Pur Sport to show you all the quirks and features of the latest Bugatti -- and I'm also going to drive the new Chiron Pur Sport to show you what it's like behind the wheel of a $3.5 million Bugatti.
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    1. simon jessup

      The moldy lotion greely suggest because bankbook byerly peck underneath a ahead golf. workable, brave trail

    2. 11. Neelanchal Agarkar

      I am probably gonna guess literally no one watching this video would buy this

    3. Henry The Ninja

      Would you rather have a Pur Sport or a Divo

    4. Don Harrison

      Looks like a C8

    5. Who Knows

      you gotta do the senna gtr

    6. Julián Moreau

      I've been seeing in your supercars videos that awkward trunk divisor. It's a 3+ million dollar car! Was it too expensive to put a stupid release latch?!!!

    7. adam randell

      You could daily drive it if you could afford the maintenance and fuel cost, I can’t imagine there are many people who could afford a 3.6 million car who couldn’t afford the maintenance and fuel costs 😂

    8. Farhan Y

      This dude literally gets an orgasm while saying "This" at the start of every video

    9. mikkel krømmelbein

      I mean why would you pay 3.6M for something French?? Lmfao🤣

    10. Lord Apophis

      @23:10 so that's what Doug looks like with a mask...

    11. James Higginbotham

      Does having downforce on unsprung weight even make sense?

    12. Blake Gonzales


    13. Chris Parayno

      How many Bugatti can we get one Doug's channel? All of them

    14. Jaro Zita

      16:40 - electric seat motors: 5.6 lbs. Heated seats coils and switches: 8 ounces. Yeah, the engineers actually know what they're doing, Doug!

    15. SF

      I'll drop 110lbs right now if someone paid me $3.5 million

    16. SF

      Doug holds the world record for the most mentions of "box" thanks to this video

    17. Johnny Koczela

      "Indescribable" *proceeds to describe for 5 minutes*

    18. Jonathan

      doug genuinely makes the dumbest inferences about why car manufacturers do things. "heated seats but no power seats! preposterous!" heating elements in heated seats are a few resistive wires. electric seats require heavy motors. not the same thing at all.

    19. PeterAckarey

      "Easter Egg"-->"You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." --D. Montoya

    20. Márcio Peixoto

      a car of this value... this chest would have to come with a donut voucher of at least one year!

    21. Matthew Coroa

      Whoever would buy this car without the carbon fiber pur sport wheels is insane.

    22. LukeBass1000

      Imagine rolling up to a red light in your Chiron thinking you're hot shit then this pulls up next to you

    23. riley muir

      Doug is sweatin

    24. medved

      How much more "ultimate" can it really get?

    25. Aul T O R Q

      That thing sounds like a jet! What an amazing sound

    26. Mark Alcorta

      But anyway...

    27. P S

      I watched Doug Demuro reviews a 3.6 million dollars car like my main means of getting from point A to point B is not by public transportation.

    28. Raid Ateir

      How did you find the shorter gearing vs the Chiron?

    29. Trent Sendah

      He nearly time travelled.

    30. Nadeem Janjua

      Regera ❤

    31. Anonymouse

      Why do bugatti exhausts sound so boring....

    32. Deepak

      still lacking the sex appeal of a lambo

    33. Alexander Schönfeldt

      Weight saving for track use but putting a glasroof on it instead of carbon fiber. And then remove power seats for more Performance. Genius

    34. Patrick Nedelcut

      Andrei Verestiuc is better!

    35. Matt Ahmann

      Can't wait for the Tesla Roadster to start delivering.

    36. NyanCatMatt

      Has Doug ever driven 200+ mph? (Controlled environment of course) If not, I think at this point, reviewing these insane hypercars, someone should take him out and let him go crazy.

    37. Ricky Rosa

      Doug review the Isuzu Stylus Tuned by Lotus

    38. Gabriel Faro

      25:29 is that a nsx?


      I can't wait until he's able to test out the koenigsegg gemera

    40. TcZ

      I need Doug to do a strip tease

    41. Edmilson Da Batata

      Um carro de 3 milhões de dólares com chave de Prisma 🤣🤣🤣

    42. krish

      I love he says "regular Chiron" like it's a civic.

    43. Diego Maia

      The rapid william inspiringly wipe because cod intrestingly embarrass down a difficult shield. shallow, hoc energy

    44. Tyvek Homewrap

      So I guess we're just going to ignore that fact that a decade-old Subaru sold for $40k

    45. Bill

      *"Box" count:* 23

    46. Felix A

      @manny khoshbin you need this!!!

    47. Phantom Corsair

      This is the Hannibal Lecter of automobiles: well mannered, soft spoken, intelligent, but utterly psychotic madman that can and will kill you.

    48. John m

      Is it me or is this just a horrific looking car?

    49. Alex Hart

      dougs head so sweaty at 11:00 haha gotta love that cali weather

    50. Ben Bell

      “Comfortability”. Is that a real word?

    51. Ben Bell

      Boogatti in the USA, Byugatti in the UK. Which is correct?

    52. Charles van der Hoog

      This stunningly beautiful ICE car by Bugatti is like the last Fabergé Egg before that era ended. The next Bugatti will be BEV and have 0-100kmh / 0-60 mph in 1.1 seconds and you need to wear a fighter-pilot pressure suit, designed by Bugatti as well of course, to withstand the G-forces when turning the corners and when accelerating or braking .

