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  1. Eric

    I feel like Doug is the type of guy that still owns cargo shorts.

  2. Krutarth Ajmera

    We dont need dog mode. We need doge mode.

  3. Rich Farfugnuven

    Mine would be the Hellcat/Hellcat Challenger redeye. Also the 2006-2007 V12 MB S600, and C6 ZO6 Corvette, that LS7 is superb.

  4. Michael Angelo

    It's variant Pilote is only owned by worthy Ferrari drivers.

  5. Budleee Bazz

    love a small car like this, it does look a bit weird for Americans, but that's just Americans being Americans

  6. Paul Ho

    He is exactly who would drive a vintage car with 50 hp in the left lane.

  7. Bluebird Powers

    This is the kind of reviews I miss from doug

  8. Austincrsx

    when will he review the del sol. It's such a quirky car!!!

  9. derek452

    Car Designer: My latest concept Mclaren: No it’s the new production model

  10. laieth abudubai

    Dont these have a nissan v8

  11. Ryan A.

    Imagine someone buying this car for $900,000

  12. Justin Paone

    Never heard of the offroad use of the clutch bypass. Thought it was used when changing the oil to keep the interior clean. Always liked that button though. I do have to say the previous gen was a more capable truck though. 2nd and 3rd gen are my favorite. Other than frame rot due to dana. Tacoma seemed a bit cheaper made than previous gen.

  13. Marven Raphael

    Is it just me that loves the new grill?

  14. C•E •

    p1 cleaner than your church shoes ah...

  15. OmniMontel

    In 2002, I set my cruise control and drove hands-free from Central Colorado till I got to Ohio, I may have touched the wheel occasionally in there to take an off ramp for gas. But I really don't remember it for the most part it was completely hands-free I don't know why they are acting like this is a new idea or thing.

  16. R Robert

    The geo tracker was a rebadged Suzuki Sidekick not a Vitara. I wouldn’t call it a pathetic car being the people who bought them could probably care less what other thought about it? This generation could probably take a lesson believing making minimum wage, and driving a car with a suede headliner is entitled to them, instead of buying what’s needed instead of wanted? No wonder we have a generation that believes they should work at dairy queen and making $15.00 and hour because their entitled to it. 👎🏻🤦🏻‍♂️

  17. Justin Paone

    My buddy had a 92. No airbag. Completely different steering wheel and also no tach. Love your videos but this one was a bit off. Also wasnt the tracker really a sidekick?

  18. edward steffan

    Please tell me you’re looking for a 4wd 4 dr Subaru Justy next?!

  19. Nathan Hoy

    This is by far one of the funnest videos that you have done!

  20. NileshR12

    The 2021 Levante comes standard with the Blind Spot Alert in the side view mirrors with the base trim & it also has front & rear parking sensors standard now with the rear view camera. This was only the second model year for the Levante. They’ve been steadily improving it in subsequent model years clearly especially with the refresh for 2021

  21. edward steffan

    Please tell me you’re looking for a Subaru Justy to review next!

  22. EJ the DJ Official Channel

    doug: with this convertible version, you can be a *pathetic little pipsqueak* and have your hair out in the wind also! also doug: this car can be yours on carsandbids.com!!

  23. Adam

    Buy Safemoon.

  24. Michael Mardis

    Didn't the old supra have back seats? The new one doesn't look like it has any.

  25. Hugh Smith

    What did you build, Dick?

  26. Ayixlia Merrets

    Geo Prism was a damn good car.

  27. Peter

    This car is peak 90s minimalism

  28. Nick Knee

    Oh yeah this brings back some memories. I remember riding around in a four door Geo hatchback as a kid, and it was about ready to split in half if you went over a frost heave wrong. But it did have 300k+ miles on it though.

  29. brickson98moto

    Right when he said “It doesn’t feel like anything special. Just a base model mini. There’s a lot of these.” Another mini drove by going the other way. That timing was impeccable.

  30. George Washington

    23 minutes on a Metro? Must be lots of features to cover

  31. Devon Hood

    I took a shot every time Doug said “screen.” Now I’m in the hospital with alcohol poisoning

  32. JOSHaka OGER

    A 550k waste of money 🤣

  33. Christophers

    Too many AMGs

  34. Eddy Rivera

    Dammm this dude Doug looks like he just got into a fight with his dog in this video.

  35. kevralph

    I had a 1984 Mercury Capri with the 4 cylinder 88 horsepower and when you turned on that air condition you could barely make it up a hill. Just like this car you're reviewing probably

  36. Tony Jones

    Is it also known as Maruti Suzuki Esteem in India?!? At least the non convertible sedan version

  37. I'want Moor'Cash

    I have this car I love it

  38. SlumberMachine

    Best car ever made, because of safety and emission laws will never exist again.

  39. NileshR12

    I wonder what Doug thinks of the updated Levante since it got updated or had minor changes in 2019 & 2020, as well as the fact that it got refreshed for 2021

  40. Ludic Interface

    8:25 That's not how you do it bub. See the OBVIOUS lever at the top of seat back!?! 8:28 It even has a graphic showing the function.

