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  1. Digi tal

    Still a gimmick package... Funny how much people are willing to pay for things no longer made. Honda pulled a similar gimmick on Civic Mugen... No power gain, just few Mugen decals here there.

  2. Jericho Stevens

    well, it's a gm. they're kind of notorious for their shoddy build quality. stick with toyota, honda, or a ford's trucks.

  3. Robloxirlstuff

    25:18 nice voicecrack doug

  4. Ben R

    The panels don’t line up door gaps are all over the place . Build quality is poor . None off that matter . Perfection is not allways perfect. Beautiful beautiful car . Pls let me win the lottery . What a car . !!

  5. Leepek

    Harder to find one in Europe under 20k euros. Super car.

  6. Dakota Westphal

    Can you review a Honda Element?

  7. Dennis White

    A large Honda dealership in Mass had 3 of these at point. They sat on the lot for a long time and were priced almost 5k under sticker price. I had a 2002 at that point and considered trading or selling mine to buy one, but thought itd be crazy to pay another 15k for it. If only i could go back in time.

  8. countach

    At least he found the secret compartment this time...

  9. Matt Betancourt


  10. Archtx9

    I bought the stock model in 2008, since I didn’t want to deal with the hard top of the CR…..still have it 25k miles

  11. Malik Khaski

    I thought those latches for the hard top were USB charging ports..

  12. DJ

    Wow! Never thought I'd see Doug wearing a New Zealand shirt. I respect that.

  13. 4WD ADDICT

    Love those landcruisers and s2ks

  14. forced1nduction

    Interesting to see that “gage” used to be an acceptable spelling of the word. I came here to call them out for that, but it seems it used to be a thing when this car was engineered. Weird!

  15. Joel Likes Cars

    It is also fairly reliable

  16. Supercharged Steve

    Doug is intimidated by the bulge in the passenger footwell. Bulge envy?

  17. Reeeaaalllyyy

    I spilled beer all over myself when Doug said nice examples are selling for over $100,000 dollars... jdm crowd is a different crowd.

  18. adrian williamson

    Isn't it weird. You measure wheels diameters in inches but their width in millimetres!!!!

  19. Asif

    Doug is so American.... 'Allround' is like Allrounder. Maybe he should learn real English before running his mouth.

  20. adamafiq

    I agree, this car was not made for speed. This car is similar to a miata. A fun small car to throw around the canyons or on a track

  21. Joe Van Seeters

    Even at 9 years old, that car looks fantastic and very modern. Any owner would be proud to be seen in that vehicle. It definitely aged well, and that blue is one of the best car colors of all time harkening back to the early days of Grand Prix racing with the French Racing Blue.

  22. speeeding

    This car was much anticipated by S2000 owners before it came out, but it was quickly forgotten. With the exception of the steering rack, there's nothing the CR has that can't be done better with aftermarket mods. And the regular steering rack is plenty quick.

  23. Ethan Dunbar

    Hey Doug I would love to see a review on the factory five cobra


    Great review from the guy who says Japanese cars will not go up in value like “Muscle cars” of the 60’s-70’s… great cars will always go up in value. GTR, Supra, NSX, Already becoming out of reach for us mere mortals! 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻

  25. Ross Kulma

    I had two of these but first generation. They were wonderful. It was basically an affordable Mercedes. I also had the voice warning system on both my 81 and 82 cars.

  26. Catmandeux

    The door handles look like the same ones from a Fiat X1/9… rotated backwards, of course.

  27. piripro piripeep

    FORD: Found on Road DAYYYUM!

  28. Asif

    does he really not know that fob is aftermarket? it's just a cheap remote starter from the 90s, not an original 'quirk'.

  29. 2 Steak Sandwiches

    Future Buick GNX. People will put these in plastic

  30. Bash 8

    Doug this is the last manual sports car Honda made Honda type R why do you hate me

  31. Matt Michaels

    what a roi

  32. meltz

    LaFerrari Aperta

  33. Jose Castillo

    After all those complaints about the top it took him less than 45 seconds to put it back down lol

  34. NotPlayBoi Carti


  35. McThePopCornPig

    Yessss another legendary s2000 video 🤩

  36. JZZ

    When an actor performs on a stage in theatre, then he needs to make expressive gestures to show to the audience who is talking. All the sounds need to be accurately and consistently loudly pronounced. During a movie set, on another hand, the movement should be natural, unrestricted, and the voice should be not louder than absolutely minimally necessary. That is because if a person who has just "stepped out off of stage" appears suddenly in front of video camera, then all the movements look very artificial and exotic. However, I do not believe that is the reason why Mr. Doug is waving with his hands so frequently as he speaks. My hypothesis is that he is doing that with having a clearly defined purpose, despite knowing that he looks "the way he looks like". There are viewer bases that are unable to retain attention for a longer amount of time. The video is long, so the viewers with a short attention span would just skip away, and that would be undesirable, because views and ads bring revenue, and the exposure of the promoted website also grows. It would be easy to retain the attention of those who are genuinely interested in the vehicle, and the loyal fans. But for those who are passively curious, and can go away at any moment, for such people extra measures are needed. Such measures include making clown-like movements constantly, and ensuring that they are being guided like kids in a pre-school grade class. Are there many of such people to whom such extraordinary "performance" is required? Would there be a significant loss in revenue if Mr. Doug just decided to gamble and just ditch the clown-loving audience with low attention span, and just behaved more with reputable dignity, and showed more of his refinedness and intelligence of a person as he really is? I would be too proud to display the moves of a comedian, if especially I did not want to make impression of one. The video is entertaining, and I acknowledge that such moves are quite an exercise. I'm not against Mr. Doug's choices to display them, just I kindly wish for him to continue making a good job he does, and to continue making an attempt to distinguish between family members, and "the show scene", so that at least family members would not be given any demeaning disrespect that they did not deserve. All the best. Keep making the excellent work.

