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  1. Jacob Thompson

    I always click on these vids when see the cars in the thumbnails. I can only stand to make it about 3 min. in. Different strokes for different folks, but Doug DeMuro's voice, mannerisms, and intonation annoys the absolute shit out of me. Like, it just grates against my ears and makes me want to punch a wall. Great content, but I just can't.

  2. Anibal Babilonia

    So that's where the toyota prius got their designs from! And honda too!🤔👉😆👌

  3. Connor James

    I would love to see a review on that Citroen c6

  4. Youssef Alami

    Doug the type of guy to open a bag of chips with scissors.

  5. Leon Heart

    Just imaging, driving slow with favorite music on with lowered suspension during sunset on Friday in LA, love it.

  6. OmegaCouchPotatoe

    that silly thing is made in Brampton Ontario Canada

  7. Agustus king

    This car was just built different 😍😍


    Anybody else keep seeing that guy look over at the speedometer

  9. Metal Mentality

    This was awesome and I’m not even a car guy

  10. G's pumpkins and more

    It's a carney

  11. Prius Driver

    unless you invested a 911. this video shows that it doesn‘t matter what car u buy today. it’s going to be ancient in 20 years

  12. Shiloh Garcia

    I'm a 10 year old that is gonna turn 11 in September 8. My favorite super cars are the Audi R8 V10 and a Lamborghini Huracan Performante.

  13. Kevin Wang

    but its brown

  14. Aex Tb

    Bmw put those panels because made a modified body will cost more. When i see one for real i laught.

  15. Marney Olson

    I have a lot of respect for the Z, but this car is overpriced and just screams cost cutting to me. I'm sure it goes like snot and sounds great but this is not the best of Nissan, let's face it.

  16. LightcapMath

    the reason for the negative bevel on the back window is to do the opposite of what a wing does for an airplane, it will push down. this will keep the rear tires on the road and not lose traction. DVD:)

  17. Michal Z

    Got say it is more handsome than other mini vans. It looks more like lowered SUV than classic minivan.

  18. jaric

    In 2021 turbo s is still as stupid name for ev as it was in 2019.

  19. ProfessorKing

    its not 25 years old Doug its 35 years old!

  20. Gary Howard

    I love how he’s unknowingly speeding through a major speed trap area in SA lol

  21. Sam

    The west and in many places all see minivans as moms cars.. but in the far east it's normal to see luxury minivans for chauffeuring which this serves and even modded/customized minivans for youngsters

  22. Kidus W.

    This is "-_-" in vehicular form

  23. Reed

    That really doesn’t look like a bronco.

  24. LightcapMath

    nice..thanks DVD:)

  25. RacingWorld TV

    3:28 The most Regular Car Reviews-like that Doug has ever been.

  26. Jakub Krawczyk

    Did I hear it right: E30 M3 has a bigger impact on history of cars? In which terms? Six bloody times champion car vs what. Touring car champion? You serious?

  27. 56MightyMike

    I’m watching with my 7yo & we get to the “Doug Score” and she says, “This is the boring part.” 😂

  28. Zach S

    As a car enthusiast, the climate control controls are the best I’ve ever seen in a car.

  29. Andre T

    11:33 pretty sure that that was a place for an upgraded stereo, possibly an 8 track slot, where the cupholder gets secured

  30. termin8d

    Wasn't the ABS badge for the purpose of warning the drivers following you to keep their distance as you'd be able to break in a lot shorter distance than a car without ABS? Maybe I'm just imaging it.

  31. Lambullshitini


  32. Craig Nehring

    No thanks Have they figured out how to prevent engine fires? Volvo should bring back a modern version of the 245 Gangnam style

  33. BlackSaphire777

    I've actually seen one of those before around where I live. It looked way more worn though.

  34. David Quiros

    Gas goes up sky high with biden in office and now I see these cars pop up every where on the road like skittles batches

  35. ChemicalFrankie

    AC extra slot is for the cell holder

  36. Coolmowee

    use the middle to get to the back

  37. Coolmowee

    the back seats to move front is brilliant - they should be there as an adult may be back here and wants to make foot room

  38. Jake

    I love big cars like this. Even though the vid is three years old it’s a great one as always doug

  39. Patrick Kennedy

    Air conditioning is for the capitalist pigs

  40. gunit 010

    I had to open my eyes up really big to be able to see the whole van god dam

  41. Driver SPB

    These things are all over New Hampshire

  42. Jason Roman

    14:36 Fake taxi was never easier xd

  43. Muaaz Moola

    And the Ferrari interior as simple as it is had that awe factor that this doesn’t