  41. Hector Palos

    50,000 for a jonk ja ja ...she can wipe you butt jaja

  42. Blackhole Hole

    dude stop with that madness first criticizing!.. "lack of feautures" ?!?! viper was made to be that way! like a ferrari with is light and powerfull feeling ...second ... viper in 92 was design to be a special car... like a ferrari... and you dont need security mesurements ... you just treat the car like a bike... you ll not leave an motorcycle alone in the middle of the city for days.. right?!... arhhh forget it... humans can be so dumb sometimes

  43. Kaden Kandler

    Doug- Shows the engine bay Me- "Which is bigger, my model i4 engine, or the Geo Metro's real engine?"

  44. cerina woehrley

    Hey can you do a video on a old school video vw buss

  45. ladawg81

    Anybody had the temptation to search for "Geo metro sleeper"?

  46. jeffrey bennett

    It wasn't so bad. Just an inexpensive A toB transport for college students and such. NOT a highway car, but you are used to reviewing exotic stuff. You cut things way too much. Let's see a $175k mercedes sport kOoP or? Must be so nice...

  47. Ali Irtaza Bhatti

    This car was build for countries with high traffic. In America / Canada u guys barely have any traffic. Unless it's a highway Traffic jam

  48. The Khaki Observer

    Chassis in the 90's weren't super rigid and the national interstate speed limit was 55mph. Around town it was aight. A friend's mom had the hatch version. When he got it all we saw was wheels to get around.

  49. Blake M

    This is probably the worst condition any car has ever been on the channel but it is probably in the top 1% of all Geo Metros

  50. Kaden Kandler

    Doug- "Can I give a zero for the acceleration Doug score?"

  51. Eddie mo

    I'd go skinny dip riding in that car w u Dougie

  52. Kurt Kanwischer

    Doug at family dinner: “Thank you god for this meal which you can find on CARS AND BIDS”

  53. Ben Martz

    Stop leaning on it doug.

  54. Lauren Kiino

    Who was it marketed to?

  55. Pete

    That car is sick

  56. Jared Sundstrom

    “The geo metro was born in an era where General Motors had a very poor reputation for reliability.” I can’t think of very many cars more reliable than a C/K series truck from the 90s. I never see them with under 200k miles, they may be crappy interiors but GM and Ford made the most reliable trucks of the 90s hands down, with the exception to the 6.2/6.5 Detroit diesel.

  57. pinSjon79

    I bet Doug calls his father: "Pops"

  58. Andrew pruteanu

    What if a teenager got this thing?

  59. Bangulo

    If Quentin Tarantino did car reviews

  60. DWDrummer

    16:20 Geo = earth Globe = well, earth The Geo name and logo signified an economic, environmentally friendly car.

  61. Dwight Simon

    Amazing car.

  62. C.J. Mitchell

    I got one!! Wish it had a little more power. Not quite as quick as the Camry TRD but just as fast. 0-60 in 6.6 secs. I love it.

  63. David Hewison

    Only GM could be trusted to make such a horrid object.

  64. Dario V

    You can use it like a hearse 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  65. Andrew Wang

    This kind of package on a minivan is probably targeting the Toyota Alphard in the Asian markets as an alternate S class of sorts. It is an incredibly popular minivan amongst superstars, CEOs and wannabes since it's comfort-to-price level is through the roof. Then all those reclining seat and front seat control sorta makes sense if it's not a kid in the back, but a VIP.

  66. panda 1904

    Michael scott

  67. mark kravig

    I’ve owned a lot of convertibles in my life since the early 80s but I never saw one of these. I’ve even owned a Suzuki Samurai and their vehicles were always well built. Sad to see things like this go extinct.

  68. rontam06

    I always hated geo's they all look so little n Quirky 😆 I'm 6'4 250 never would I even look twice at 1....

  69. Koji Waki

    When it comes to the type on the infotainment systems and dashboards screens. please, make them all capital letters. It is a far more clean look.

  70. Rich Foley

    They sold this in the US?! How am I just hearing about this toy car that's street legal.

  71. Erik Tomlinson

    RPM is still RPM Doug, the electric motor spins an output shaft just like a gas motor.

  72. Alex P

    Exactly what an Allroad deserves!

  73. Dario V

    Aston Martin stole the idea of the Fiat UNO Cargo...

  74. Anton Pupsik

    Volga gaz 2410 wasn't even worth mentioning ? :)

  75. Seascapes Smooth Jazz Spotify Playlist

    This would be such a fun car to have sitting in the garage to take out a few times per year and cruise around town. It's an exotic car these days, a head turner for sure.

  76. bobyjeans

    Wasn’t this car a Firefly LE by Pontiac in Canada?

  77. Russell De Castro

    This is a car, a blue car actually" it has quirks and features that other car might have, and wait for my rating, hope i get it cheap so i can sell it at big profit.: Dog da monroe

  78. Wilson Remonvil

    If u aint racin, germin=trash, JDM = daily, track, muscle = daily, track

  79. C'meon

    The new S and E class dont really scream mercedes, audi tailights, ulgy steering wheel, the 500 motor isnt a 500, its a 350 bi turbo.... the old generation is way better

  80. Jerry P.

    Back seat is where you put your paper lunch sack and can you shut off that V 8 noise so the Pink Floyd comes in more crisp ?