  37. countrymankdx200

    Easy on the crack bud

  38. Matthew Mayoglou

    Honda does NOT have a supercar


    The rear lights look light shrinken honda civic light except with the bar

  40. Alex K

    I always stop watching half way bc of the way you speak


    Only the spoiler spoils the looks, like 9 of 10 times it does

  42. Carol Smith

    I love your videos thank you so much.

  43. gjergj xhufi

    Audi q7 v12 tdi

  44. Adam Kija

    This mclaren looks TEN times better than the the new ferrari. A sentence i never thought id say

  45. Charles Young

    I always thought Doug's favorite S2000 would've been Suki's from 2 Fast 2 Furious.

  46. Chris Miller

    The window switch thing must be a weird Honda quirk. My 2014 Acura locks the passenger windows even at the driver contorl

  47. RedLP5000S

    I cannot fathom how that little Honda can go for six figures. It's just so laughable how much money people throw away. 😂😂

  48. Paulie

    I want one, I have seen them in 5sp as well, magic car ❤️it thank you

  49. diegoaccord

    The lowering of the redline for the AP2 was not worth the 10 ft/lbs. I miss my AP1 but sadly prices went way up since I had it.

  50. SeriousMan

    I dont know..It looks very childish.

  51. grmpf

    I'm pretty sure I've seen this double-buckle solution for the middle seat in some other car before. Does anyone know?

  52. Lou Diggz

    Definitely not the worst vehicle but everyone is different

  53. Barrox Barrox

    Take a look at the round "door hoop" and think "oh i can grab that to take the whole door with me " :)

  54. Luke Kelly

    Doug I got the most rusted Land rover discovery here in Ireland. Wondering if you could get $200k for it.

  55. Bill Collie

    Yes you are so right. A friend of mine had a brand new one and first time I was in it , it pushed me back into my seat violently when he floored it. Maybe I thought it was fast back then. He was a company director and could have had his pick of any model . I don't know why he chose the Maxima but it was a great choice

  56. Affalterbach Brackley 1967

    16:33 In a VW if you hit the Metric button the temperature turns into Centigrade.

  57. LAD Teknologies

    Too soon Doug! I mean junior!

  58. Dinoyipi

    Everyone else: *talking about the S2000* Me: *eagerly awaiting the Vibe GT review*

    1. Smang It Drums


  59. Paul Angileri

    Yes yes, but the question is how many 12V power points are in the console. People gotta charge their phones...

  60. Josh Galka


  61. Hiffwe Gaming

    *Doug notices your bulge* OwO what’s this, S2000?

  62. Cody

    Vtec baby

  63. ErikTheAndroid

    OK so I do not get this whole lockable compartment to keep your stuff safe from the valet driver thing. If you are giving them the keys so they can drive the car, then they can also unlock the compartment so you are not getting any extra security in that situation. Am I missing something?

  64. Randy Randerson

    You are meant to get pissed off driving a mirage, the badge on the back depicts the mood "mi-RAGE" But tbh I have an A80 and an Evo IV RS..... but I also have a 1997 mirage asti Z for my daily as the 4G15 engine uses next to no gas, easy and cheap to fix and also keeps the kms down on my nice cars (BTW im not rich, I just live in new zealand where these cars are cheap and finance is easy)

  65. Seamus Lewin

    11:19 me: how do you even get that much sand inside? doug: its for the tube.

  66. NiL Nine

    Doug over there handle modeling the shift knob lol.

  67. Jrodfpv

    Is Jay your father ?

  68. JetX

    I actually cried

  69. Just a regular car guy

    Doug: “the last ever Honda sports car” Honda Civic Si and type r: “😐 you sure bout that?”

  70. CMNDR Carter

    How many takes do you think Doug tries to get the "Thhhhiisssss" just right?

  71. Randall Norwood

    Love the hidden head lights. Love and miss the oval tail lights which I thought stood out more than any other sports car.

  72. zs

    If you didn't get it from NJ, it would have been worth 100k more... Can't get that stank out...

  73. Rajay Taylor

    It was this moment the car knows it was at the short end of the tailpipe

  74. Beach Boy

    The concept of 928 lives on in cayman cayenne and the electric taycan, panamera etc.

  75. Jarrett

    In 2009, I was having my Accord serviced at my local Honda dealer and they had an S2000 CR on the showroom floor. I was looking it over very closely and was approached by a salesman. When he learned I was just browsing, he said he would be willing to offer a significant discount on the car and that he “couldn’t give it away.” I remember that particular car did not have A/C or a radio, likely adding to the marketability issues. In retrospect, I should have taken him up on the offer.

  76. Stick Shift Gaming

    I bet a lot of those controls are straight out of their heavy equipment. Those vents definitely are.

  77. TOM C.

    Hey Doug, isn't mid 2000's around 2050? 😁👍✌

  78. Chelsea Highlights

    They should bring it back!!

  79. Daniel Jordan

    That's the cleanest engine bay I've ever seen. 😯

  80. Navid Safavi

    Could you review a 2020 or 21 Highlander?