    53. Preston Ward

      What about the super sport?

    54. srinitaaigaura

      So you pay a million more to paint half the interior in one color and half in the other.

    55. momo bobo

      This guy and his voice are soooo annoying.

    56. Iftekhar Hussain

      Guys Manny Khoshbins Hermes Bugatti is penggg

    57. MrProthall

      Ah come on. 200km/h is not that fast. Going 300 though, holy shit. Don't recommend if you're not on a track. Autobahn is good but not THAT good.

    58. Giovanni Ramos

      What a horrible spec.

    59. The Ed

      Doug, shouldn't you start thinking of perhaps ways to get more subscribers?

    60. rahul sharma

      Even doug can purchase this car,,his evry single subscriber would give him 1$,,thn our doug will also become 1 of 500 proud owner of this car....but then doug will take his bugati to review a tahoe.......

    61. Blakslee Woody

      9:40 CHP has entered the chat

    62. whiteandnerdytuba

      Lot of money for a car with a fake exhaust and no seat ventilation, 1 of 60 or 1 of 500 instead of the actual number? So much for attention to detail

    63. Sagar Karnwal

      This car's owner "i smell sweat?" buggati seller guy "it's Doug's sweat"

    64. Jorge Bautista

      I’m a registered nurse and it makes no sense why he is wearing n95 there’s no one around him might as well wear gloves dumb dumb.. who is going to get sick the car? Lol or are you showing symptoms and if yes the fuck are filming smh

    65. Mark DLR

      Can't wait to take this to Los Santos Customs and get it in chrome


      The box is like bigger than me

    67. Amc547 Warlord

      Its pur sport rather than pure sport as in 'for sport' isn't it doug?

    68. Z_FrmDa215

      3.6 mil and NOOOOO sCrEen 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

      1. hen

        you aren't buying it just for those stupid screens bruh

    69. Ty 0boil

      Fall in or get kidnapped or WHATEVER? 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂

    70. Just Another YouTube Channel Ogden

      He's sweating all over someone's future 3.6 million dollar Alcantara...

    71. spacex Tesla Roadster gaming

      Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport

    72. Ziplokk

      powered seat slides are fun when i need to get in my wife's car. she's 4'10" and I'm 6'3". especially fun waiting for it to move when it's raining. I much prefer manual slides.

    73. Darren

      ""You can definitely tell it's harsher in here though than in a regular Chiron" Said literally no one ever, ever.

    74. Tinkerergr

      I live in AZ. a trunk that only gets up to 120F would be nice.

    75. CatRabbit499

      Doug: Look at the Bugatti Box! Also Doug: Look at the Demon Crate! Whether you spend 90k or 3.5mil on a car you can get a box to go with it ;)

    76. Brendan Clarke

      Doubleshirt Doug strikes again

    77. Ivo Fixzone

      I'm curious how many car reviewers have been given this brand new super expensive car to drive and sit in. Well, knowing this fact, if I were a buyer, I'd ask for a discount from the dealer.

    78. threeer02


    79. Tzwixi

      i would say this car will be destroyed during the great tribulation, like surely many other Bugatti. It's weird in a way.

    80. Michael Stanaway

      Doug you're videos will never get boring keep bringing the amazing performance of content to the table because if you dont change too much then you'll have sky rising chances of becoming popular throughout the next 20 years at least

    81. chancegoondavis

      The Bughatti Chiron comes with a box to use as a home after all your money is gone

    82. Kadek Sudarwika

      "Dad, why is my sister called Rose?" "Because your mom loves roses" "Thanks, dad" "No problem, Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport"

    83. Josh Mills

      I cant believe doug has still not got to the point where certain things dont need to keep being explained i.e trunk size regulation as if the viewers are all brand new. Pretty optimistic on dougs part.

    84. christopher yasus

      Actual video after the box ends... 7:10 you're very welcome

    85. Muhammad Safaul Hoque

      He reviewed all Bugatti, oh god

    86. 1018 Video

      I wonder if the vehicle value goes up when it has Doug's sweat in the seat.

      1. TcZ

        Bet it smells good

    87. Furry Boi da emperor

      Just a baby divo

      1. JerCal playz

        Yep a divo on a budget

    88. EqualsPro

      This is not worth 3.6 million 😂

    89. Lukee Cle

      Nice T shirt

    90. Nikhil Sharma

      Here is the video new EP9 NIO Asphalt 9 - OUT

    91. A.J.theChad


    92. Cloth Seats

      Is that color Nogaro Blue from the Audi paint warehouse?

    93. John Casoni

      If you bought a car with a pinstripe, you got taken.

    94. Tyler Harakal

      Doug the type of guy to color coordinate his mask with the car he drives

    95. Machine Avatar

      Bugatti Chiron Supersport is the Ultimate Chiron

    96. lefroy1

      That is a hideous looking car at any price, let alone $3.6m

    97. Off The Grid

      I honestly thought this box would be more interesting than the demon crate.

    98. ParaYT

      This car is a pure beauty.

    99. Suggestion Guy

      looks like a modern EB110

      1. Suggestion Guy

        @R4d33t i didn't even know it existed looks much uglier than this though

      2. R4d33t