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  1. Bob L

    This guy looks like a marionette the way his hands are bouncing all over the place...total distraction. :)

  2. kens97sto171

    Body on frame really adds a level of comfort and quiet. Today people see that in pickup trucks. Get in a brand new ram pickup truck or any other make. And you will find they are very quiet places to be. that body on frame design really gives you a lot of isolation from road noise and vibration. Just because something was old tech doesn't mean it was wrong or a bad idea. I grabbed a lift ride the other day and she happened to have a Grand Marquis. I thought shit this is nice back here.

  3. Kochsalz LP

    Just wait until he reviews the Citaro and finds out they make busses

  4. Jon Hagman

    Honey I’m going racing today. Wife finds SD card laying around with 50 minute video of a hooters sign.


    In all honesty, id rather my car have a lever to close the hood like that, it seems so more caring for the car and less noisy lol

  6. Adam Norwood

    That thing is huge, its like a Russian Buick

  7. 34757x

    @Doug : hear you back and you'll find out that for the Doug Score you evaluated some of the features from the driver perspective, not the Owner one, as it should have instead been properly have done I think...

  8. Tumza Mahlaks

    Your reasons are useless like used tissue paper🤣🤣🤣🤣💔

  9. Roel Van Ham

    4 seats was a option

  10. The Left Nut

    The design failures on this car make me angry. That is totally irrational on my part because I wasn't going to buy this car.

  11. Gugljesmece Obicno

    Does this guy really thinks that we can not tell when someone is shilling a bad product?

  12. Soul Killaa

    27:05 that niggas flyingg i think he wants to race🏍️

  13. Paul Van

    VW might want to concentrate on making their existing line up a little more reliable before diving head first into electric vehicles..just sayin....

  14. Kar Guy

    Handsome car, better looking than most '80's cars. Technology is not that different.

  15. Thomas Loweth

    Now there’s the dodge demon apocalypse with is 1,000 hp

  16. kieran finney

    Most exciting is VW actually knows how to manufacture cars. Panel gaps, exploding windows, bumpers blowing off will not be an issue. And VW dealers are everywhere. Finally, wacko Elon isn’t in charge. I’m stoked!

  17. ThatC1500inBlue

    Kanye West & Jay Z - OTIS

  18. pignonMZ6

    I don't think I ever saw you smiling and laughing as much as you did on this video, yet you give this car a 6/10 on Fun? I mean, what?

  19. logipilot

    The ending!!!! Ask Shmee ;)

  20. inSeclone

    the noıse whıle switching drive modes sounds like san andreas gta

  21. Justin Bryant

    So, when you're sitting at a desk inventing/designing/engineering things, like the climate control, you don't need to consider all the bullcrap youve got to go through, with your eyes off the road, while travelling at 250 kM/h down the Autobahn. What could go wrong eyes off the road at 250? VolksWagen, you CONTINUALLY impress me with your total incompetence. "Engineering Idiocy" should be your slogan.

  22. Grek Drample

    33:07 Doug almost shit his pants 😂

  23. foto21com

    THis makes the Mustang look like a droopy-armed child. The corvette looks real close to a Ferrari. This car is an instant collector's item. THat rear view mirror camera is going to be standard on all vehicles. Total no brainer for a sports car. America finally did something right again.

  24. Freddy Gunawan

    Vw reliability 😂

  25. foto21com

    Design-wise, that Mustang sucks. THey need to try harder. Meanwhile, make the New Challenger and Demon electric. (they already are, right?)

  26. markiangooley

    I like to think that the original German model is labeled not First but Fürst which means ruler or prince... probably not true.

  27. Maxim Uvarov

    The deer on logo is just from the city logo where the car produced. Niznny Novgorod it's modern name. At soviet era - Gorky. That's why GAS (ГАЗ) - Gorky Automobile Plant.

  28. Mr Mikkir

    And i can't afford it and i am still watching the video ❤️

  29. Andrew Doyle

    Anyone else bored with German manufacturers having so many upgrades options to gouge more money out of you? 10" or 12" screen? Give me a break. Surely Tesla has shown that people just want almost everything, with a few select, genuine upgrade, options

  30. Zahran Abdullah

    Imagine live in a country where suv's with 200 hp are considered to be not really fast

  31. jacobus erasmus

    I love everything but those wheels pls change now😇😇

  32. cenko m

    What is this infotaintment? It is a joke.

  33. tonTeufel

    It seems like almost all of the issues with this car (lag, weird behaviour with the climate control, heated seats) could be fixed by a firmware update

  34. Maserati Alfa Romeo

    Taller than a 18 wheeler for the Tesla cyber truck

  35. Gigachad

    Hate Lexus/Toyota all you want. But you can't deny the fact that this is one of the best sounding cars ever

  36. Nys Pa

    Thats why people love and trust japanese cars

  37. Mohammad Hijazi

    Why are the icons blue squares? That's the dumbest thing possible. They should be unique in a way to recognize the icons and not read them individually

  38. markiangooley

    Now they need EGO and SUPEREGO cars to go with the ID...

