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  1. Nicholas Powell

    It was a great perspective and one that many don’t take on safety. I think there’s arguments for both sides and I can see one person going either way in paying cash or financing obviously dependent upon the situation.

  2. DylPickle

    doug: "The countach feels like its going to explode" me: THAT'S BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO EXPLODE

  3. Janne Kääntä

    Can you please do a review on a Peugeot 407 Coupe, I own one 😉?. 👍👍

  4. O P

    The interior of that thing looks like something out of pimp my ride episode and not in good way


    Who remembers Jeremy

  6. lucas cheraki

    Styling should have been a 10

  7. Sonny Cabel

    The stockmarket always goes up right Doug🤣

  8. Nick Rafuse

    this and the Jag were both on my wall, guess I had odd taste in supercars

  9. Maro Marenio

    32:36 😀😁😂🤣

  10. Bojan Bijelic

    Just as far the a/c vents go, @10:30 they are reversed in this car, that is not how they normally are in a 110. So obviously someone had them pulled out whilst performing some work/service...maybe the one who installed that cheep stereo head unit in such a nice car.....anyhow, what a machine! :)

  11. Plumeria Plumeria

    65000 wow🙄

  12. TheDragon Slayer69

    That power figure is pretty poor considering the size of the engine, v12 and quad turbo, yikes :/

  13. voradownz

    Those are cyanide pills for when you ve had enough of that car.

  14. C.S. Charles

    The Bugatti that nobody knows about is one of my favorite cars. I like the SS version better though.

  15. William Weaver

    21:57 I thought that, for sure, he was going to break that frunk latch.

  16. Mohammed Firdaoussi

    18:12 As far as I know most EB110 had two tanks and two filler systems, one on each bank of the V12. If you ran out of fuel on one of the tanks the engine would basically run on 6 cylinders.

  17. any one5

    So your advice is to put our money on the stock market.....your saying this is a safer decision than buying outright?

  18. Adam A

    i remember when the berlin wall fell and the autobahn was flooded with these things fleeing the east. it was quite beautiful.

  19. Alex Rakestraw

    I ain’t gonna lie man…that thing is ugly 😂

  20. Tshepo Paulsen Moto

    BMW e30 buttons!

  21. yankee2 yankee

    $400K? Not really. Being exceptional, and rare, whatever you pay for it, it will probably be worth more when you sell it, which is why the rich do, in fact, always get richer.

  22. Miguel Moninhas


  23. B G

    How about you get your Hands on a "Gumpert Apollo"? EB110 is absolutely great, tho!

  24. Ethan Surland

    Dave Ramsey dislikes

  25. Gino Asci

    ugly !!!! inside and out, especially out. and did you drink a pot of coffee or an energy drink before you started this review…..seems like your talking much faster

  26. yankee2 yankee

    That may be the most terrific sound I ever heard from a car! It REALLY SCREAMS!!!

  27. doomslayer

    Doug's deodorant is video game cartridge scent.

  28. DolanThe_ Facc

    lol he finally did it

  29. EinsAchtAchtSieben

    15:32 Doug trying really hard not to call the car "overclocked"

  30. Sasuke Uchiha

    Well, guess I’m buying me a corvette in the next couple years. 😬💯

  31. Epicon 6

    the Karma released too early. It's still 100x better looking than any Tesla.

  32. Adriaan Pretorius

    Cute doggie inside the Land Rover that you bought cash!? (the dog) Greetings from Pretoria South Africa 16 June 2021.

  33. Łukasz Janik

    Yes, if you have a very specific set of circumstances i.e. a credit union that will give you a good rate and not try to fuck you with various fees and extra charges and have tens of thousands of dollars of cash lying around that you can risk on the stock market then yes, I guess you shouldn’t pay cash

  34. gfetyghdfghdfghdf fwefrdsfsdfsd

    The fabulous engineering connoly test because tent postmeiotically melt unto a knowing risk. friendly, phobic magician

  35. IanRB26

    I was just thinking last week that Doug should review an EB110. How convenient.

  36. A static hiker

    BLOCK: because it's not a lock, it's a BUGATTI lock

  37. ToughAncientSpark

    This was a car designed to go to events. No room for luggage so long trips are out. Smooth running and easy driving so good for around town driving.

  38. ToughAncientSpark

    Needs to be taken out on a track not driven around town.

  39. ernie miller

    seems to me that both u and the PAY CASH guys are basically saying the same thing. when u say, “if u can otherwise spend the money on something else, u can invest in a car”. isn’t that the same as saying, “buy the car only if u have the money to buy it outright”. if u have the money to do so, you can then invest that money where u can get a higher return on ur investment. then, finance the car u want at an interest rate which is lower than what u got from the money u invested. u would pocket the difference. do i have that right? for a person like yourself who is in the market for buying a number of cool cars it makes sense. but for a guy like me who has nothing in the bank even close to a car i would want to buy it makes no sense because i would loose a lot of money in the deal regardless of how low the interest rate is. money that i need for things like rent and food. thank u for this video. i enjoyed it. it is food for thought.