  44. Jake The Jeweler

    That paint job tho

  45. Patrick Kennedy

    I think this was the thinking when it comes to seatbelts and automotive safety to the Soviet auto industry: "if he dies, he dies"

  46. Muaaz Moola

    Okay but the 993 interior looks so clean and analog I like it

  47. StormHunter

    My mon used to drive us around in one of those

  48. ANN NAFI

    Cant you get more interesting colors on your review cars

  49. Yves Laurier

    You make a lot of comments about all the "badging" on this car, but the American cars of the era where even worst. Like putting a "'disk brake" or "power brake" badge on the brake pedal. Ford was putting quite a few "Turbo" badge on the 1980 Mustang 2.3 l. Turbo, even though that motor was a piece of junk (don't ask how I know that). So, when it comes to the badges, they took a leaf out of the "Perfect American Car Manufacturer" handbook. And the cars with the hydro pneumatic suspension are so comfortable. I used to own a Citroen DS 21. I'm still wondering why I trade it for an American made car...

  50. Arjuna Delhy

    Beautifull car in the world of car

  51. Maverick


  52. Aniounz FTW

    3:58 you are really funny. it shows that you have been writing

  53. mikeatc

    90% of people dont go off road.... save 5000$ and get a regular tacoma and it does need a V8

  54. natanulsiref

    In Germany in the 90s when I grew up these weren't uncommon. I always felt they were strange though - and typically French.

  55. KartKing4ever

    Insulated from the world, just like those kinds of people like.

  56. MrKveite1

    it's a piece of utter CRAP...

  57. USER_NAMEC5678

    It seems like every older car he reviews these days is listed for sale on cars and bids!

  58. Lennart Thilly


  59. Lennart Thilly

    Not funny and total lack of knowledge. If you dont know such a basic fact about the concave rear window you have not read up on the basic aerodynamic facts. And please stop usin the word weird just because you do not understand function.

  60. USER_NAMEC5678

    Doug: Cool factor is a 1 out of 10 Me: You can't recline your hypercar seats like that!

  61. Freddy Bartolo

    Thought you would mention why its called cx.....French for aerodynamic efficiency

  62. KartKing4ever

    This is the one time, ever, that a Chrysler anything has a higher quality score than anything else. Ever.

  63. Berry Clarke

    Sounds more like an old chevy truck noise

  64. Ensssss

    I love it already :)

  65. StepDub 5367

    Owned a CX2000. It was less like driving and more like flying a spaceship. The suspension made it feel like was floating over the road. When the gearbox broke for a second time, we had to part, sadly.

  66. The Truth



    Bumper turn signals are a stupid idea. People cant really tell which way you are planning to go because they are placed really low

  68. nh7708

    -whoa! nice simulated Nixie tube clock at 16:00 . that's a neat little touch.

  69. USER_NAMEC5678

    The front screens look like they have an aesthetic theme to it.

  70. davidmreyes77

    The window rolls down far enough to complete that drug deal though.

  71. Patrick Kennedy

    Brand new McLaren: *only gets 751k views* 1988 Soviet car: *1.1M views*

  72. The Soaring Pilot

    It is a KIA. No thanks!!

  73. Daniel Streng

    Hello, I am French and my grandfather only had Citroën cars during his life, especially "Tractions", DS and finally CX. They (DS and CX) were great cars and very much ahead of their time, but their biggest common defect was paradoxically due to their first quality: the suspensions! It's quite simple, I don't know a person who didn't get sick in the back of these cars, with a furious urge to vomit. The suspensions were so "syrupy" that it made everyone in the backseat puke, including me!

  74. Fausto Spotorno

    Doug, here in Argentina, I remember when those were sold. When I was a kid if someone has that car, he probably more important than the president. That was a car for CEOs, president, ambassador, etc

  75. Jonathan Varghese

    I can always count on Doug to tell me how many cupholders there are :)

  76. White Mouse

    In US TVs it was Tom Selleck driving Ferrari 308 GTS in P.I. Magnum series….in EU TVs it was Götz George starring commissar Horst Schimanski driving exactly the same silver Citroen CX in series called Scene of a Crime…Each culture had his modern men & car heroes of each era…. BTW this CX has so capable hydromatic chassis that even ambulances were based on this car in France….

  77. David is Costa Rica

    Doug, can you review a Fiat X 1/9. I had one and was the most fun car ever.

  78. Electric Dreams

    For a conventional northamerican may be weird... They are not used to that kind of gems

  79. SIR -NoSnagz

    it’s an aussie car mate so have a cry about it

  80. Philly Phil

    5:18 - IT'S GONNA BLOW...!!! "You now have 15 mins to reach minimum safe distance" (cooling system breech on LV-426).