  39. Nys Pa

    I got lambo

  40. Buzz Pedrotti

    A giant waste.

  41. Tom Peters

    Can't really rythm "74" with "drive"

  42. emz audio

    Doug this is not a GLS, Clearly he has no experience with classic cars, this car looks amazing.

  43. mustermann008

    This is a big marketing fail from Volkswagen hahahaha

  44. sador111

    i think it's time to upgrade your wireless audio system. this sounds really bad. also, you're clipping

  45. Rays GT

    Scotty Kilmer could do that in his 1994 Toyota Land Celica

  46. Pex_the_Unalive Drunk

    I'd give the ID-4 a 1 point bump up in styling...it looks pretty cool!(until the white steering wheel & turn signal stocks get dirty)...also, the cool factor should be a point higher since absolutely *NOBODY ELSE* is driving these right now...and it will stick out in a crowd and turn heads.

  47. Radek W

    yes... Jokes are esence of modern car reviews :D i think my actual cars wil be with me for a veeeeery long time! :>

  48. NiTeCProductions

    Who in their right mind came up with a white steering wheel? That's easily the stupidest thing I've seen in a loooong time 🤢

  49. Kaylee Koontz

    As a mustang lover I’m so excited for this. I want one now!!!!!

  50. Ron

    So then, it has all the hallmarks of...FORD.

  51. Nikolai

    There also was GAZ 24-24 -- a V8 model with almost 200hp and automatic transmission, intended for KGB. But they were out of reach for ordinary soviet citizen.

  52. miko foin

    Why were the gauges so funny? They literally work the same as in any car

  53. Sean Sharp

    Front light bar? Laughs in 1980s Mercury Sable.

  54. Ian Maglasang

    doug just want a free car from mazda ..thats all he wants🤣🤣since childhood

  55. Rafael Leão

    What an amazing car! I would rather drive it and own it than a Tesla.

  56. Phillip Morrison

    Why do modern expensive cars insist on making simple climate controls, window operation, and volume knobs so much worse than cheap cars. It should be a single button press for literally every function of a car.

  57. FullPerfektionist

    As a german im ashamed by the german car maker screen software. Man, in 2021 this is not acceptable anymore. If you cant do it, dont do it. Do it like Volvo and just use android as system. Android atleast just works and is smooth even on tablets for 100 €.

  58. Jonathan Frye

    This guy looks like a younger Jay Leno

  59. Repent and follow Jesus Christ

    Repent and follow Jesus Christ so you don't burn in hell fire torment ppl, lust of riches dragging you to hell?

  60. Repent and follow Jesus Christ

    Toyota will outlast this expensive piece of crap

  61. Sub80

    Absolutely hilarious those voice assistants. I would love to hear Russian English, French English, Japanese English and Chinese English there as well. I would change the voice assistance every day.

  62. Мохаммед Сулеіман

    Doug: this car costs 500,000 Niko : I can get it for free with different colors by dialing 227-555-0142 Only GTA IV fans will get it

  63. TOP TEN

    its not pronounced my back bro

  64. Dad Buddy Reviews

    1:17 Typical Mercedes driver, parking across three parking spaces.

  65. Tor-Erik Måseide

    Using the HP figure in an electric vehicle is not very informative, the torque figures are the ones we need

  66. Pitis86

    It's named after the circuit of Madrid: Jarama

  67. spacex Tesla Roadster gaming


  68. davenz000

    POS infotainment system in 2021? Not acceptable.

  69. Tommy C's Cat


  70. bidzej86

    They are going far too far with the touch stuff. Tried that in the Golf VIII and I really hate it, you can't work with anything without looking at it. And most of the touch-areas are shiny and black, so you leave fingerprints everywhere all the time. And now they decided to make other interior bits that are touched all the time white - now that is just dumb.

  71. Mr Fister

    The rear reminds me a Mercedes GT.

  72. Shubh

    Airbags dont open in this car during accident I saw it in TENET 😂😂😂😂🤪🤪👏🏻🤣🤣

  73. dasgutz37

    These are the golden years for snidey infantile embarrassments to existence

  74. Григорий Перфильев

    Volga 24: I'm the weirdest communist car! Trabant: *hold my beer*

  75. unstablebobgable

    If I could help Doug DeMuros review the Volkswagen ID4 I would pack up the Hash Pipe with Rocky and get all schmoked up.

  76. Andrew Butterfield

    This guy is really annoying, rather than make fun in such a child like fashion. How about just discuss, what appears to be an interesting piece of motoring history...

  77. David Marshall

    Hey Doug! Awesome vid! I’ve also loved this car ever since they released and just bought one as my first car 👍🏻 2018 ST3, stock

  78. DoubleDeckerAnton

    The first VW with rear wheel drive, in a long time.

  79. Andersion545 Jaksion587

    The literate beaver commonly play because lamp amazingly crawl toward a woebegone need. nappy, attractive badger

  80. Abdo Za Deldo

    The amount of ads is unbelievably annoying...