  40. HarryHardCore

    Grew up in the 90s and had a model of one of these

  41. Discover Your World

    My 1984 Ford ranger had a fold out map light

  42. Carlos Spicyweiner

    That eye contact at 7:40 🤨

  43. Amy M

    Bugatti was originally Italian not French He moved to France and became French

  44. blackrabbot

    I had a poster of the EB110 in my bedroom back then. Nice cars coming, as I seeing that autozam az1... But I wonder how will Doug fit there

  45. David B

    The Turo app is a mess. Read the reviews.

  46. lud0jad

    Greatest "analog" car all of time!


    you can actually find those buttons quiet easily, just google and you'll find bunch of vinyls and buttons

  48. Rafał Reszczyński

    Bugatti-Schmugatti. Serious question is: Why does Doug wear only one t-shirt?

  49. Robert Campbell

    Spot a quirk at 23:00, the side glass with the EB110 logo opens up when the ignition is turned on. I think I recall hearing or reading that the logos glowed a green colour with the ignition on

  50. Marco Ling

    These cars and bids ads are getting out of hand, I still remember them as 9 right arrow keys long, now this one is 14?

  51. Ronnie Dill

    All in favor for exhaust note to be part of Doug score? That way we never miss another one like this?

  52. TandemDawgBMG

    The driving portion of the review was extremely disappointing

  53. Per Gustafsson

    So a car that accelerates from 0-100 km/h in 3.5 seconds, accelerates by Doug standards ”reasonbly well”? Talk about perspectives! 🤣

  54. jore00001

    So back to basics is bad now? ;)

  55. Discover Your World

    I had a model of this car as a kid, I've always wanted one, mine was the same blue

  56. ToughAncientSpark

    Bugatti grill: Horse collar design. Nod back to when they made horse carriages.

  57. yurieu

    for being a minivan isn't it lower and prone to touching the bumps on the roads?

  58. PjPjPaul

    If i saw an F40 and an EB110 within 30 seconds of each other my brain would explode. I would have to stop and question reality for a second.

  59. Alexia Atkinson

    THE GIRLS:18+ ARE *DATEUS.UNO* BGclip: This is fine Someone: Says ''heck'' youtube: be gone однако я люблю таких рыбаков .

  60. BMW_FAN Topdrives


  61. Mike Secor

    300lbs for tailgate? Bahahahahahaha

  62. George K

    How do you talk that fast?


    Quick question, does anyone know what the small circle thing that looks like a camera is on the grille? Thanks

  64. Nedal Rabadi

    as much as i like these videos . . . but bot you talk too much man ! !

  65. wavey davey

    Another POS product from Holden... lost the plot many years ago 🙄

  66. blitzy

    How did he rate a 9 for acceleration if he didn't even floor it?

  67. William Weaver

    5:43 Did you really need to press the button 3 times. We understand Doug. 1 would've sufficed.

  68. Dan Star

    Compare the C8/Z51 to this.

  69. Kris Danilo

    Missed one of the cars other party tricks too. In the segment regarding the wing lifting at ignition on, if you watch closely, the panels that say 110EB at what would be the B pillar open up to drive air into the engine bay. They move inwards to create a duct. You can see this happening in the video of the wing raising. The vents on the rear of the car are to allow this air flowing in from the side ducts to exit out the back. I was shown this as a kid by a friend of the family who had an EB110, and it is one of my favourite supercars ever.

  70. ToughAncientSpark

    That radio isn't standard Italian made.

  71. Bresin

    In Poland that's what you get from a homeless guy

  72. Venelin Keremedchiev

    That Wagoneer is so cool!

  73. Леонид Смирнов

    I wish Mega Track, some Colani, Isdera, Rinspeed, DeTomaso, Venturi cars to be DougScored.

  74. mopsnuf

    Besides the stock market, I think an argument can be made in this setting for cars that are likely to appreciate. This is of course tied to the stock market, but I feel very strongly that in the transition to modern transportation there are a lot of "last of"-models (last manual for example) that currently aren't valued highly but surely won't depreciate much over time.

  75. ToughAncientSpark

    Italian car horns: "Hurry up honey and get your makeup on."

  76. בנות זעפרני

    The brown seats are betters then the grey ones

  77. jjohnston94

    Actual arguments start at 5:00.

  78. medicropper

    As a kid, I had a poster on my wall of a white EB110 with lightning in the background. It was my dream car. I bought it at my school book fair.

  79. GibsonVienna

    Between the Seats and the Motor is a 72 Liter Trunk. He didn't found it?